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Neither Susan nor Hildy
were gay, but Hildy knew their tits would respond better to the
touch of another person’s hands. Whose wouldn’t? So the mutual
tittie stimulation just seemed like a good idea, as indeed it was.
The feel of another’s fingers on their ta-tas caused those nips to
pop right up to rigid attention. Dara and Cindy continued playing
with their own nips while their friends tugged, bounced, and groped
each other’s funbags.

Okay, okay,” Hildy
interrupted. “Time to get
to go out.”

The girls knew what this
meant. They each retrieved their paper bags, opened them to their
full extension, and placed them over their heads. The eyeholes
allowed the only peek behind the brown paper, and it wasn’t much of
a peek. Four brown eyes, four blue eyes.

Beneath the paper, Hildy
grinned ear to ear. She couldn’t help it. The image of four naked
girls wearing only paper bags on their heads was as silly a sight
as she had ever seen. She knew this moment was coming. But, now
that it was here, she burst out laughing. The others did,

* * * *

The previous night in her
apartment’s bedroom, Hildy had practiced standing in front of a
full length mirror wearing just the bag. She found it funny looking
then, too. There in the mirror was a giggling girl without a single
stitch on. She stood, feet spread and pointed outward, her knees
bent to thrust her cunt upward, and her tits jiggling
spasmodically. Her arms stuck out as though they were holding onto
some imaginary bar that ran waist-high behind her. Her fingers and
toes splayed to their maximum separation. It was the silliest, most
embarrassing position she could ever imagine someone being in. But
the very silliness of it intensified her desire. As she looked at
the naked girl with the bag on her head in the mirror, she wandered
her hand down to her crotch where she found wet, swollen pussy
lips. Hildy rubbed those lips, gently at first and then with
growing vigor until she was downright abusing her pussy. Under the
bag she made all sorts of what she could only imagine to be
coming faces
. It turned her on to think that, under the mask, she could
make whatever ridiculous orgasm face she wanted. The thought made
her come in giant waves of pleasure. At last, she could resist no
longer, and she pulled off the bag to see just what the face of
unrestrained pleasure was. Her eyes were wide and looking upward.
Her mouth was shaped like a big “O.” Her nostrils were flared, and
she jerked her head like a bobble-head doll.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaahhhaaaaaaaaahhh!” was the guttural sound
that emanated from the innermost reaches of her shuddering body. It
was a louder sound than she had intended to make, and she hoped her
neighbors hadn’t heard. It would be a difficult sound to

* * * *

The laughter of the girls
in the classroom was also too loud for safety. Hildy shushed them
to silence. Things were back under control. She looked at the clock
on the wall. After being witness to last year’s awards ceremony,
and common knowledge around the school being that the ceremonies
never varied in their structure, she knew it was about the time
when the band director, Mr. Spinneto, would be conducting the
on-stage band through a few songs. While he did that, the rest of
the stage would be empty, and it would be the ideal time to dash
across it.

Hildy gave two thumbs up
to her cohorts. They returned the sign. Hildy put an index finger
to the place where her lips would be had there been a hole cut for
them in the bag. This signified that there would be no more talking
from this point forward. The others nodded. Hildy motioned them to
follow, and she led them to the door. Using a fingernail, she pried
up the edge of the construction paper to get a quick peek into the
corridor. Peering through the small eyeholes, it was difficult to
see. But the absence of anything moving on the other side of the
door led her to believe the coast was clear.

Hildy nudged the door
inward. Nothing stirred from the other side. She opened it a little
further. Still there was nothing. She now had the door open far
enough so she could stick her bag-covered head out and look around.
There was nothing to be seen except for the closed doors of
darkened, empty classrooms and the many posters and fliers tacked
along the walls of the corridor. In the direction of the Assembly
Hall, she could make out the sound of the band playing a march. The
ceremony was happening right on schedule. Months of planning had
come down to this moment. It was show time.

The naked group leader
tiptoed into the corridor. She turned around to see her friends
huddled just inside the open door, awaiting a sign that it was safe
to proceed. Hildy waved them to step through the doorway. Susan
ushered Cindy and Dara out and then followed herself, careful not
to make any noise as she closed the door behind them. They had made
a giant leap. The four of them stood in the corridor of their
school, naked except for the paper bags on their heads. If they
could get this far, Hildy reasoned, there was nothing to stop them
from going all the way through with it. There was no turning back
now. Time to move.

With Hildy in the lead and
Susan at the rear to ensure that the others wouldn’t chicken out
and turn back, the four naked girls padded down the cold floor
tiles of the corridor to a place where five steps led to the part
of the building where the Assembly Hall was located. The sense of
being naked in her school was both exhilarating and frightening to
Hildy. The feel of the cool air conditioning on her nude skin made
her whole body tingle. It was actually happening; they were walking
through the school naked…nude…nudie…starkers… titties hangin’…bare
ass. The various words to describe their state of complete undress
echoed in her head.

We’re walking through the
school bare-pussy naked!
a thrilled,
Hildy, silently said to herself. “Bare-pussy” was Dara’s
expression. It was a dopey expression, but Hildy liked it at the
moment. It seemed especially goofy and naughty, which heightened
for her the goofiness and naughtiness of what they were doing. So
she thought it to herself over and over.
We’re bare-pussy! Bare-pussy!

With Hildy giving a
cautious peek around the bend to ensure that all was clear, they
turned a corner and raced to the door marked “Stage Door.” Hildy
opened it, and, as soon as she did, the band music’s volume swelled
to consume all other sound. The door opened onto the backstage
area. The band, positioned on the upstage part of the performance
space, was right on the other side of the thin, black wall of
opaque curtain that kept the backstage area hidden from the
audience. The girls crowded in. They were just a few feet from the
stage now. Being naked and so close to her fellow classmates and
teachers caused Hildy’s heart to pound.

