Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (10 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


Before Porter could answer, Viktor returned to their table to ask if they would like anything more.


Mattie pointed toward the bar.


“Two shots of your best tequila, good sir!”


Viktor glanced at Porter to see if he agreed, a gesture Mattie noted and then loudly protested.


“Don’t look at him! I made the order, you go take care of it! What, you don’t think a woman has a right to order her own drinks? Well I guess I’ll have to just tell Oleg it was your fault I left here all pissed off and shit.”


Viktor’s face erupted into panic as he scurried off to fill Mattie’s drink order.


“You sure you’re ok with another drink?”


Mattie rolled her eyes as she nibbled on another piece of bread.


“Don’t puss out on me, Porter. We’re having fun, right? Now answer my question. What’s your favorite song?”


Porter folded his arms across his chest and gave a slight frown.


“Hmmm…I do have a song I almost always play when I’m working out, or going on a run. I couldn’t have been more than ten or eleven when I first heard it and I guess it just stuck in my head all this time. I still listen to it a few times every week.”


Mattie held her hands out from her sides as she leaned forward over the table.


“Well don’t leave me hanging – what it is?”


“You ever hear New Order’s Blue Monday?”


Mattie’s lips pinched tightly together as she considered the question.


“It sounds familiar. Do you have it with you?”


Porter took out his phone and scrolled through his playlist until he located the song. He then set the phone on the table in front of Mattie. The moment the music began playing her eyes opened wide as she tapped the top of the table with both her hands.


“I know that one! I haven’t heard it in years! You like the 80’s stuff, huh?”


Porter was slightly embarrassed as he placed the phone back into the back of his jeans pocket.


“Yeah, guess the world seemed a little simpler than. Kind of…happier. At least from what I know. I’m almost too young to remember.”


Mattie’s eyes narrowed, having been reminded Porter was nearly eight years younger than she was.


“Oh shut up.”


Just then Viktor arrived with two shot glasses of Gran Patron Burdeos tequila, among the most expensive and highly rated of all tequilas.


“This is from Mr. Teplov’s private collection. I had to call him to confirm it was ok for you to try. I would suggest sip it slowly, as it is meant to be appreciated.”


Mattie placed the glass under her nose and then inhaled the liquor’s scent.


“Not bad, Viktor, not bad!”


She then proceeded to lift the glass to her lips and swallowed the contents whole.


“I’ll take another, and I promise to sip it, ok?”


Viktor gave Mattie a thin lipped smile as he nodded once and then returned to the bar.


“You can be a handful, can’t you?”


Mattie smiled and then lifted her hands above her head.


“I just like feeling good, and right now, I’m feeling real good!”


Porter lifted his glass and tilted toward Mattie and then took a small sip. He normally wasn’t a tequila drinker, or a much of a drinker at all, but he found the gold-hued liquid to have an interesting contrast of bitter and sweet with just a hint of honey and salt flavors dancing on his tongue.


“Hey, not bad.”


Mattie took a deep breath, trying to focus a pair of eyes that were suddenly growing very heavy.


“Ok, next question. Do you see yourself married in the next five years?”


Porter leaned back in his chair, caught by surprise.


“Uh, I don’t know. Depends on if I’m in love with someone enough to consider it.”


Mattie reached across the table to gently take Porter’s hands into her own, her eyes looking ready to begin shedding tears.


“So you’ve never been in love?”


Porter shook his head.


“No, not yet. I’m open to the idea though if the right person comes along. What about you, Mattie? Have you been in love yet?”


Mattie shook her head in an awkward motion, her words again slurred.


“NOPE. Maybe I never will, either. I think love is overrated. People say they’re in love but that’s just because they have no idea what it is, or isn’t. They just think it’s something that has to happen but I say that love is like unicorns. A cool fairy tale but it doesn’t really exist. I mean you look around at all these people who are married…you really believe they are all in love? Bullshit! They settled, gave up trying and then stopped living. It depresses the shit out of me.”


Though she was clearly drunk, Porter sensed Mattie’s pain in sharing her thoughts on the subject of love to be sincere – and that her pain ran deep.


She wants to know love.


Viktor arrived with Mattie’s second shot of Oleg’s high-priced tequila.


“Here you go. Can I get you anything else?”


This time Mattie remained silent, requiring Porter be the one to signal the meal would be ending soon.


“No, thank you, we’re just about done here. Everything was great.”


Viktor nodded and then retreated once again.


Porter lifted his shot glass and proposed another toast.


“To love, may it find us when we least expect it.”


Mattie lifted her shot glass and clinked it softy against Porter’s but then put it back down on the table without drinking from it.


