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Perfect Streak (2 page)

BOOK: Perfect Streak

What a shame that would’ve
pondered Hildy.
What a missed opportunity! Because—oh!—what a brilliant plan
it was!
As Hildy saw it, its genius was in
its simplicity.

It all began about ten
years before, when Hildy saw a comic movie on TV. In one scene, a
man and woman unintentionally end up driving around naked in a car.
When the car gets stuck in traffic, a crowd of people gathers round
to gawk and laugh at the auto’s embarrassed occupants. The actors
playing the two naked characters comically screamed
“Whoah-oh-ooooooooooh-oh-oh-aaah-aaaaahhh!” as they bounced on the
car’s seats in utter humiliation. Although the movie camera’s
framing didn’t show it, Hildy delighted in imagining the jiggling
body parts—the woman’s fleshy boobs bouncing all about and the
man’s hardening dick and bare balls bobbing like a buoy on rough
seas. The idea of being caught naked in public mesmerized the young
girl who could think of nothing else for days.

It wasn’t just the thought
of the nudity in the film that thrilled her. It was also the faces
in the scene. Not just the faces of the two embarrassed, naked
characters. Hildy was also exhilarated by the images of the faces
of all the many people who crowded round the car to enjoy the naked
spectacle on display—faces that registered shock, glee, lust, and
every emotion in between. The grinning, the laughing, the wide eyes
and raised eyebrows, the mouths that formed a large letter “O,” and
the hands that pressed surprised palms against disbelieving cheeks.
They were the faces of people having the time of their lives
enjoying others’ naked humiliation. As a little child, the scene
made Hildy laugh hysterically.

But a couple years later,
when she reached puberty, the scene took on even greater meaning as
she discovered that the embarrassment of unintended public nudity
provided her with sexual titillation. From that day forward, it was
her favorite naughty fantasy. Hildy wished that she might be lucky
enough someday to come across naked people in a car so that she
could grin and point and enjoy their nude humiliation. What a
thrill that would be! But that never happened. Still the fantasy,
and the sexual urges that went along with it, remained

It might have been during
her last semester of high school that she first started fantasizing
about the scene from a different perspective. Rather than thinking
about public nudity from the viewpoint of the people getting the
unexpected nudie show, she fantasized about it from the perspective
of the naked woman in the car. The thought of her own naked body on
display for large crowds of people, possibly including personal
friends and acquaintances who would point and laugh and make vulgar
comments, gave Hildy a climactic rush. Up till then, she had no
idea that public humiliation could be such an incredible

She began fantasizing
about every which way she might be reluctantly exposed nude to
other people—in cars, on the beach, walking on the street, and, of
course, the “naked in school” scenario. These fantasies excited her
to no end.

A personal favorite she’d
act out again and again involved her stripping nude and sitting on
the edge of her bed. She’d pretend she was the naked girl in the
car, just like the one in the movie. Again, like the movie, the
fantasy car would get caught in a traffic jam, and hordes of people
would gather round it. Sexually aroused by the imagined sight of
faces all around her, Hildy’s pussy would open wide and drip its
juices onto the bed covers. Hildy just loved the thought of people
being able to see her leave a wet spot on the car seat. How
deliciously humiliating! Then she’d imagine the car window somehow
being dislodged and removed. Or perhaps it was a convertible she
was in, and the roof began to retract. Now she was outdoors,
exposed and
! Her make-believe gawkers could reach right out and grab
hold of her nudity! When she reached this part of the fantasy,
Hildy would use one of her hands to squeeze her breasts the way she
imagined a raucous and horny crowd would manhandle her. The other
hand she’d move onto her crotch for indelicate play in her pussy.
She imagined a large, brutish man shoving his fingers deep into her
cunt and masturbating her. All of it, she imagined, was out of her
control. She couldn’t stop it. She could only sit there and
enjoy it
. When her
parents were around, she’d enact this in silence to avoid arousing
their suspicions. When she was alone in the house, though, she’d
let herself scream “Whoooooooaaaaaaa!” as she’d bring herself off
acting out this incredible fantasy. Hildy never knew a better

However, despite the
raging desire to do something sexually mischievous, she had no
intention of attempting to carry out any of these make-believe
scenarios. She was, after all, barely 18 then. That’s a time when
public humiliations—even small ones—seem so serious that you don’t
see how you could possibly go on living should such a misfortune
befall you. Being caught naked in public was, in Hildy’s mind, the
ultimate embarrassment. So, while it was fun to fantasize about a
public display of her bare tits, pussy and ass, that was all it
was—a fantasy. She could never bring herself ever to do something
crazy like that. Not for real.

Then came a day in
February when something happened. The girls—Hildy, Cindy, Susan,
and Dara—were now all second-year students at Valefour. They would
graduate the two-year institution in May and transfer to larger
schools in the fall to finish their college educations. The weather
was too cold to stay outdoors. So they were inside Cindy’s house,
killing time surfing the Internet.

Cindy was a local girl who
lived with her parents. In the privacy of her own room, she
accessed porn on the Internet for her and her friends at every
opportunity—usually at Susan’s insistence. Susan knew all the best
websites for seeing naked men popping big boners. They were viewing
photos and commenting how gay all the guys looked, when the
conversation somehow turned to the practice of streaking. They all
agreed that streaking was a dorky thing to do, especially for those
who did it at their own school where everyone knew them.

That’s when Susan posed
the question, “What if you could streak your school without anyone
knowing it’s you?”

What?” Cindy snickered.
“Are you gonna wear a paper bag over your head?”

