Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (6 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


“You better get that big stick of yours ready to go. I was promised you could fuck the shit out of me, boy.”


Porter stopped no more than twenty feet from the bed and while giving serious consideration to turning around and walking back out.


“Well c’mon then, let’s see what you can do.”


The woman’s voice was deep and authoritative. She stood with her legs apart and her large hands each resting on a sinewy hip. Her body wasn’t unattractive, but rather something beyond even the many and varied sexual experiences of Porter Voss. Her midnight-black pubic hair grew wild over her mound, a massive and unruly thatch with a thin but thick trail that extended upward toward her navel.


Porter took a slow deep breath and was rewarded with several noticeable growth twitches from his cock as it began to emerge from its slumber on its journey toward being fully erect.


“Yeah, that’s better. Mmmmm, that looks nice. And look at that set of balls on you!”


The woman placed two fingers into her mouth and then looked back at Porter as she sent the just-wetted digits into her dark snatch where she began sliding them slowly into and out of herself.


“No foreplay – just get to fucking me good. You best bring it hard.”


The woman sat at the end of the bed with her feet resting on the floor. She leaned back until she was lying down with the entirety of her pink, gaping wet slit beckoning for Porter to do what she asked of him – to fuck her good and hard.


If this Amazonian wants it hard, fine, I’ll give her everything she can handle.


Porter looked down to see his cock extended outward well away from his body like some brave soldier moving quickly to the front line. He took the remaining steps toward the woman and found her pussy to be positioned perfectly for him to enter her while he remained standing. His right hand lightly grasped the shaft of his cock and pushed the head into the woman and finding her already wetter and warmer than most. Porter was also stunned to see the size of the woman’s swollen clit like some silent sentry beckoning the intruder to storm the great darkly forested castle. The clit was nearly the size of the tip of his pinky.


Normally Porter was required to make his entry into a woman slowly and carefully, but this time he simply plunged inward and found himself increasingly excited by the prospect of going straight to the fucking – an excitement that increased the size of his cock still further.


“Ohhh, uhhhh, yeah, rip that shit up, boy.”


Within seconds of entering her, Porter was doing just that, his entire form soon covered in a thick layer of sweat as he watched himself enter, exit, and enter the woman’s body over and over again, thrusting against her great mound as his hands circled around her powerful thighs to better hold her in place so she could not escape his efforts.


Nearly ten minutes went by with Porter continuing to pummel the woman’s pussy. It seemed the more effort he expended, the wetter and greedier her pussy became. The woman’s right hand reached down and placed her abnormally large clit between a finger and thumb and began massaging it like a man would stroke a penis. This elicited a loud satisfied moan from her as her hips began to tremble and Porter felt the familiar clenching muscles of a woman nearing orgasm massaging his cock as he continued to push into and out of her, his low breathy grunts echoing against the walls of the storage facility.


The woman was grunting loudly as her fingers furiously worked her clit and her hips slammed upward to collide violently with Porter’s thrusts. A shining trail of moisture crept down into the crack of her ass as the climax overtook her.




It was at that same time Porter allowed his own orgasm to approach. He wanted the session to be over as a great fatigue suddenly sapped the strength from his body.


He withdrew his cock, took two steps back and began stroking it. The act caused the woman to sit up as she shook her head from side to side.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Did I say you could come?”


Genuine anger arose in Porter. Nobody had spoken to him like this before. His right hand dropped to his side as his penis began to quickly return to its flaccid state.


“You got off – we’re done.”


The woman stood up from the bed and pointed to Porter’s cock.


Done? We ain’t done until I say we’re done, ok? Now get that thing hard and get back to doing what you’re paid to do – fuck people. I want to feel you shoot that big load inside of me – NOW.”


Porter turned around and began walking away.


“Sorry, I said we’re done. You’re not in charge here – I am.”




The woman’s shout caused Porter to turn back around. She was on all fours on the bed, her large muscular ass swaying side to side.


“You didn’t make me hurt. I was promised you could make it feel so good it would hurt.”


Porter cleared his throat.


“You want it to hurt, huh?”


The woman nodded her head slowly as her ass continued to beckon Porter for him to return to doing what he did best.


“You sure about that?”


The woman snorted.


“Don’t promise me something you can’t deliver.”


Porter’s cock was again hard, and this time, he was motivated.


He ascended the bed and positioned himself behind the woman, entering her still considerable wetness from behind and moving inside of her with slow and deliberate motions. The woman remained silent, her ass lowering slightly, indicating to Porter what she really wanted.


His cock withdrew slowly, covered entirely in the woman’s natural lubrication. Then without warning, he jammed it partly into her ass, eliciting a high pitched gasp from the woman as he did so. Her body tensed, and then quickly relaxed as she let out a long, satisfied sigh.


