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The door opened slowly. Thirteen-year old Madison was sleeping. Nick Parks,
stood in the doorway looking at his only daughter. His eyes swept the room. Toys everywhere.
What a spoiled thing,
he thought. He walked into the room and stopped at the bed, reeking of beer. He took a deep breath and stared. She grew up so beautifully. A
little sample wouldn’t hurt before she went out into the world and gave it out for free. He slid under the covers with her and pulled her close to his body.

“Dad?” she asked sleepily.

“Mom and I had a fight so I’m sleeping with you okay princess.”

She mumbled, falling back to sleep. He took his hand and ran it along her body. The girl at thirteen had full breast and a figure that was still developing. He grabbed a fistful of her panties and ripped them from her body. She woke up, startled. “Dad?!”

“You be a good little girl and stay still.” Fear crept up on her. “Princess you’re a woman now and there are things a woman has to do.” With that he pushed her back on back and pried her legs open.

“Daddy what are you doing?!” He tried to kiss her. His bee
r breath made her sick. “No! Daddy please!” Nick broke all bonds between a father and daughter, by jamming himself into his thirteen year old daughter, who screamed. He covered her mouth.

“No. No. Daddy’s little princess doesn’t scream.” He slurred, lettin
g go of her mouth while tearing deeper into her body.

“You’re hurting me.” She cried, tears falling down her cheeks.

“Shut up!” She scratch his face and he responded by slapping her across the face. She began to scream at the top of her lungs.


“She’s not here. Now stop all that screaming you little slut!” He was so busy trying to keep her quiet he forgot to pull out when he came and didn’t realize until after he released her after he was done, leaving her both crying and bleeding. “You b
e a good girl and go back to sleep.” He got off the bed and staggered out the room. Madison huddled up in the middle of her bed, crying and in pain.



“Ms. Parks! You’re needed on set. Oh my god! Are you okay?” Madison stared at Carle in the mirror
. Her face covered in tears, tears that were for the little girl robbed of her innocence so long ago. She jumped to reality.

“Yes. I’m fine. I’ll be right out.”

“Are you sure? I can tell the director to give you some more time.”

“I’m coming. Let me freshe
n up please.” Carle slowly back out the trailer while Madison continued to stare at herself. She had to stay a good person. She couldn’t go back to being the whore he father made her be.


I stood in the middle of the subway station, waiting for t
he train to arrive. I could feel several eyes on me, men and women. I wasn’t new to the game or this city. I was born into it after all. But this would be a new experience. My life was far from perfect but I have no regrets on which course it had taken.  I
was born April 26
to my momma, Careena Brown. I never met my father .All I know of him is that he was from Bensonhurst. Typical right? Anyways, growing up momma and me live in a two bedroom brownstone in Bed-Sty. Momma met my pops when she was running w
ild and had a fire in her pants that she need put out. They met in the summer of 1979 in Coney Island. Long story short, I got conceived that July and nine months later I popped out: Emilia Lynn Ricci. Momma never really talked much about him or gave me cl
ues as to what and who he was. But I know for a fact he wasn’t black. What full black girl would have full shiny, thick black hair and sultry bedroom green eyes? Plus with a last name like Ricci he had to be Italian or something.

The train pulled into the
station and I stood still as people got on and off, waiting for my sign.

“Damn girl. You sho’ fine as hell” said the bummy ass nigga that was getting on the train. I rolled my eyes. Niggas like him wasn’t worth my time. They either got you caught up in th
at baby mama drama, or visiting his ass in jail on Riker’s Island. I turned away from him and caught a whip of my perfume. I smiled. Yeah I was feeling myself, made it far in the game, and used what I did learn from a momma to my advantage. She would alway
s say if you gonna be a hoe than be a smart hoe. The guy across the platform nodded at me and held the sign that read my street name, Duchessa. I approached him and shot him a look with my eyes.

“Follow me.” I followed him back up the stairs on the street
curb, where a limo waited for us. He opened the door and I got in. The door closed behind me and there was a note waiting for me. I picked it up and read through it:

Duchessa meet me in room 1307 in the Paramount Hotel. See you soon.


The car
started moving towards its destination. I sat quietly in the back and went over the current situation. How this Marvin person heard about me and got my number was beyond me. But maybe I was more popular than I thought. I should be with my strict rules and
goals that I made for myself the day I decide that if men wanted me so much that I would make them pay a huge sum to get down with me. I was tired of walking the street with those broke down hoes who charge ten for blow-jobs and twenty for actual sex. I tu
rn my whole game around and only played for the high rollers. So far those only consist of drug dealers, a few businessmen, and one rap star. I would only walk the street just to get the thrill and to show myself how far along I came. I had made my move an
d left New York to L.A but this was a business proposition I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been hopping city to city meeting with clients but apparently this Marvin was some big man in a high place and I wasn’t given any details. So that would be something I woul
d have to find out later.



I stood outside door 1307. I gripped the keycard in my hand. I been with men all over Brooklyn, Bronx ,Queens, L.A, Miami, and Atlanta but nothing like this. It made me feel like the thirteen year girl I was once, right before I
got my cherry busted by this twenty-two year old dude who lived next door to me. I swiped the card and went inside. The suite was decked out with flowers and champagne everywhere. I dropped my mink off my shoulders and toss it on the first chair I saw. I
made myself comfortable as I waited for my mystery man to show. By the time he arrived, I was waiting for him in my favorite Victoria’s Secret set. My body scented with lotion and perfume. The dark hue of my skin glowing. I pulled the band out my hair lett
ing the curls fall. I shook my curly mane letting the volume of it build.

