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“You done yet? I’m ready to get the fuck out of Queens.”

‘Yeah. Lemme go git this money from ol’ gurl
and we on are our way.” I rested my head in the middle of my head and looked out the window. Roe was boring the hell out of me already. It was two a.m when we finally got back to his crib. I was pissed as hell. A whole night gone, riding around with this
stupid nucca. We blew back a few, had some drinks, he gave me some head then I fucked that nigga, fast due to my ruin evening. I collected my thirty-two hundred and went the fuck home.


I heard my curtains being snatched open and felt the sun on my face.

“Get up you slut.”

“What?” I opened my eyes to see Joshua Joseph Jefferson, best friends since we were little, standing over me. “Aw fuck you.”

“Which dirty ass nigga you was with last night?”

“Yo daddy.” I said, getting out of bed.

“And that’s why y
ou stank.” I laughed my way into the bathroom.

“I was with Roe. Bored me to death. I don’t know. I’m not feelin’ rollin’ with him.”

“You fast ass waitin’ on that Lucci nigga ain’t you?”

“Yeah. He gets back in two days.”

“Whatever. But I need to tell yo
u something.” I came out the bathroom, feeling clean and refreshed.

“What?” I went to my closet to find something to wear.

“I asked Toni to marry me.” He revealed.


“Um..cause I love her bitch.”

‘Well about time.” I pulled out an outfit
and got dressed.

“Fuck you bitch.” I smiled. “You gotta hate huh?” I nodded.

“So am I allowed at the wedding? Or you fiancée don’t want my triflin’ ass there?”

“It’s my wedding too and you’re my friend. So I want your triflin’ ass there.”

“Alright I’ll be there when is it?”

“June 1

“Why so soon….she’s pregnant isn’t she?!” He didn’t respond. “You asked her to marry you cause she’s pregnant..really Josh?! She trappin’ you.”

“You don’t know her and I love her.”


“Em come on no
w I don’t judge you or all in yo shit so don’t get in mine.”

“Okay whatever.” I pulled my clothes on then let my hair down and brush it.

“Where yo fast ass headed?”


“For what?”

“Uh didn’t we just talk ‘bout business so mind ya own” I smirked.
He slapped my ass.


“Love you too. Let yourself out. I gotta go.” I kissed his cheek and left my apartment. The sun already high in the sky when I hit the streets. The heat was showing its ass today. I walked to the corner and caught a cab.


Where to sweetcake?”


“You sure you wana’ be headin’ that way lookin’ so pretty.” I wrinkled my nose and looked at him sideways.

“Keep ya head on straight and get it movin’” He shrugged and pulled off. I chewed on my bottom lip and sighed.
I didn’t like going to Bensonhurst either but I had a thick dick with loaded pockets there so when he called my ass came running. When I finally got into Hurst, the streets were filled with kids running under the open hydrants. “Let me out here.” I threw
the money through the open window and climbed out. I walked up the brownstone steps and rang the bell twice. A male face appeared in the window and let me in.

“Ay Duchessa!” His garlic breath nearly knocked me on my ass.

“Damn Martino get a better hobby
y’don’cha.” I walked inside and up the steps to Alonzo’s place. I could smell the warm food from his family business next door through the thin walls. I pushed open the door and went inside. “Alonzo?” He laid upon the bed, in nothing except his boxers, smo
king a cigar.

“Ah bellisma. Come in. Come in. Get naked and sit astride the chair please.” He wheezed. I did as he asked. For extra measures, I shook and teased my hair so it fell in that sexy bed head mode. “Body so smooth like silk with nipples that tea
se me. Not like Claudia.” Claudia was his fat ball breaker wife. She borne him four kids all boys and Alonzo didn’t want to touch her anymore since she fulfilled her purpose. I listen to him compare me to her, while he jerked himself off. I would then play
my part.

“Aww baby would Claudia do this?” I crooned, opening my legs, giving him wide clear view of the goods. I dip the tip of my index finger in my pussy and swirled it.

“No.” he jerked faster.

“Would Claudia touch her nipples like these?” I grabbed
one of my breasts roughly and pinched the nipples.

“Noo” he moaned.

“Would Claudia do this?” I got off the chair and hopped onto the bed where I took him into my mouth to finish the job he started.

“Ahh Duchessa what you do me.”
He murmured. I slammed his ass good with my bangin’ ass neck game. He squealed like a pig and came all over my hand. I shook my head.

“That’s gonna be extra. You finish wayy to early.”

“So sorry. I will make it up to you I swear.” I got off the bed and
went into the side bathroom to clean. I dried my hands and came back into the room.

“You promise?”

