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* * * *

Inside Dr. Z’s office,
Cindy was already there, still nude and hunched over on a long,
wooden bench that served as the waiting place for people who came
to visit the provost. She'd been captured by the hefty biology
professor, Dr. Fine, who had been coming from the other direction
to retrieve something from her classroom and, instead, ran into the
hysterical streaker in the corridor. Cindy was collared by the
large faculty member, stripped of her paper bag mask, and dragged
to Dr. Z’s office, where just outside a crowd of hopeful classmates
was already gathering gathered and readying readied photographic

The moment Cindy saw the
crowd, she screamed and tried to bolt in the other direction. Dr.
Fine, known as a no-nonsense woman, wasn’t about to let her captive
escape the wrath of justice. She clutched at the nude student,
attempting to grab hold of any part of the girl’s anatomy that
afforded itself. Cindy’s unwillingness to follow the professor
turned into a struggle, which then turned into a scuffle. Were it
not for Dr. Fine’s large frame, the adrenaline coursing through
Cindy’s veins at that moment likely would have allowed her to
escape. As it was, the professor had great difficulty moving Cindy
the last forty feet to the provost’s office.

Can you give me a hand?!”
Dr. Fine called out in desperation to another female faculty member
whom she saw in the vicinity.

Several nearby students
took the biology professor’s plea as an open invitation, and they
attached themselves to the naked girl’s body. After several moments
of tugging, shoving, and—for the most part—groping, Cindy was
deposited into the provost’s office where the then most pressing
concern of the provost turned to getting all the “helper” students
back out of the office. Only Dr. Z’s presence was able to bring
about that result, and finally Cindy was left to herself on the
wooden bench to await whatever punishment was to come.

When Dara and Hildy were
ushered into the room and told to have a seat next to their
“partner in crime,” the three of them resembled a picture of nude

Sitting there as trio,
Cindy’s thoughts turned to their missing partner.

What happened to Susan?”
Cindy whispered to Hildy.

Got away, I guess,” Hildy
huffed. “
That bitch!




IV Room 118


The moment she felt the
warm sunshine hit her bare skin, Susan began to doubt the wisdom of
what she'd diddone. Having seen the exit right in front of her as
she ran down the corridor, she bolted outdoors. It wasn’t to get to
her car—which was locked and, even if she could break into it, she
had no idea how to hotwire it. Rather, it was to take a desperate
gamble that she could get to her clothes by climbing through a
window into Ms. Pantaget’s classroom. The room was on the first
floor, and it had windows that ran the full length of it. All she
had to do was find one that was unlocked. The problem was that Ms.
Pantaget’s room faced out onto busy Harrison Avenue. There was
never a time of the day when some vehicle wasn’t driving by, and
the unobstructed view from street to school building meant Susan’s
naked outdoor dash would be on full display to any and all

Once outside the door,
there was no place to hide. She was stood nude in plain sight, and
the cars were rollinged by. The thought that flashed through her
mind was that she might take the paper bag off her head and tear it
into a sort of tiny makeshift garment she could at least hold
against the front of her tits and maybe also her pussy. It would
take up valuable time and offer only the slightest assistance
toward modesty. But it would also mean revealing her face and her
identity to anyone who saw her. It would take just one fellow
student to happen upon her without the bag over her head, and she’d
be up the creek. Besides that, there would be no way to fasten the
bag in place, and she’d have to let go of it to open and climb
through a window. Better, she concluded, to forgo modesty in favor
of anonymity. So she darted across the small lawn that was the
buffer between the street’s sidewalk and the building.

Honking began almost
instantly. People spied her already, and she wasn’t even halfway to
the room’s windows.

Ohmygod! Ohmygod!
she heard herself panting. Even
perv Susan had never before done anything as scandalous as public
nudity on the streets. It wasn’t just embarrassing—it was
dangerous. What would she do if someone stopped his car and got out
to chase after her? She had no idea. “Just keep running!” she told
herself, trying to ignore the sounds of the horns and screeching

Susan reached the nearest
window of the art classroom. Her clothes were just on the other
side of the pane. All she had to do was get it open. She felt for
the edge of the window frame and gave a tug. It was locked.
She moved to the
next window. Also locked. She went down the row of windows, trying
each in the desperate hope that one would open and put a merciful
end to her nude adventure. But every window was locked down tight.
The gamble hadn’t worked, and now she was not only naked, but also
outside where her own personal nudie show had become a spectacle
for the public at large.

If it was possible for
things to get any worse, they did when a group of stoners, who
were'd been hiding out in the park adjacent to Valefour, peeked out
from their hiding place. They must' have heard the car horns and
were alerted to the fact that something was going on. They had to
have spotted the naked girl running around outside their school. It
would be hard to miss her. For the first time since the stoners
discovered marijuana, their interest in smoking weed seemed
outmatched by something else. Five boys and three girls abandoned
the solitude of a wooded area in favor of chasing down the bare-ass
girl on the school lawn. Susan saw the boys and girls coming and
What to do? Where to go?
She couldn’t go back to the door she'd used to
exit the school. That would mean having to run in the very
direction of the oncoming stoners. Turning in the other direction
would mean running down the street with no place to duck for cover.
Just to get back into the school, she’d have to run to the next
open door, which was all the way at the end of the block and around
the corner. It would mean at least a seventy-five-yard jog down a
busy street in the nude.

