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“Well since I’m here and tired of being a hoe, feed me and let’s watch
your shitty movies that you love so much.” I offered.

“The diva opens her mouth and us lil folk suffer the most.” He remarked, getting up. I smiled after his retreating figure and laid out on the couch. When he came back, he brought a couple of subs from a
round the corner and two beers. The more time passed and the more he was having a great time talking about his wedding and honeymoon I had definitely made up my mind to shut the hell up. When I found our old yearbook that’s when things really got live. “Oh
I remember her. She was ugly as fuck. I swear she was always in my face.”

“She wanted you too,’’ I laughed “She tried so hard to get with you”

“Fuck that!” My phone kept beeping. I knew it was Lucci, tryna find me. I ignored it and kept laughing. It beepe
d again. “You gon get that?”


“Well I will.” He reached over and grabbed my phone.

“No don’t. He ain’t important right now.” I protested jokily.

“What girl please he got money and he yo favorite.” He opened my message. “Girl where yo fine ass at? I k
now I saw you earlier. Hit me up tonight so I can give you this dick.” He read.

“Stop!” I laughed.

“Oh there’s a picture.”

‘Oh hell no gimme my phone boy” He wrestled with me for the phone.

“Oh picture…ew dick pic!”

“Then don’t go through my phone or you s
ee hella worse dick pics.” He jumped up with  my phone.

“You so nasty! Dick pic. Dick pic. Ass pic. Tity. Dick. Toni taking a shot—“I jumped up quickly and snatched my phone back.

“OKAY!”  Josh’s smile went away and he got serious.

“Emilia why is Toni is y
our phone?”

“What you talkin’ ‘bout that wasn’t Toni.”

“I’m not stupid. I know what she looks like. Don’t lie to me you’re supposed to be my friend.”

“Okay.” I sighed.

“Are you two messing with each other? Are you gay?!” he asked.

‘WHAT?! God no! Hell no!”

“Then why is she in yo phone?!”

“I was gon tell you well I hope she did before I had to.”

“Tell me what? What’s going on?”

“Josh please hear me out. I don’t know what was going on for sure-“

“Just tell me.”

“Okay ..alright.” I handed him my phone. He fli
pped through my pictures. His face growing angry with each picture.

“WHAT IS THIS?! THE FUCK IS THIS?! THAT’S MY FIANCEE SUCKIN SUM NIGGA’S DICK” I stood there quiet and never felt so small. “Where was this?”

“Tonight at Lucci’s party. I was coming to tell
you after I saw it but I didn’t want to hurt you. I love you too much to hurt your feelings but I was gonna tell you somehow.” I said. He threw my phone and it collided with the lamp. I jumped. “I’m sorry Josh.”

“Where she is now? We were supposed to be g
etting married.” He went searching for his keys. I followed after him.

“Josh think ‘bout this. Do you really want to call this wedding off? Think about it.”

“No fuck that. She out there suckin sum other nigga dick when she supposed to be at home and she fu
ckin drinkin’ while pregnant!”

“I don’t think she’s pregnant at all” I whispered. He stopped.

“Please don’t. No please god no. She didn’t lie to me. NOOO!” He collapsed and I caught him on the down and hugged him tightly.

“I’m so sorry. Truly. If it makes
you feel better I punch her in the back of the head.”

“She lied to me. Why?” he cried softly.

“I don’t know baby. I don’t know.” I held him tightly and let him cry into the night.

The knocking on the door bought me
to. It was a consistent pounding. I woke up and wondered where the hell I was. Then I heard Josh’s voice.

“Hold on.” I could hear the chain clang and the door open.

“Why won’t you accept my calls?”

“Toni got some nerve.”

“What’s wrong with you? Can I
come in?”

“No what you need to is give me back my ring and get the hell on.”

“Josh what are talking about?” I got out the bed, still fully dressed and walked out into the commotion. They both turned towards me. “What’s she doing here? And coming from your
room? Are you two sleeping together?”

“No. I’m here as sup—“

“No don’t explain yourself to this hoe Emilia.”

“HOE?! What the hell is your problem Josh?”

“Then what’s this?” Josh picked up my discarded phone and showed her the pictures. “Explain this
shit?” Shock across her face and went into denial mode.

“That’s not me! Who photo shopped this shit? I’m the mother of your child how can you accuse me.”

“Don’t bullshit me. How do I even now you are pregnant? I haven’t seen any proof.”

‘What Josh?”

t play me Toni I’m not stupid. You out bein’
hoe and suckin’ dicks.”

“Are you serious?! Speaking of hoes.” She bypassed Josh and came towards me. “Did you put him up to this and filled him with these lies? Huh? Did you? You hoe!”

“Toni leave her alone but did nothing but be a true friend and told me about yo nasty ass.”

“No this street-walking bitch just want you for herself that’s why she tryna break us up.” She raged.