It was just a joke. But it
was the kernel of an idea that was about to germinate into what
would become the grand scheme. The scheme by which all other
schemes at Valefour would later be compared. The master plan that
would make the girls’ final days of junior college an unmatchable
adventure, turn Hildy’s wet dreams into a reality, and become a
glorious, unforgettable part of Valefour history.

An important part of the
plan was hatched by Cindy’s innocent quip. Yet, once the laughter
subsided, Hildy’s brain went to work on the details. It didn’t
happen all at once, but rather over the next few weeks as Hildy
combined data with ingenuity. She unveiled the plan to her friends
on a March evening when the four of them were again alone in
Cindy’s home and had appropriated for themselves a bottle of wine
from the stock of Cindy’s vacationing parents.

The idea was to live out
one of the great sexual fantasies of all time—running naked through
your own school without getting caught or suffering any of the
usual consequences. Getting caught meant likely being arrested, or,
at the very least, being subject to any of the various disciplines
of the school’s hard-nosed lady provost, Dr. Zabrinski. The usual
repercussions could also include the never-ending teasing and
taunting that would come from classmates, friends, and others, as
well as having your naked pictures splashed all over the Internet.
There would also be the inevitable “talk” with furious parents.
That, of course, is all in addition to the absolute red-faced
embarrassment and shame the girls would suffer if they appeared
without any clothes in front of so many people they

Valefour wasn’t some large
community college where people blended into a sea of unfamiliar
faces. It was a small, elite academy with a student body of less
than a thousand. Campus consisted of just one large school
building. Classes were regimented to keep students in the building
most of the schooldays. Admission requirements were high, and
enrollment was kept low to maintain an academic standard that
almost guaranteed graduates entry to prestigious universities when
it came time to transfer. Here you knew almost everybody—if not all
by name, at least by sight. That meant that streaking Valefour
would be streaking in front of people who knew you well…and who’d
never let you forget.

True, you could avoid all
the dreaded consequences by
. Easy to do. Problem solved.
However, for the cleverly adventurous and horny 20-year-old, the
logical way to avoid those negative repercussions, while still
experiencing the thrill of a public nude romp, is to conceal one’s
identity during the streak. Imagine it! Showing off every square
inch of your naked body without anyone having any idea it’s you!
Exhibitionism without consequences!

A not-too-small brown
paper bag with eyeholes was the key component for hiding not just
the face but also anything identifiable about the hair. The girls
could sneak the bags into the school. Then, when it came time for
the streak, they would wear the paper bags, but not a stitch else.
It would be an anonymous streak.

However, the bag, alone,
is too simplistic to stand as a plan by itself. It’s fine to decide
you’re going to streak with a paper bag on your head. But where and
when do you do it? How do you know the path you’ve chosen for your
streak will be clear at that time? It only takes one person
unexpectedly in your path to grab hold of your naked ass and whip
off the bag, exposing your identity to the very people from whom
you were trying to conceal it. Also, where does one leave one’s
clothes while streaking such that, once it’s over, one can reclaim
them and get dressed without a crowd following you into your hiding
place? These were the details Hildy worked out with

The first issue was a
no-brainer. The one and only time of the year when paths would be
clear throughout the entire school was during the annual awards
ceremony. Most every student and faculty member would be sardined
into the Assembly Hall. Not only did it mean unobstructed
navigation through the corridors, it would offer an amazing
opportunity. By running naked across the stage, the girls could
streak just about everyone in the school in one short dash. You
couldn’t say it would be the
school because some of the stoners could be
expected to sneak off to smoke some weed during the ceremony. So
there would undoubtedly be some students missing from the Assembly
Hall. That was actually a good thing for the streaker girls
because, in light of the stoners’ well known absences from general
assemblies, they’d be the ones most people would assume had done
the streaking. That would help to deflect suspicion as to the real
streakers’ identities.

Would anyone suspect the
four girls due to
absence from the ceremony? Not likely. Attendance
wasn’t taken, and with close to a thousand students in the school,
and an Assembly Hall constructed to accommodate audiences of that
size, four girls could be absent without attracting any particular
attention. Besides, if no one paid attention to the stoners being
absent, nobody was going to concern themselves over the attendance
of four girls who were never viewed as being any trouble. Once it
was all over and the girls were back in their clothes, they’d
simply wait for the awards ceremony to end and then blend in with
the crowd of students who’d be passing down the corridors. If
anyone later brought up to them what had happened in the Assembly
Hall, the girls could recount the incident as well as anyone else
who was there, thus, making it seem as though they, themselves, had
been somewhere in the audience when the streak occurred. It would
be a delicious lie that Hildy speculated would provide the four
girls something to laugh about for years to come.

Hildy’s access to Ms.
Pantaget’s class made it the ideal location for getting undressed
and storing their clothes. So long as they did it on a Friday,
there would be no one there to disturb them, and the awards
ceremony was always on a Friday afternoon. What’s more, Ms.
Pantaget’s class was no more than perhaps a hundred feet from the
stage door of the Assembly Hall. A short sprint from and back to
their clothes. It almost couldn’t be more perfect.

* * * *

Hildy had her tits out and
panties peeled down to her knees before any of the

Susan, shirt and pants
off, and unclasping her bra, was the next closest behind in the
race to get naked.

Dara and Cindy were just
getting down to bra and panties.

We gonna streak or give a
lingerie show?” was Hildy’s peeved, but subdued remark as she
kicked off her last article of clothing.

’!” cackled Susan as she
slid the bra off her mounds.

Well, then I need to see
some pussy,” added Hildy.

Pussy comin’ out.” Susan
positioned her thumbs in her waistband and pushed downward to
unleash her hairy snatch.

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