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Our car’s right outside,”
said the first officer.

Gonna need a second car,”
advised the other policeman. “I’ll call.”

Hildy sat dumbfounded as
she listened to this conversation. If she understood correctly, the
cops were going to walk them outside and drive them to the police
station naked. As if enough people hadn’t already seen them, now
people all over town would have the opportunity. Any bus passenger
or anyone with a high-profile vehicle coming alongside would get a
bird’s eye view of the naked girls in the cop car. And, if the car
came to a stop at an intersection, any nearby pedestrians would
also be sure to get the peep show of their lives. It would be just
like the scene in the movie that had sparked Hildy’s exhibitionism
fantasy. The problem was Hildy’s fantasy dream had turned into a
freaking nightmare.

You can’t take us out
there like this!” argued Hildy. “Not in front of

You’re streakers, but you
don’t wanna be seen naked?” was the stout cop’s incredulous

They picked the most
public opportunity they could,” Dr. Z informed the officers. “A
general assembly when
would be there.”

The cops gave knowing nods
to each other. One leaned close to the provost.

We’ve dealt with
exhibitionists before.” He whispered it to the provost, but Hildy
could still hear what he said. “Believe it or not, they typically
put up much less resistance if we take ‘em away while they were
still naked. Gives ‘em what they want. You okay with

From just beyond the
office door, a lascivious invitation was shouted at full volume by
a youthful male voice in the corridor.

Hey!—any more girls wanna

That prompted a chant
“Streak! Streak! Streak!”

Further commotion
occurred, this time from outside the office windows, where a crowd
of students gathered. Faces, with hands cupped about the eyes to
shade the glare of the sun, pressed against the glass. People
jostled each other, trying to elbow their way in for a better view.
Even Hildy had to admit to herself that this had the look of a
situation that could spiral out of control and possibly even get

Dr. Z’s face
“Get these nudies outta my
she demanded.

Second car’s on its way,”
said the officer who’d just made a call.

The first officer
announced, “Ladies, you’re under arrest for indecent exposure in a
public place.”

Susan as the cops read the girls their rights.

Two more police officers—a
man and a woman—arrived within the next minute. The policewoman did
the honors of cuffing the girls’ hands behind their backs. It was
standard procedure for an arrest.

Let’s go, girls,” the
policewoman said in a businesslike manner. She tossed in a snide
postscript. “Your public awaits.”

The girls had one cop each
to escort them. The dark haired cop took hold of Hildy, grasping
her by just her upper arm. It was an obvious precaution to avoid
his brushing against certain parts of her anatomy in a way that
might later be complained of as police brutality.

The policewoman opened the
office door and led the way for the others. With their hands cuffed
behind their backs, Hildy and her friends couldn’t even attempt to
cover their nudity.

One side, one side,”
ordered the policewoman as she parted the applauding students
waiting in the corridor.

The cops walked their
naked companions through the crowd and out the main front door of
the school. Until then, only Susan among them had endured the
unwanted experience of being nude outside. Now all four girls were
outdoor nudists, the bright sun fully illuminating their bare
bodies. Hildy cringed knowing the sunlight would make for some of
the best quality photos of the day.

By this time, the bulk of
the crowd went outdoors to witness the final act of the nudie show.
When the officers escorted their arrestees out the door, the
waiting crowd let fly with a huge ovation. It seemed the throng had
grown even larger. No doubt word spread far and wide through texts,
tweets, emails, and phone calls, and that brought spectators out of
the woodwork. The stoners who'd missed the original streak now were
present to witness the naked perp walk. And, it was later said,
even people who had not been in school that day, for one reason or
another, made an immediate B-line for campus when they heard what
awaited them there. One guy, it was rumored, who'd suffered at home
with a case of food poisoning, managed to drag himself to the
school so he wouldn’t miss this once in a lifetime

The cops placed Dara and
Cindy in the backseat of one of the police cars, while Susan and
Hildy were led to the backseat of the other. Seated next to each
other, Hildy noticed Susan’s crotch, now with less hair than Hildy
had remembered being there earlier.

What happened to your
bush?” Hildy asked.

The stoners have it,”
Susan muttered.

Once again, it was just
like the movie. Gobs of laughing faces crowded around the cars to
point and gawk at the naked girls trapped within. Two newly arrived
cops did their best to shoo people out of the lane leading to the
parking lot exit. As soon as they cleared the path, Hildy expected
they’d drive the girls to the police station where they’d be booked
and given a court date. She tried to console herself with the
notion that indecent exposure was a minor crime that would incur
just a small fine and probably some community service. Still it
needed to be processed down at the station, and that’s where they
were headed—with nothing on. For the moment, though, the cars
weren’t moving, and the crowd was just outside the

It was then that Hildy
heard a boy close to the car window inquire loudly of a girl
standing right next to him, “Which one yelled
‘I’m bare-pussy’

I think it was Hildy
Bowlers!” the girl shouted back.

Oh, shit!
They had heard that from the stage?
How could they have heard that among all the
screaming that went on?

Then Hildy remembered the
Assembly Hall had been acoustically designed to facilitate sound
traveling from the stage to the audience.
Just another fly in the ointment of an otherwise perfect
, she stewed.

