Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (7 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


Oleg Teplov shook his head, looking hurt by the accusation. His dark suit blended in with the night sky that surrounded them, giving him the appearance of some kind of benevolent spirit floating inside the restaurant.


“Porter, you know me better than that! We’ve been working together for over a year! You have been paid on time, every time. Your identity protected as promised, our work always being scheduled around your needs, why would you accuse me now of threatening you? I thought we were friends.”


Porter’s eyes returned to staring out the window. He wanted very badly for the meeting with Oleg to be over.


“I told you, I’m done. That’s it, ok? I’m sorry, but I don’t want this anymore.”


Oleg slowly put his fork down next to his plate and then folded his immaculately manicured hands in front of him.


“You are of course free to choose what you want, but let me propose something that may give you reason to reconsider. First, thirty thousand dollars. That is what you will earn for your next video. Second, this video will be with a woman who I am certain you will find quite beautiful and quite capable of posing a challenge to your own considerable talents. I am meeting her tomorrow to learn if she has accepted my offer for her to work with you. Thirty thousand dollars, and a very beautiful woman. Is that such a bad thing to have to consider?”


Porter Voss had stopped listening after Oleg mentioned thirty thousand dollars. The amount stunned him. He had never dreamed it possible to be earning that kind of money for what amounted to an hour’s work. His hands trembled as he considered the offer and then, suddenly, his own greed took over. The words came out before he fully realized what was being said, some part of his mind running well ahead of common sense.


“A hundred thousand. I’ll do it for a hundred thousand, take it or leave it.”


Oleg Petrov’s eyes widened slightly as a half-smile curled upward from the right side of his mouth. His hands unfolded and he reached again for his half full wine glass and then emptied it in a single gulp.


“You negotiate with
, Porter?”


Porter cleared his throat, trying not to appear nervous. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, nearly overcome by the excitement of earning what seemed an impossible sum of money.


Oleg didn’t say no. My god, he’s actually considering it!




Porter’s face fell into itself, overcome by Oleg’s refusal to pay him money the younger man was already dreaming he would be making. Panic followed.


“Well, if not a 100k, maybe a little less then. How about eighty thousand?”


Oleg shook his head at the hapless Porter.


“Why do you give up so easily? I said no, but that doesn’t mean I am not proposing a yes. You have much to learn about negotiation.”


Porter held his breath as he waited for Oleg to explain what he meant by saying no but still saying yes. The Russian could tell how desperate Porter had become about possibly making so much money, and knew he now controlled the man’s immediate future as far as the making of more videos was concerned.


“I will pay you the hundred thousand, Porter, if you are willing to work with the woman I spoke of earlier for a total of
videos, not just the one.”


Three videos? I’ve never worked with a woman more than once. Why is he wanting three videos with the same woman now?


“I don’t understand, Mr. Teplov. Why three videos with the same woman?”


Oleg re-filled his wine glass and then raised it into the air while looking at Porter with eyes twinkling with some secret he intended to keep his own.


“Because she’s worth it, Porter, as are you. Do we have a deal?”


While never one to boast of his math skills, Porter knew that a hundred thousand dollars for three videos was a far cry from earning that same amount for just one video as he had proposed to Oleg. Still, he also readily admitted to himself that meeting the woman Oleg seemed so impressed by left him intrigued, and a hundred thousand dollars for a few hours’ work was an impressive amount of promised cash.


“Ok, Mr. Teplov, we have a deal. You let me know when, and I’ll be there.”


Oleg’s expression conveyed his disappointment in seeing Porter stand up from the table.


“What, you won’t be finishing your meal?”


Porter shook his head.


“No, I don’t like it up here, but thank you. I’ll be waiting to hear from you, Mr. Teplov.”


As Porter Voss made his way out of the restaurant he could feel Oleg Teplov’s eyes following his departure and wondered if he had made a mistake in agreeing to the Russian’s terms. What Porter didn’t see was Oleg taking out his phone and making a call to two armed men standing in the shadows near the Space Needle entrance several hundred feet below the restaurant.


“He’s still working for me. No need to persuade him further – yet.”






A number of men gave admiring glances toward the good looking young man with the well-toned body hitting the work-out bag at the upscale 5
Avenue Men’s Fitness Center. Porter had been employed at the male-only facility for the last two years which in turn allowed him to use the job for his own almost daily fitness regime once his work shift was over.


It was late afternoon the day after Porter had met with Oleg and agreed to do three more videos for Oleg’s Needful Flings website. His current workout was meant to help eliminate some of the nervous energy Porter had accumulated since that meeting. Oleg had not yet contacted him to confirm the woman was willing to do the videos so for now, Porter’s immediate financial future remained in limbo.


A hundred thousand dollars. I haven’t made nearly that much in the entire two years I’ve been working at the health club!


Porter’s fists repeatedly snapped into the heavy punching bag, causing it to sway several inches from side to side as he did so. In his early 20’s he had entertained the idea of becoming an Ultimate Fighter. After a few months of training he had his first fight in a basement match located in Tacoma. Though he won, it left Porter with little more than a sore body, a badly swollen right cheek, and a mere $200 that represented his winnings.


