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It was very hard for me to sit down and wait
out the two hours. I was very good in school and have never been
punished until now.

Two hours later, Kaiser took us to Kama’s

Once we had appeared in Kama’s classroom , I
saw against the wall thousands of swords and, staffs with sharp
blades at the end of them and the staffs’ blades seemed to curve in
such a way that they looked like question marks. I also saw
thousand of spears with little lines all over them with color of
the sun all around all of the spears I had seen at his

I wondered what would happen next and then Kama
stood right in front of us and spoke:

Welcome, Skyrid, Jaren and Nester.
I want each of you and everyone else to pick one weapon. Choose
wisely, young ones because the weapon you chose just might decide
your fate in a battle. Now if you are skilled enough, you might not
even need a weapon. But for some people like Qysterio Sayis, they
might need them to make their warrior forms come forth and switch
itself with the human form. The other reason why you would need a
weapon is if you are going into war and you just haven’t quite
mastered all of your powers yet.

You might even be able to make weapons of your
own by using your warrior powers. But as a great man once said, the
powers choose the warrior and therefore how powerful you are is up
to the powers you have and not yourself. This is because the
warriors powers must agree with your mastery of them or you will
never be able to master your powers. Furliceo Woolsley is a great
example of this.”

“How is he that?”I asked

“He tried to master his powers in such a way
which didn’t make his powers proud with him at all and his powers
made him even more corrupted by Rakif than he already had been at
the time he had gotten the warrior powers which I speak of. Your
weapons will decide what side you are on in this war we are about
to have. But fear not, this is only a training session and you may
pick a different weapon every session, but, there may come a time
when you have to choose your weapon and stick with it. At the time
I speak of, you will have to decide for yourself which side you are
going to be on. “

After Kama spoke his words he had spoken, we
both chose our individual weapons. I chose a sword, Chaser picked a
spear and everyone else picked a sword.

Kama pointed at a boy who was standing on the
right side of me.

“What’s your name, shallow boy?”

“My name is Chaser Jerricus, sir.”

“You there, what is your name?”

“Me? My name is … Skyrid Crop.” I said,

“Well this fight will be an excellent one. We
have two best friends fighting against each other. They will have
to fight against each other. They both know they don’t want to
fight each other, but they also know have to fight each other
whether they want to or not. They'll only be able to use their
powers if they have no other choice but to do so. ” Kama said,

Chaser and I took our positions at our separate
sides of the room which we were in. Chaser was straight across from
me on the left side of the room. We raced towards each other and I
swung my sword as Chaser swung his sword towards me. Our swords hit
each other in the center of the room and I pushed with all my might
and so did he and our skills matched at the moment, but I had a
couple of tricks up my sleeve.

I jumped up from the ground and I then landed
in front of Chaser. I didn’t want to do but I then used my sword to
slice his sword into two halves. One of the halves was in his hand,
and the other half was on the wooden floor with little blue lines
on it in the room we were in at this point in time. Chaser then
used his warrior powers by shooting a power beam which was the
color of the sun towards my side of the room. I put my sword up
against the power beam as soon as it came towards me.

The power beam which was the color of the sun
hit me in the face and threw me up against the wall on his side of
the room and Chaser mocked me, laughing. I could barely stand at
the moment, stood there on his legs like the pain just didn’t
matter to him at this point in time. I ran towards his side of the
room with my hands raised at him and, then Chaser threw another
power beam at me and I hit with my sword and reflected it back
towards Chaser. Chaser was then hit in the chest and thrown back at
the wall on his side of the room we were in at this

Chaser was on his knees this time. But, Chaser
rose up from the ground and hit me with a beam of lightning!. The
battle was over, and I was very surprised at Chaser's

"Chaser! You never hit anyone with a beam of
lighting! You could've killed Skyrid!"

"I know. But, I'm still learning."

"Okay. But, you better not do that again! Is
that clear?"

"Chaser got in trouble!"Nester chanted,

"Nester! Do you want dentition?"


"Then you better stop teasing

Chaser and I then saw Kama’s pointer finger
choose one of the next fighters in this next clash we were about to

“You with the bronze spear, I need your name

“My name is Jaren James, sir.”

“So you’re the bully Skyrid burned.”

“Yes I am. But how did you know, Mr.

“My wife, Bastia Frazier was at the safehouse
when it happened. But, maybe this fight with another student will
teach you a few things about picking on other people who are
stronger than you'll ever be. Sure you talk a big game, but you
haven’t mastered your warrior powers yet. I hope with the grace of
the Almighty, you won’t become evil and betray us like Sade did.”
Kama said. Then Kama pointed his finger at Jaren’s clashing

“You with the bronze staff that has a blade
that looks like a question mark along the bottom of the staff! Your
name must be known!”

“You must be kidding! I am Nester Green, the
boy who turned into a Lionix and I tried to kill Chaser Jerricus
with all strength I had.”