There wasn’t a lot of room
in the backseat. Still, covering up as best one could seemed, to
Hildy, like a reasonable game plan, to Hildy for the moment, so she
hunched forward in an attempt to shield her front torso. That’s
when she noticed Susan sitting up straight in the seat, making no
attempt to conceal any portion of her nudity.

You’re such a perv!”
Hildy chided her friend. “You don’t even care that everyone

It’s worse if they know
you’re embarrassed,” Susan whispered through gritted

The boy outside the car
saw Hildy’s cover-up position and hollered through the window,
“Hey, Hildy!—you’re not embarrassed all of a sudden to be
, are

What’s the matter,
Hildy?!” teased the girl right next to the boy as she announced it
loud enough for Hildy and everyone else in the vicinity to hear.
“Don’tcha like bein’

The crowd responded with
more laughing taunts, having huge fun with the silly synonym for

Hey, Hildy’s embarrassed
to be

Look how fuckin’
embarrassed she is that she’s

I’d just die if I were
running around
in front of everyone!”

Don’t be embarrassed,
Hildy! Be
and proud!”

That’s when it occurred to
Hildy that Susan was right. This was worse. What made the movie
scene such a titillating, arousing, compulsive delight for Hildy
wasn’t just the nudity and the reaction it got from those who were
seeing a pair of unintentional nudists. It was the unhidden
embarrassment of the naked couple, who proclaimed their public
humiliation for all to see and hear by screaming and bouncing
hysterically. That’s what Hildy was giving to the crowd around the
police car. She was giving them something to intensify
enjoyment. They
were feasting on her naked body
her naked humiliation. It would be different if
these were strangers she’d never see from this day forward. But
these were people she knew and whom she’d have to deal with again
beginning with classes on Monday. Some would follow her to the
university where she was transferring next year. How could she ever
face them again if they knew what she was really going through
sitting there as a naked spectacle for all of them?
She’d just die if they knew!

Hildy sat up straight. The
people around the car cheered the move. They began a chant of
“Bare-pussy! Bare-pussy! Bare-pussy!”

Hildy looked at Susan,
whose expression needed no explanation. Hildy couldn’t let the
crowd know her true feelings. Susan knew it, and now she knew it,

They leaned back and, as
though it were the most natural thing to do under the
circumstances, allowed their knees to part.

Hildy’s inner voice



Hildy Bowlers learned an
important lesson—fantasies are great so long as they remain a
fantasy. Reality can sometimes be

Following the arrest, the
cops drove the girls to the police station where, inexplicably, not
one officer could find even a single piece of apparel in which to
wrap the nude perps. At least, that’s what they claimed. That
necessitated the girls remaining naked during the taking of mug
shots. If they were just your standard head-and-shoulders photos,
the girls probably wouldn’t have had anything to complain about.
However, the camera’s placement several feet back was

Protect and serve, my
fumed Hildy.

At this point, what
difference did it make? Considering how many pictures were taken
and shared of their streak and its aftermath, who didn’t already
have nude photos of the
Paper Bag
? That’s how they came to be known
around town and on the Internet. As a foursome, they were the Paper
Bag Girls, or Paper Bag Streakers, or just the Paper Baggers, or
PBs, for short.

With those kinds of names
dogging them, as well as almost constant display of their nudie
photos on classmates’ cell phones and laptops, the last couple of
weeks at Valefour Academy were tough on the girls. They all
graduated on time, though. There had been general speculation that
Dr. Zabrinksi might kick them out and refuse to issue them
diplomas. Yet, that kind of black mark could have had far-reaching
consequences on the girls’ later professional lives and, as Hildy
would later explain it to Susan, might have led to their
well-heeled parents filing lawsuits. Graduating the girls was just
simpler and a final remedy for being rid of the PBs, or whatever
people called them.

It didn’t really matter
what they were called as a group, since their clique broke up right
after the streaking day.

Dara remained friends with
Cindy but refused to speak to the others. She cut a number of
classes and stayed home a lot during the last remaining days of the
semester. At the graduation commencement ceremony, she was
conspicuously absent. Hildy heard that Dara decided to take some
time off from studies and joined the Peace Corps for a year-long
stint in the Amazon, where the native peoples don’t wear any
clothes and don’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to
nudity. No one there would give her shit about one bare-pussy

Cindy remained on speaking
terms with Hildy and Susan, but kept her distance most of the time.
Perhaps she didn’t trust herself to stay out of trouble when in the
presence of the more free-spirited duo. Whatever the reason, Cindy
didn’t communicate much over the summer, and, in the fall she went
to a university on the other side of the country where she found a
new boyfriend. After that, she didn’t communicate with her old
girlfriends at all.

Even though they
transferred to different colleges, Susan and Hildy continued as
long-distance buddies. Hildy was glad the streaking snafu hadn’t
ended their friendship. As she saw it, that little escapade might
even have been a pivotal moment of awakening for Susan. In a way,
public nudity was her calling. She told Hildy she was going naked
at her new school—only in a way that’s considered legal and even
respectable. She was a nude figure model for the art classes. In
addition to the extra money the job paid, it didn’t hurt her social
life, either. There was no shortage of college guys willing to date
a nude model.

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