The stoners were closing
in. It was too late to go back to the first door. A streak down
Harrison Avenue was the lone alternative. Susan took off down the

Her sudden movement,
coupled with a gust of wind that came up from out of nowhere,
pushed a burst of air under the folds of Susan’s paper bag. Without
warning, the bag was lifted off her head. She whirled around to see
the bag tumbling away behind her. There wasn’t time to reverse
course to try to retrieve it. Susan would just have to keep going
without the bag. She was now a
-anonymous streaker on a crowded
public street, and she felt as though she was just going towould
die when she saw there were people ahead who' had stopped their
cars to take out their cameras and cell phones.

I’m gonna kill you,
Hildy!” Susan bellowed as she dashed naked down the

Squatting in front of her
was a man focusing a camera. He was getting a full frontal view
that she could tell would allow for lots of shots of flopping tits
and exposed hairy cunt. The thought of it angered Susan, but there
wasn’t much she could do about it now. When she was within about
ten feet, she zigzagged to the left to pass the man, who then spun
around to take shots of her bare ass running away. Susan spit the
word “Asshole!” at the man as he snapped pictures of her backside.
Then, recognizing the irony of that exclamation—she was, after all,
now showing him her own asshole—she grunted, “Of

She turned the corner and
saw a janitor, Mr. Pressley, having a smoke just outside the door
that was her intended destination. Mr. Pressley was an older man
with a gruff disposition. Without fully understanding why, most of
the students were afraid of him, and Susan was no exception. His
presence in her path caused her to stop short. It was an ill
conceived decision. A moment later, the stoners caught up with her.
Prodding hands were all over her body.

I got a tit!” was the
boast of one of the boys.

I got her

I’m feelin’

Whoa! That’s

Overwhelmed and tuckered
out from the sprint, Susan had neither the strength nor the
comprehensive reasoning to figure out how to get herself out of
this predicament. Before she had a chance to do anything about it,
she was being felt up by a group of horny boys, as well as some
drug addled girls.

My turn! My turn!” was
repeated over and over as elbows muscled in from the back of the
crowd and hands reached toward the prize at the center.

Hey, I got some pussy
hair!” was the proud announcement of one of the boys who held up
two dark pubes that had come loose within his fingers.

The others apparently
viewed this as a precious souvenir.

I want some!” demanded
another boy as he dove his fingers toward the dark furry triangle
between Susan’s legs.

Me, too!”

Yeah, gimme some pussy

Hands darted toward her

Yaaaaaaaaaauuugh!” Susan
yelled as she tried to pull back her unguarded beaver from the
predators who'd marked it as their prey.

Cmon! Give us some pussy
hair!” was the menacing, insistent cry of one boy. “You’ve got

Susan wasn’t anxious to
have her pubes ripped out by the roots. She tried to fight her way
with swinging fists. However, the stoners far outnumbered her, and
they had the advantage of being better rested than their nude prey,
who had now been on a continuous run ever since leaving the stage
of the Assembly Hall. In seconds, two boys had her bare ass pinned
to the ground. They pried her legs open, and a couple of girls sat
on each leg to keep her from moving. Then came the big

One after another, stoners
grabbed clumps of her pussy hairs and pulled with all their might.
If they grabbed too many hairs, all that would happen is it would
stretch her skin under the strain of the pull. But, if they
clutched a judiciously sparse amount at one time, the hairs would
give way and pop out.

Ow! Ow! Ow!” yelped Susan
as she felt her crotch being denuded of its curly, brown

I’ve got

I’ve got

I’m goin’ in for

It was a pussy hair
plucking free-for all. Every boy and girl was helpinged himself or
herself to all the pubes he or she could gather. And soon the
competitions began.

Mine’s longer than

Mine’s curlier than

Mine came right outta her
pussy lips!”

Well, I’m gonna get me
some pussy lip pubes!”

The repetition of pain
from the ongoing plucking was driving Susan crazy—not to mention
the humiliation that came from thinking to herself that these
stoners considered her patch their very own personal

Hey!—get back! Get back!”
a deep voice interrupted with menace. “I said get away from her, ya
little pukes!”

It was Mr. Pressley pushed
his way into the crowd. The stoners seemed to respect what for them
represented a male authority figure, and they moved back a few

Where are her clothes?”
demanded the janitor. “Well? Where are they?”

She was naked when we
found her,” one girl offered.

Get the hell outta here!”
barked the man, “Ya hear me?!”

Obviously, the stoners
weren’t about to challenge him as since they raced off in the
direction of the park. Mr. Pressley stared down at the naked girl
sitting on the ground and rubbing her pained crotch.

I don’t suppose you can
walk home that way,” he said with a dubious look.

My clothes are in Ms.
Pantaget’s room.”

Well, I’m not walkin’ ya
all the way over there like that. C’mon. The office is closer. Dr.
Zabrinski’ll handle this.”

* * * *

Hearing a commotion
outside, Hildy turned toward the office door just as it opened and
Mr. Pressley rushed Susan inside. He did his best to use his body
to block gathered students’ view of the nude girl. As a human
shield, he wasn’t all that successful, but, at least, he got her
into Dr. Z’s office where her three nude companions squirmed on the
bench. Susan’s entrance wasn’t long after Hildy and Dara had joined
Cindy. So Dr. Z hadn’t yet had a chance to do much other than close
the door and instruct her secretary, Mrs. Ross, to call the

Well, how nice you could
all make it to our come-as-you-are party.” The provost scowled at
the four naked girls seated before her. “Where’re your

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