He decided then there had to be an easier way to make a living.


What followed was a series of odd jobs until finally he accepted a position at the 5
Avenue health club, a place surrounded by the city’s rich and famous as they came and went from their high paying, high rise jobs – jobs Porter knew he would never be qualified for himself.


It was at the club that Oleg Teplov introduced himself to Porter in the facility’s massive first floor shower and sauna complex. Oleg was finishing getting dressed and looked up to see the younger man emerging in all his massive cock glory from the showers and as Porter was drying himself, Oleg walked up and posed what was both a simple and direct question.


“Do you want to make a great deal of money?”


Porter recalled taking a step back as he tied the white health club towel around his narrow hips in an attempt to cover himself. He assumed the stranger was gay and interested in paying him for sex. It would not be the first time he had been approached by a gay man, and in fact from time to time over the years Porter had allowed some men to give him oral sex. Oleg sensed Porter’s uncertainty and raised both of his hands in the air in front of him.


“Ah, I am no homosexual, just a businessman who sees talent and potential. Can we discuss my proposal over dinner? I assure you it will be well worth your time.”


And so began Porter’s relationship with Oleg Teplov’s Needful Flings which led to this moment of anticipation in making another hundred thousand dollars for just three more videos.


If Oleg’s mystery woman agrees.


Porter stopped hitting the weighted bag, his lungs gulping for air as sweat poured down his face. Despite the intensity of his workout a good deal of nervous energy remained. He was unable to quiet his mind over the prospect of making so much money in such a short amount of time.


Maybe a hot shower will help.


Porter tossed a towel over his broad, muscular right shoulder and bounded down the health club’s second floor steps on his way to the first floor showers. As he made his way toward the main shower area he passed one of the three private sauna rooms and noted a flash of movement from inside, causing him to slow his pace so as to get a better look before walking completely by.  A small, wood-framed window sat in the center of the thick wood door that was the sauna’s entrance. Porter spied three men inside of varying ages. The youngest was a newer employee of the club named Dex, a twenty-four year old black man and former UW student who had been hired on just a few months earlier.  The second man was not yet forty, and the oldest appeared to be nearing fifty. All of the men were well groomed and fit, and Porter recognized the two older ones as regulars of the club.


The oldest of the three was named Robert, a slim man of average height with greying hair who was openly homosexual. He had flirted with Porter on a number of occasions. Porter believed the second oldest of the three was Peter Grigg, a married banking executive with a shaved scalp who had lost nearly twenty pounds since joining the club. Porter had helped Mr. Grigg compile a weight workout regime just last summer.


While sex in the health club was prohibited, the rule was rarely enforced so long as the men remained somewhat discreet. The showers were deemed too open, and there had been a couple occasions of members caught engaging in various forms of sex there who were then threatened with having their memberships revoked. The saunas however were considered private enough that sex in there was most often overlooked and so “sauna sex” as the homosexual members laughingly called it, was a somewhat frequent occurrence.


As he peered through the small sauna window it was clear some “sauna sex” was exactly what Peter Grigg and the other two men were engaged in. All of the men were absent any clothing or towels. The youngest of the men was leaning over one of the red cedar benches with his backside facing both Robert and Peter. Both older men were kissing one another as they gently stroked the other man’s hardening cock as the younger man appeared to be waiting patiently for one or both of the men to give him some attention.


Porter felt a familiar hardening between his own legs as he continued to watch the three men’s collective groping and fondling.


The oldest of the three, Robert, turned away from Peter and gently pushed his own hardness against the youngest man’s ass while Robert continued to stroke his now fully erect penis. Porter looked down to find his own right hand doing the same, the head of his cock pushing against the sauna door as he glanced to his left and right to make certain no one else was nearby.


Inside the sauna Robert leaned down and ran his tongue into and out of Dex’s ass, an act that elicited a loud, lusting moan from the younger man. Robert then stood up and began to push his cock slowly into Dex, working a little more of himself inside with each careful thrust. Dex in turn spread himself further to accommodate the other man’s desire to enter him as Peter moved to Dex’s left side and then pulled Dex’s head toward him.


Dex gave a quick grin as he opened his mouth wide and swallowed Peter’s hardened flesh, expertly taking the cock into and out of his throat in a series of well-practiced swallowing motions. This in turn caused Robert to begin fucking Dex’s ass with greater intensity, his eyes filled with the image of Dex mouth-fucking Peter with considerable enthusiasm. Porter was caressing his own aching sack with his left hand while stroking his massive erection with his right as he watched Robert’s balls slapping the bottom half of Dex’s tight ass.


The young black man was rocking himself back and forth, perfectly timing Robert’s thrusts into him while at the same time sensing Peter was nearing a climax. The older man’s head had lifted toward the ceiling as he grunted his approval of Dex’s oral skills.


“Gonna come…ah yeah. Drink it up. Take it all.”

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