Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (5 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


Grunts turned to gasps as the woman’s head began to shake from side to side, her medium length, lightly curled dirty blonde hair swishing over the tops of her narrow shoulders as she did so.


“Oh my fucking god, that cock! Oh, yes!”


Each time the head of the massive penis re-entered her, the woman let out with another, “Oh!”


The man lifted his own hips upward with a series of powerful thrusts to meet the grinding demands of the woman’s body as she neared orgasm. When that orgasm came she let out a long, wailing cry as her legs shook from the pleasured intensity of her release.


Once her tremors subsided the man lifted the woman off his still engorged member and dropped her onto her back atop the bed. Mattie’s fingers worked herself more vigorously as she watched the man position himself between the woman’s legs and enter her, his buttocks clenching as his cock slid back into her warm-wet embrace.


The woman’s hands formed small claws as she clenched each of the man’s butt cheeks and pushed him back into her each time he pulled his penis halfway out, her voice yelling out a simple two-worded demand.


“Fuck me! Fuck me!”


The man paused as just the head of cock remained inside the woman’s pussy, his body frozen as she cried out for him to fully enter her again while her hands attempted to push his groin back down toward her.


“No…fuck me. Please…fuck me HARD!”


The man continued to tease her, pushing his member just another inch into her soft drenched walls before quickly pulling back out and pausing yet again.


The mask was lifted halfway up the woman’s face as she bit down angrily upon the man’s right bicep while simultaneously squeezing his ass even harder. The man cried out from the pain of the bite on his arm as well as from the pleasure of once again entering the woman fully. This time he continued to pleasurably punish her wet box with one forceful and urgent thrust after another, the sound of his large balls slapping against the woman’s ass co-mingling with the sounds of their grunting satisfaction.


Mattie’s masturbatory lust matched the man’s drilling pace as she felt her own wetness quickly increasing as she neared orgasm. Soon she was crying out along with the man on the video, subconsciously wanting to cum just as he did.


The masked woman underneath him unleashed a carnal howl as the man somehow managed to pound her even more furiously. Mattie tried to hold off her own release to time it with the man’s and was rewarded with the sight of him pulling out his cock and unloading a spurting torrent of cum that gracefully arced upward and then descended onto the woman’s chest as she urged him on while massaging the thick milky-white substance over her breasts.


“Yes, all over me, yes!”


Another series of spurts erupted from the end of the man’s shaft to find a welcome home on the grateful woman’s upper body.


Mattie could hold off no more as her own orgasm momentarily took over both mind and body, the muscles of her stomach flexing as the familiar vaginal spasms multiplied into several pleasurable warm-tinted waves that radiated outward from her groin and left her gasping for breath – and wanting more.


Mattie inhaled deeply and waited for the masked man to get up from the bed having concluded his time with the woman, but to her amazement she watched as his semi-flaccid penis suddenly began hardening once again until it soon returned to being fully and powerfully erect.


What the hell?


The woman on the bed was grinding her hips again, wanting to feel the fullness of the massive cock back inside of her. The man turned her over onto her stomach and entered her pussy from behind with such force she cried out as each of her hands tightly gripped the bed sheet.


Mattie was amazed the man had somehow recovered so quickly and was fucking the woman with even greater force than before. This time there was no teasing, no slow entry and exit. It was just pure, uninhibited, animalistic sex.


The woman’s cries were both of pleasure and pain, and Mattie watched as she came twice more while the man continued to move his cock into and out of her with ever increasing speed and violence as the woman’s face buried itself into the mattress.


Mattie’s hand reached down once again to locate her throbbing clit, sensing the man was nearing another orgasm and hoping she could catch up to him.


And then the video abruptly ended, the screen going blank with but a single line to communicate what had happened:


Preview sample over.


“Ah, c’mon!”


Mattie tried to replay the sample video but the link no longer worked so she simply sat silently at her small desk inside of her equally small studio apartment and contemplated what she had seen and Oleg Teplov’s recent offer:


“That card represents nearly fifty-thousand international monthly subscribers at a rate of $29 per month, Ms. Martinson. I am confident you would be a most welcome addition to the site - an addition I am willing to see well compensated while also promising to keep your identity hidden from others. You can live both in the more mundane everyday world, as well as the far more exciting and satisfying world of Needful Flings and neither need interfere with the other.”


Mattie brought the glass of wine to her mouth and finished it off with a single swallow.


He wants me to do a video with that man – that incredibly gifted sex-beast of a man.  And he’ll pay me to do it! Should I consider it? Am I being crazy to consider it?