“I need some fresh air. You mind if we take a walk outside together?”


Porter nodded and then stood up, noting how Mattie wobbled a bit from side to side as she placed her right hand onto the table to steady herself.


“I do believe you have a drunkard on your hands, Porter. I apologize…”


Porter moved quickly around the table and offered his right arm to Mattie. She gratefully took it, wrapping her left arm tightly around his powerful bicep. Porter then guided her smoothly outside where Mattie took a deep breath, hoping the night air would help to clear her head. She then looked up at Porter as he was peering into the dark night sky.


Standing alongside him, she felt the warmth and immense power of his body. It made her feel safe, protected, feelings she did not yet want to end.


“Hey, you’re welcome to stay at my apartment. It’s just a short walk. I won’t rape you, I promise. Just a purely platonic sleep-over.”


Porter looked down at Mattie, part of him wanting to accept, while another part warned he would be taking advantage of a woman under the influence of too much drink.


“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Mattie. Besides, have we even decided if we’re going to, you know, work together for Oleg?”


Mattie lightly slapped the front of Porter’s impossibly firm chest with the palm of her right hand.


“Well of course we are! I’m more willing to do it now than ever!”


Mattie looked up into Porter’s eyes with her own intoxicated gaze.


“I like you, Porter. I like you and I can’t wait to fuck your brains out, so what do you think of that?”


Porter turned to his right to allow him to take Mattie’s face into his hands. He then leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. When he attempted to end the kiss and pull away, Mattie placed both her hands behind his head and mashed her mouth hungrily against his. She could feel his manhood pressing against her stomach, becoming harder. It was a sensation that caused familiar wet stirrings between her own legs.


A phone began ringing, causing Mattie to finally end the kiss.


Porter reached into the back of his jeans and withdrew his phone. It was Oleg.


“Hello, Mr. Teplov.”


Oleg’s voice sounded unusually strained, almost frightened.


“Tell me you convinced her to do the videos, Porter.”


Porter glanced down at Mattie and smiled.


“I think it’s safe to say we’re both on board.”


The relief in Oleg’s voice was easily apparent.


Mattie motioned with her right hand she wanted to speak to Oleg, so Porter handed her the phone.


“No worries, Oleg, I’m in. Looking forward to Porter being in me. Goodnight!”


Mattie appeared very pleased at her attempted joke while Porter apologized to Oleg.


“She’s had a few drinks. Actually we both have. It went well. I enjoyed it. She’s great.  She’s beautiful.”


Porter saw Mattie look up at him out of the corner of his eye. She appeared ready to say something but then her mouth closed and she remained simply standing there staring at him.


“That is very good news, Porter. I will get the warehouse ready. Will tomorrow evening work for the filming of the first video? Say, around seven o’clock?”


Porter leaned over toward Mattie.


“Are you available tomorrow night to film the first video?”


Mattie remained silent, nodding her head slowly as she continued to look at Porter as if she had just re-discovered him.


“We can be there tomorrow at seven, yes.”


“Excellent, Porter! Excellent! The room will be ready for you.”


Porter placed his phone back into his pocket and extended his left arm which Mattie promptly wrapped her right arm around it and then rested her head on his shoulder while they began the short journey to her rented studio apartment. She tried in vain to silence her mind, but the same thought kept repeating itself.


I could get used to this.


Twenty minutes later and Mattie stood inside her small bathroom washing her face and brushing her teeth while Porter sat just outside on the couch that also folded out into her bed.


She had already undressed down to bra and panties and then realized she had forgotten to bring a pair of pajamas into the bathroom with her. That was understandable given she normally walked around her apartment sans clothes and rarely wore the only pair of pajamas she had.


Well, he’s gonna see all of me tomorrow so no sense being modest tonight, right?


A moment of dizziness washed over her as she put her hands on the sink to make certain she didn’t fall.


The alcohol was taking its toll.


Mattie opened the bathroom door and walked out into the apartment’s main room as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


“Feel free to freshen up in the bathroom if you want. I’m gonna pull the bed out. There’s room for both of us, and like I promised, I won’t rape you.”


Porter wasn’t sure he wanted to agree to those terms with Mattie standing in front of him wearing just her underwear. Her body was the perfect mix of toned femininity and ample curves in all the right places. Her ass was particularly difficult for him to ignore.


“Yeah, ok, I’ll go clean up. Thanks.”


Mattie watched Porter close the bathroom door as she pulled the couch out. A short time later she heard the toilet flush and then the sink water turn on. She crawled under the single blanket on the right side of the bed and waited for Porter to enter the room, realizing it would be the first time she had ever had a man in her apartment without the intention of sleeping with him.

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