“You wasn’t thinkin ‘bout Josh or yo relationship when you was
deep-throatin and I punch yo funky ass in the back of the head.” I snapped back.

“That was YOU!” she screamed, I turned to Josh.

“Bitch just admitted it.”

“Get the FUCK out. We over and the wedding is off.”

“No Josh please wait.”

“You heard him” I said, g
etting cocky by the second. Her stank ass was gone. I may be a hoe but not an undercover hoe that lie about it. I pushed her ass towards the door and she tried to swing at me.
She missed and wind up grabbing
a handful of my hair.

“Bitch! I’ll rip this fake
shit out!” she yelled.

“Bitch this ain’t fake. Let my shit go!” I punch her in the face and she went falling back. Josh grabbed her and pulled her away from me.

“Just go Toni!” She huffed and left the apartment. He was silent. Several moments had passed.

“Emilia?” He finally said, after closing the door.


“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me Josh. I feel like shit that this happen like this.” He grabbed me hand and pulled me close.

“Don’t be. You are my friend so thank you.” He kissed the back of my hand
and I smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too silly” He leaned forward to kiss me and I let him. This wasn’t the first time we first kiss or got intimate but we never went all the way. Last year when his grandfather die, he was destroyed. I went with him to
the funeral and took care of him, making sure he got home. When we got there, I got into bed with him, letting him kiss and fondle my breasts. The tears in his eyes made him look like a lost little boy. We never mention it again but we knew it happened be
tween us. Like now. He’s hurt and need the comfort.

“You’re beautiful.” He said, caressing my breasts through my shirt. This experience felt weird. Any other time when I’m gettin’ down or makin’ money I’m used to straight sex, hardcore bumpin’ and yet wit
h Josh, he was the only one I could softly make love to if we ever cross that line.

“Josh. Don’t do something you will regret just cause you’re hurting right now.”

“I know what I’m doing.” My phone went off in the living room. It was either Lucci or anothe
r regular.

“Josh I have to go.” He kissed my along my neck.

“No you’re mine right now.” He pulled his college shirt over my head. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight.

“Josh fo’ real. We can’t. You know how I get down.”

“Emilia just shut the hell up and let me.” He looked me in the face. “I always wanted to so here’s my chance.” He kissed me to silence me and pull off the sweats I had on. The warmness of his sheets was welcoming against my bare ass. He pushed forward, gri
nding his body against mine, his dick swelling on contact and fulfilling my wonder on how big he was. We pulled away from kissing, giving us just enough time to yank the remaining clothes off each other. Then he scooped me up and held me hostage against th
e wall. Holding my arms down with one strong hand the other traveled down my body to my waiting pussy. The tips of his fingers brushed my clit, then pushed their way inside. He kissed me again, letting his fingers work over my body for now. I couldn’t move
or squirm but to fall victim to the feeling that was creeping up over my body. I could feel the heat in my body as well as my face. I was ashamed. He had control of everything and me. “Are we blushing?”

“No. Shut up..” He flicked my G-spot and I moaned. H
e laughed deviously.

“You’re mine now.” He whispered, moving me to the bed and climbing on top.

“Josh wait.” I pleaded one last time. In the living room, my phone was getting a call. I could tell by the ringer it was Roe. Before I could utter another word,
Josh slammed into my body with such force, I almost came on impact.

“Fuck them other niggas you be with Em, be with me.” He said, stroking faster.

“ I- I “ I wrapped my legs around his body and thrust back to match him. The smacking sounds of our bodies
echo of the wall. He pulled out and turned me over. He slid his dick along my wet slit, teasing my clit. “Please..”  He plunged back in and I screamed aloud.

“Emilia” he whispered, moving my hair away from my neck and gave me butterfly kisses. He moved de
eper into Ms. Kitty and she loved every minute of it. More ringing filled the apartment this time it was Josh’s phone but we paid no attention. We were so entwined with each other bodies. Josh grabbed my hands and fucked  Ms. Kitty faster. I started to los
e more control of my body and the situation. Ms. Kitty betrayed me and started coming all on her own. I hid my face in pleasure and embarrassment. No nigga beside Josh could ever make me come first. It was one of my rules:
Niggas always cum first proof the
y got laid so I get paid.


“Yeah. You was gon give it up wit’ ya fightin’ ass.” He gloated. He was messing with my head and my game. “Give it up!”


“Yes” He grunted and spread my legs, pounding into me harder. “Give it up” Damn this nigga was
workin’ my shit good. I was already coming but I refuse to get it to him. I was about to give in when his answer machine finally picked up.

“Josh its Toni. Look I gave you a few to cool down. Hopefully that lying bitch is gone  by now. We need to talk ab
out things. There’s no need to call of the wedding. Call me back so we can talk I love you okay.”

BOOK: Heat
12.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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