“Si Si.”

“Good.” I turned away from him and slowly got dressed.

“Why must you tease me so?”

“You wouldn’t love me if I didn’t.” I shook my hair out and
headed towards the door. “You better get back to the business before your wife comes lookin’ for you.” I flashed a smile and headed back downstairs, stopping by Martino with my hand out.

“Eccovi qui.” He put the envelope in my hand. I took my envelope an
d walked out the door.


The music was thumping and Lucci’s voice was flowing from the speakers. Everybody was feeling him. I stood in the V.I.P area and look down at him. I couldn’t wait to get back and hop on that dick and ride it. Since we last got tog
ether I been feenin’ for his ass big time. It was something about him having the dough and actually caring for me that had me so hot in the pants.

“ HOLLA!!” Lucci yelled to the crowd and the groupies yelled back. I turn my attention to the hoes at the fro
nt of the stage, who was acting a damn fool. Jumping up and down, showing they titties just so they could get back stage to my man. I laughed aloud lookin at them crusty bitches. Some of them had last season shit on, bad hair extensions and ashy ass feet t
hat I could see from up here. Someone tap me on the shoulder and I turned around. It was one of the girlfriends from Lucci’s squad.


“Some bitches would do about anythan’ to get up here.” I was tempted to say like you but I held my tongue.


“Over there.” She pointed to a corner section. I turned my head and saw some chickenhead throwing back drinks and sucking dick at the same time. “Bitch ain’t got no class.” I squinted harder cause that chick looked real familiar. She came up for air and he
r face hit the light.

“Oh My GOD!”

“What?! You know her.” I looked away. Hell yeah I knew that hoe. That hoe was marrying my best friend in three months. I whipped out my phone and snapped to pictures for proof to show Josh if he didn’t want to believe me.
Hell no I wasn’t about to let this
slide. That bitch claimed she was pregnant but she over there tossing back drinks like a pro and all. I knew that shit wasn’t true. I looked back and Lucci then back at Toni. Josh better be lucky I love him enough to pas
s on good dick. I bee lined over to where Toni was and punch that bitch in the back of the head just as she was deep-throating. She gagged and came up for air but by the time she looked around for her attacker my ass was gone out the door to find a cab.

Greenwich Village’ I said as soon as I got in. As I moving towards my destination, I check the pictures on my phone to check if they were clear shots. I had three pictures. One of her taking shots, one dick in mouth, and the last one kissin
all up on that
bum nigga. I looked up and felt horrible about how josh was going to feel or I could spare his feelings and not tell him at all. Then what kind of friend will I be if I let him think that she was pregnant and had him trapped. “Fuck!”

“Everything all right
back there?”

“Yeah I’m straight.” I glanced at my phone again then dialed Josh’s number. He answered on the third ring.

“Yes my little slut in heels?” I smiled.

‘Hey are you home cause I’m on my way over now.”


“Okay see ya soon.” I hung up and sigh
ed heavily. I remained in deep thought for the rest of the trip and didn’t pay Mr. Leery Eyes no attention although I could feel his eyes on me.

“We’re here. That will thirty-two sixty-three.” I threw the money through the mirror and hopped out the taxi. I
ran up the steps to Josh’s brownstone and rang his bell. It buzz and I snatched the door open.

“Doors open.” He called from over the railing. I walked up the stairs to his door and went inside his place, closing the door after me.


“Hey. Wow club
clothes ..hoochie clothes so what’s so important that you pull yourself away from your hoe activities?” he said with a smile. My heart ache. Here I was about to break him. I rushed forward and hug him.

“ Nothin’. What? I can’t come see my best friend.” I l

“Uh-huh. Make yo’self comfy then. You must of did something’ and now hiding’.”

‘That was one time boy.” I said, going into his room to find some sweats and a shirt. I pulled off my dress and pulled his old college gear on. When I came out, he was on
his couch. “Where’s Toni?”

“At home. She said she wasn’t feeling good. Nausea so she went to bed early.” Sure she was sick. Bitch at this moment suckin’ and probably fuckin ol’ dude now.

“Oh.” I sat next to him.

“What are you doing here anyway? Wasn’t Lucc
i having a party somewhere? Ain’t he yo knight in shining armor?”

“Hey be grateful. I passed up good dick to hang with you cause I missed you.”

“Sure slut.” He shoulder bumped me and I fell over laughing. Then I noticed the tuxedo bag in the corner then I
somber up quickly. I looked at my friend, and he was happy. I couldn’t bring
myself to tell him. Even though Toni trifling as hell, I couldn’t be the one to break my best friend heart.

BOOK: Heat
4.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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