“Oh my god. You’re more beautiful in person.” I turned around to face “Marvin”. He was a middle-aged man around mid forties, white, and wealthy.

“Well how come you know who I am and
I don’t have a clue who you are?”

“I would like for you to know all of me if you give me the time.” He answered back, taking a few steps closer.

“You have the next twenty-four hours Marvin.”



After twenty-two year old Jesus bust open my goody pot, I was
away and running like my momma back when she was young. I didn’t actually start hoeing around until I was sixteen. I made sure I stayed focus and stayed my ass in school so I could at least get a high school diploma. I graduated top of my class and with h
onors. My teachers had high hopes for me but I disappointed they asses when I didn’t sign for up those fall classes nor registered for school. The day I turned eighteen momma took me out for her favorite spot, an underground club. She got us in no problem
cause I look way old
er than what I really was. The DJ
was throwing down some hot shit and kept
the club going
. We caught each other eye a few times that night I knew by the end of that night I was about to be slammin
him with that bonfide neck pussy. He w
as lookin
too good and he had Ms. Kitty thumpin
to her own beat. I was walking to the bathroom when we finally met face to face.

“I seen you eyeing me all night so what’s up?”

“Boy please aint nobody eyeing you. Nigga you seein’ shit on the real”

I’m seein’shit?” he flashed a smile, showing off them pearly whites in his mouth.

“Boy move.” I went around him and into the bathroom. He followed me into the bathroom and pushed me into a stall. I slammed him against the door and went for his belt buckl
e. His hands were all over my body, grabbing everything sight. I gave him a deep long kiss and he sighed in submission. At my touch his dick sprang to life. I dropped to my knees and locked my mouth onto him. He knees buckled a little and he was all mines.
I sucked hard and steady.

“Damn girl…wha’cha doin’ to me?” he moaned. I wrapped my hand around his shaft tightly and squeezed. “I’m about to come” I quit sucking and look up at him.

“No the hell you ain’t
” I squeezed and apply pressure to his base and grabbed a condom out my bag. Quickly I put it on him, and push him onto the toilet. I straddled him and rode his ass in that tiny stall. I rolled forward so I could hit my spot so I could get off. We were get
ting loud as hell in that bathroom. The door open and two females could be heard talking.

“I told him be betta’ pay me the child support this week or ima report his ass to his patrol officer.” Dude under me grabbed my ass and bucked hard into me. I let o
ut a load moan and the two hoochies turned their head our way. I threw my head back and he twitched inside me and went limp. I got off him and pulled my dress down.

“Like I said you seein’ shit.” I spat, opening the door and walking out. The females were
shooting crazy looks my way as I washed my hands. I heard them say.

“I’ll tell you about them mixed breed hoes.’’ I continued on my way and rolled my eyes. Any other night I would have went back and beat them ghetto ass hoes but I was feeling myself tonig
ht. Those tricks were mad cause they was stuck on food stamps and child support. I looked around for my momma. Now I got what I wanted I was ready to get the hell out. My nigga, Roe had called earlier and wanted to meet up so I was ready to head his way. I
spotted my mother over by the bar. I made my way to her.

“Ay ma ima about to head out.”

“Where you going?”

“Over to Queens hang with Roe.”

“You gon’ git enough hangin’ with that boy” she said. I sighed.

“Whateva ma you the one to talk.
I’ll see you later.” I headed toward the exit and called him up.

“Hey I been callin’ ya ass where ya at?”

“With my moms. We at the spot on 56

“Word? I’m right around the corner, finishing a run. I’ll be around in a sec.”

“Alright see you boo.” I
clicked the phone off and waited for him. I didn’t care what momma said about Roe. He was good to me. Took me out and gave me money so I could get my own spot. Of course he doesn’t get the goodies for free either. He knew the game. My shit was golden. We b
oth knew it that’s why he gives me the money to stay around. I’ll tell any nigga at the beginning I can do much better and if you want me to stay around then make me happy. Speaking of being happy, I couldn’t wait until Lucci got back into town. He was on
tour now and his rap game was blowing up big. With him I always got the V.I.P treatment wherever we went. Before Roe pulled up, I heard his loud ass music. His escalade pulled up. When I open the door, a cloud of weed smoke hit me.

“Damn nigga knock me on
my ass with all that shit.” I said, climbing in to the car.

“Yo lil ass can handle it. This my new shit we pushing this month. Them rasta niggas ain’t got shit on me.”

“Yeah nigga whatever. Where we going?”

‘I gotta make a few more runs and pick up som
e dough from one of my bitches then we rolling any way.” I shrugged and sat back. I rode the rest of the way to his runs, which were literally all in
Queens. I didn’t want to stay over here too long. I had a bitch over here that was hating on me to the thi
rd degree. I didn’t feel like dealing with her drama or her mouth. She would run all over, bad mouthing me calling mutt hoe. She was just mad cause them niggas was paying her ass no attention. Yeah them niggas know who I was and what I do. But I wasn’t tos
sin’ my shit around like her ass. Bitch had three kids by three different dudes. I already beat that bitch ass once and she still kept that mouth going.

BOOK: Heat
7.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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