Mattie looked around at the modest space that was her home and realized she wanted more from life – much more.  A thin smile crept across her face as she glanced down at the front of Oleg’s business card.


Needful Flings.


Why not? He promised to keep my identity hidden. Nobody will find out. I get the fuck of my life and make some money doing it.  You only live once, right?


Mattie Martinson was right.


You only live once, and there was no guarantee for how long…



End Volume One.
































Volume Two








Porter Voss was blessed with what one woman once called the “most wonderfully gorgeous cock” she had ever seen. Her remarks came just prior to her taking his cock and jamming it into herself with her right hand while running her fingernails down his back with her left.


They both wore the plastic JFK masks common to the videos Mr. Teplov created with Porter and his man flesh as the star attraction. The woman’s name was Carla. She was thirteen years older than the twenty-nine year old Porter Voss, though during their nearly hour long session she exhibited an enthusiasm and appreciation of Porter’s talents that would have exhausted a woman half her age.


Carla repeatedly cried out, “My god!” as Porter’s flesh pummeled her own, her orgasms reverberating up and down the entirety of her impressively toned and remarkably flexible body. If Porter slowed down, she demanded he go faster. If he failed to fully immerse himself inside of her, she pushed her lower body upward while howling he dare not go easy on her.


“You can’t hurt me with that thing, but you damn well better fuck me hard with it!”


That was the fourth video Porter made for Oleg. The next day Oleg Teplov gave Porter an envelope stuffed with eight thousand dollars in cash.


“That was a masterpiece, Porter! The subscribers are going to love it!”


Since that time, Porter filmed seven more videos, the most recent being two months ago that earned him a twelve thousand dollar payment from Oleg. It was more money than he had ever thought possible to earn while at the same time keeping his identity secret. Some of the woman he had been with remarked how he could easily be the next great porn star, but Porter Voss remained a relatively shy and humble man, despite the sizeable appendage that hung between his legs. He enjoyed the cash Oleg gave him, as well as his continued anonymity. The idea of his family discovering what he was doing for money horrified him and more recently, he found himself combating increasing feelings of guilt.


I can’t be doing this much longer.


“Of course I can’t force you to continue working for me, Porter. This has always been your choice.”


Oleg stared at the much younger man sitting across from his private study in the high rise apartment that overlooked the often grey and dreary Seattle skyline, though today the early afternoon skies were clear, allowing views of both Queen Anne Hill and the Elliot Bay waterfront.


“Oh, I know that, Mr. Teplov. Believe me, I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I’ve been thinking though that this next time will be my last.”


“Is it a matter of money? Perhaps I could pay you more?”


Porter shifted in the dark leather chair, sensing a hint of unhappiness from the Russian-born businessman. Oleg had never threatened violence against Porter, but the younger man was not so naïve to think Oleg Teplov was not capable of such things.


“No, the money is fine. It’s more a matter of what feels right for me at this time.”


Oleg cocked his head to the side as his brow furrowed. He appeared confused.


“Since when does making money not feel right, Porter?”


The hint of danger was more pronounced – Oleg was clearly angry.


“I see. Well, might I suggest you reconsider for now? Let’s proceed with the next video, and then we can meet again here to talk. I already have another woman who might possibly be interested in working with you. She is stunning, Porter. I promise, you will be very impressed with this one.”


Porter sensed there would be no benefit to pursuing the matter of his quitting at that time.


“Ok, one more video and then we can talk.”


It was less than twenty four hours later that Porter stood inside the small changing room in a steel framed forty by forty storage facility in the large industrial area of Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. It was in the changing room where Porter removed his clothes and put on the JFK mask. The masks had actually been his idea prior to filming the very first video – a way for both him and the women he worked with to maintain their anonymity. Oleg had initially disliked the idea, but upon watching the first film found the masks added what he called a “component of the bizarre and dangerous” that would appeal to the subscribers.


Apparently he was right – the masks stayed.


Porter had no idea who the woman would be this time, just as he knew nothing of the others who had come before her. He looked down at his penis and found it somewhat less responsive than it normally was just prior to walking out into the main filming area where both the bed and woman would be found.


It’s because this doesn’t feel right to me anymore. This is the last time I do this.


The walk to the bed was a short one. Porter was silently stunned at the size of the dark skinned woman who stood at the end of the bed waiting for his arrival. She was as tall as his own height of six foot four, with shoulders nearly as wide. Like him she wore nothing but the mask. Her large breasts hung low upon her chest just above her powerfully muscled stomach. The entirety of her body was powerfully built. If but for the absence of a penis, Porter would have been certain she was in fact a man. Though he couldn’t see her face, he guessed her age to be no more than early or mid-20’s.

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