Like everything else with
the plan, Hildy worked out the entrance and exit in advance. They
tiptoed across from the
stage left
portion of backstage—the side where they had
entered—all the way to the
portion. Again the small eyeholes in
the bags made for less than ideal conditions to see where they were
going in the poorly lit backstage area, and toes were stubbed more
than once as they proceeded. Fortunately, the cautious pace at
which they were walking prevented them from hurting their feet
seriously and yelling out in pain.

Finally, they were at the
place where backstage meets the
performance space. Another step and
they would be in full sight of everyone. Hildy turned one last time
to make sure her friends were still with her. They were—shaking,
but they were there. Hildy did not admit this to them, but she
never would have had the strength to do this had her friends not
agreed to do it with her. There was courage in numbers. She needed
those numbers to do something this preposterous—this

Hildy noticed that, in
their nervousness, her friends’ nipples had become soft again. She
felt her own nipples, and, sure enough, they had gone flat. She
began flicking her nips with her fingers, and did it so her friends
could see what she was doing. The others caught on and began
playing with their tits to give themselves nipple erections. It was
show time, and big nips were now part of the show.

Hildy felt her own nipples
harden to full staff. When she looked about and saw six boobs
pointing stiff, little nubs at her, she knew the time had arrived.
One last thumbs up, then a “Follow me” gesture, and Hildy darted
toward the stage, her nude companions right behind her.

Initially, there was an
eerie silence among the crowd, followed by the collective gasp of a
thousand people. Hildy knew the audience had come with the
expectation of enduring a boring awards ceremony. She’d bet
everything she had—not that she had anything on her to bet at the
moment—they couldn’t believe what they were seeing

Four naked girls with
paper bags on their heads sprinted to four points along the
downstage area. They stopped, two girls on either side of the
center podium from which Mr. Spinneto, his back to the audience and
the girls, conducted the band.

Under Hildy’s direction,
the girls had practiced what they'd do. They jumped to their
designated marks—
stage left
, Hildy, Cindy, Dara, and Susan. They
faced the audience, spread their legs, bent their knees, thrust
their crotches upward, and used their fingers to spread their cunt
lips wide to give the best possible view of their pink little
pussies. Holding that position, they shimmied their unrestrained
tits left and right a total of eight times.

Hildy had lobbied to
shimmy their tits twelve times—
“As long as
we’ve got our titties out there, why not make the most of
But the other girls—mostly Cindy and
Dara—remonstrated, saying it was too long to be standing in one
place, and it risked them being caught. In the end, Hildy was able
to bargain them up to eight, with the stipulation that
“back-and-forth counts as one shimmy.”

The student audience
shrieked and howled at the sight playing out before them. Stunned
professors stared in silence, mouths agape. Hildy glanced to her
right to ensure her cohorts were holding up their end of the
bargain. They were. She also saw Mr. Spinneto—who apparently
realized there was something going on when his band suddenly
stopped playing in mid song. He turned to see that he'd unwittingly
become the centerpiece in a live nudie show. He looked so
embarrassed, it appeared as though he was going to pass

Hildy imagined that,
inside the paper bags, there were the red, open-mouthed faces of
four girls who, quite frankly, also couldn’t believe what they were
doing. There they stood—
and flaunting their naked
tits and pussies for everyone to see! Watching the entire school
viewing them as they exposed themselves so completely! If not for
the paper bags, it would have been the greatest humiliation of all
time! But the bags were in place over their heads.
—those wonderful paper bags.
They allowed the girls to perform the most
titillating exhibition of their nude bodies! The ultimate

Hildy marveled at the sight
below the stage. There they were, staring from out there in the
house of the Assembly Hall—
! All those faces! Gleeful,
wide-eyed, open-mouthed faces of almost everyone the girls knew.
Laughing, shouting, ecstatic looking faces staring at the naked
girls gyrating on stage. It was just like in the movie. Only this
time, it was real, and Hildy and her friends were the nudies being
gawked at. Through her eyeholes, she could make out many familiar
people. She recognized friends, classmates, jocks, nerds, boys the
girls had crushes on, girls they had teased, even bitter
enemies—they were all out there getting the show of their lives and
shouting their bawdy exultations for more.

Look at my tits and
cunt!” shouted Hildy from beneath the security of her paper bag.
She could shout whatever she liked. How could anyone hear her? The
shrieks from the crowd in the Assembly Hall made it impossible to
distinguish any individual voice. What an opportunity! She was
standing naked in front of the whole school, yelling for everyone
to take a whopping gander at her nude tits, her nude pussy, her
nude ass,
her nude everything!
It was the most incredible moment of her life.
Hildy took advantage of the opportunity to holler once more at the
top of her lungs.


It was then that Hildy
noticed a small red light in the back of the Hall. She knew what
that light was. It was a video camera.
That was something she hadn’t
counted on. She forgot that the school’s audio/visual club would
record these ceremonies for the school’s archives.
There’d be a
visual record of this stunt after all. She was so caught up in that
thought that she lost track of the count and couldn’t remember
whether she had done seven or eight tit shimmies. She gave one more
for good measure just as she was bumped by the second girl in the
line-up, Cindy, who was attempting to make her escape. Hildy took
that as a sign that she had shimmied one more time than she was
supposed to, but she was overjoyed to have gotten it in. She turned
and sprinted off
, the other three girls right on her
bare heels.

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