“Is this what you want?”


The woman’s voice trembled slightly as she answered.




Porter placed each of his hands onto the woman’s hips and then thrust the rest of himself inward, surprised at how willingly she accommodated his size. Once again she cried out.


“Oh, ahh! It hurts! It hurts!”


Porter ignored her cries, concentrating fully on his own enjoyment, confident he was giving the woman the very thing she had come here for – to be taken. To be made a recipient to her own unspoken desires.


And so Porter brought her the pain and the pleasure she demanded as her fingers once again worked her clit to a climax, followed by another, and then another until finally, Porter himself felt the hot liquid arrival of his own release.


He slowly withdrew and then watched as a torrent of cum spewed onto the large woman’s muscular back, something which she loudly approved of as she reached around with her left hand and scooped a warm strand into her fingers and then hungrily licked it off with her tongue.


“You did good, boy. I’m gonna be sore for days!”


As the woman began to turn over, Porter pushed her back onto her stomach and held her there while his once again hard cock returned to its just departed home deep inside her ass. The move stunned the woman as she momentarily fought to escape Porter’s grasp, but then as he began pushing and pulling in her once again, she quickly relented, her hips moving to keep pace with Porter’s efforts.


“We aren’t done until I say we’re done.”


Porter’s comment pleased the woman as she rocked herself up against his cock and growled her approval.


“You’re the boss.”


Porter moved with increasing force, causing the woman to cry out several more times. He was amazed and impressed with her ability to not only take, but welcome every inch he was delivering to her.


“Fill my hole up! Fill it up! Do it! Do it!”


Porter grasped the woman’s hips roughly as he released the second load of the night into her until it began oozing out around his shaft. The sensation of having just cum while his cock was still ensconced inside the woman’s ass delivered a surprising amount of pleasure that left Porter’s head collapsing onto the woman’s wide shoulders.


Finally he once again softened and then fell to the other side of the bed gasping for breath as he looked up at the storage facility’s steel raftered open ceiling. Porter turned to see the woman’s heavy lidded dark eyes staring at him from between the mask’s slits.


“Oh-my-god that was so good. I don’t care how much you’re getting paid, you’re worth every damn cent.”


Porter moved his head from side to side as he attempted to crack a kink in his neck.


“This was my last time. I’m done doing these videos.”


The woman sat up, the mask hiding the shock on her face.


“For real?”


Porter Voss rose from the bed and began to walk back to his changing room. His voice traveled back to the bed as he kept walking and though a near whisper, the determination of his answer was clear.


“Yeah – for real.”






Oleg Teplov appeared both pleased and perturbed. Pleased for the quality of Porter’s last video, but perturbed his Internet star continued to demand that video was to be his last.


“Here is another envelope for you, Porter. Twenty thousand dollars cash. Consider this a promise of more such payments to follow if you simply continue doing what you were born to do – bring people pleasure.”


Porter looked outside the rotating landscape inside the Space Needle restaurant as Seattle’s city night lights blinked happily around him. He took the envelope and noted how much heavier it was than previous payments from Oleg. The Russian was making it difficult for him to walk away from the business, but Porter had made up his mind – he was in fact done.


“I really do appreciate the money, Mr. Teplov. I was willing to do this, needed the money, but it just feels like it’s time I move on. I can’t be doing this forever. I’ll be thirty soon. It’s time I grow up.”


Oleg’s face tightened, looking as if he had tasted something terribly sour.


“Thirty? You’re still a child! What do you mean you can’t be doing this forever? I’m not asking for forever, Porter. You could easily continue performing for many more years though, and make a great deal more money doing so. Let us stop this nonsense of quitting, and enjoy our meal, ok?”


Porter hadn’t touched his grilled salmon, and only took a few small sips of the red wine that had been poured into his glass by Oleg himself. It was only the second time he had ever eaten inside the Space Needle, and he liked it even less than when he first came here as a boy with his parents. It seemed unnatural to Porter to be eating while seated so high above the ground.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Teplov, but I’m done. I won’t change my mind.”


Oleg’s eyes narrowed as he glared back at his dinner guest for several seconds before forcing those eyes to again soften. He cleared his throat and then re-filled his wine glass from the half empty bottle that sat on the table to his right.


“I am a man of many obligations, Porter. I don’t think you appreciate that fact. This business we do, it has proven very profitable for me – and others I owe. These people will not be pleased to hear of your recent…inclinations to quit. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”


The young male waiter who had served them stopped at their table to inquire if everything was ok. Oleg waived the man away with his right hand while his eyes remained fixated on Porter.


“Is that some kind of threat, Mr. Teplov?”

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