“I know. But you were beaten by Skyrid and he
is only a first year. He shouldn’t have beaten you and you
should’ve been able to take him on and kill him. I was peeking
through the keyhole to the door to the room you were in and I saw
the entire skirmish you had with Chaser Jerricus and you almost
killed him. Now you can avenge yourself, Nester and kill Skyrid‘s
enemy, Jaren James. Jaren will be an easy opponent for you to brawl
against and, you should win against him easily if you make the
right moves at the right times. Jaren has great power but doesn’t
know how to use it goodly yet and you will teach him what he needs
to know.” Kama Frazier said. Then Jaren and Nester took their
positions. Nester was standing right beside Chaser and me and,
Jaren was standing across from all three of us at the moment.
Nester ran right towards Jaren with his staff in the air and Jaren
did the same while he held up his spear in the air. They met in
combat by hitting each other with their weapons and then Nester
used the end of his staff and sliced the spear in Jaren’s hands
into two halves. Jaren stood up against the wall with Nester
pointing his blade at him.

At that moment, I ran in front of Nester and
pushed him back. I didn’t mean to do it but I pushed him all the
way back to the other side of the room.

“Back off, Skyrid, I can fight my own fights!”
Jaren shouted.

“Okay, Jaren, I will. All I was trying to do
was save your life. You know you can’t use your powers, because
he’s a Dark warrior and so are you. This is not a battle you can
win on your own, Jaren and you need as much help as you can get. “I
said, trying to reason with Jaren.

“I might need help. But I don’t need your help,
Skyrid. This is not your fight and you are just making me look
weaker and I am a whole lot stronger than you think I

“I know you are, Jaren. But if you don’t let me
help you, Nester will kill you! “

“He’s not going to kill me! You just threw him
across the room, Skyrid.”

“Yes I did. But you need to let me help you
finish him.”I said.

“Okay, I will. It’s true; when he comes to I’ll
need all the help I can get. Or we can just finish him while he’s
knocked out. “

“Jaren and Skyrid, leave Nester alone! He has
been beaten and you have no need to kill him!” Kama Shouted, trying
to defend Nester.

“But, Mr. Frazier he was trying to kill
Jaren!”I said, madly while glaring at Kama.

“Skyrid, I know he was trying to kill Jaren.
But revenge is not the answer!” said Mr. Frazier, with anger
towards me.

“If revenge is not the answer; then why are we
fighting for Kodyack and Pedro’s freedom when we can just look more
closely at the place Kodyack and Pedro were kidnapped?” I asked,

“We are fighting to get back Pedro and Kodyack,
because we want to do what’s right.”Mr. Frazier said, running his
fingers through his blond hair.

“Exactly what I mean and I want to also do the
same thing. But violence is not the answer and we should try other
methods. One of these methods could be helping me prepare for my
audition to get on the brawl Blade wants me to be in.”

“Okay. How can I help? I mean you’re dad was
really good.”Kama said, anxiously.

“You can help me decide who I’m going to fight
against for my audition, Mr. Frazier.”I suggested,

“You should fight against Nester because you’ve
shown that you can beat him really easily.”Mr. Frazier suggested as
a smile appeared on his face.

“Alright, then I will fight him. I should be
able to make my father proud if I do.”I said, proudly.

“Yes you should be able to make a good
impression with the fight; if you just do the best you can.”Kama
said, with hope in his words.

“Thanks for the help. The second method could
be to look closer at the scene of the crime. What I mean is you and
all the other students can look for more evidence in Kodyack’s
bedroom to make sure Blade isn’t being framed.”I said, gladly while
being curious about whether or not Blade could be being framed for
the kidnapping of Kodyack Blues and Pedro Jerricus, or, he could
have done it.

‘But who really knows for









































Chapter 14 my audition

The western Sun’s rays hit my face. I opened my
eyes. I got out of bed. I picked out a light blue shirt and black
jeans from my dresser. I went to the bathroom. I came out with my
hair dripping. I had the clothes I picked out on. I threw my dirty
clothes in the laundry chute.

Chaser snored as I tiptoed to my dresser. I
tapped on my communicator. My dad’s face appeared.

“Hiya, dad. I have some bad news.”

“What is it?” my dad said.

“Pedro and Kodyack were kidnapped.” I

“When?” my dad said.

“Yesterday.” I said.

“I don’t know what to say.” my dad

“I entered the Warrior Power Battle
Competition.” I said.

“Who’re you fighting for your audition?” my dad
“Nester Green.” I said.

“Who is that?” my dad said.

“A boy from my class.” I said.

“Okay.” my dad said.

“Are you okay with me fighting Nester?” I

“Sure I am. I fought Sade for my audition.” my
dad said.

“Cool.” I said.

“I’m coming to visit you.” my dad

“Where are you now?”

“I’m just about to walk into a brown

“I’ll meet you at the front of the

I ran out the boys’ dorm door. I stood in front
of the fireplace. I shot a orb of light at the fireplace. It slid
backwards. I walked into a narrow hallway. At the end of it, was a
golden pedestal with a red orb carved into it.

I touched it. A door appeared. I opened it. I
appeared in the Hall of Sayis Dragons. I ran out the double doors
and to the front doors.

I opened them. My dad and my mom were in front
of me.

“Hiya, dad. Any news on Crystal?” I

“No. But, our house has become a crime scene.
So we're looking for a temporary home.” my dad said.
“We’re thinking about moving in with Grandpa Judedick. “ my mom

“Wow. I didn’t know Crystal’s kidnapping made
such an impact.” I said.

“Oh, it has. I still can’t forget the alarms
going on as she screamed.” my mom said.

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