Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (4 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection

Mattie found herself instantly intrigued by the man. His long, lean face was deeply lined around a wide, thin lipped mouth. He wore a dark grey pinstriped suit, red tie, white dress shirt and black dress shoes that likely cost as much as what she earned in a week.


She walked slowly up to the table and looked down, waiting for him to explain what he wanted. He in turn stood up and smiled, exposing a row of perfect white teeth that gleamed under the pub’s dim lighting. Though older, his skin remained near flawless and deeply tanned. Mattie guessed his age to be somewhere in the vicinity of sixty.


“Hello, young lady! My name is Oleg Teplov and I’ve been watching you.”


Mattie felt her eyes narrow as she considered the implications of Oleg Teplov’s introduction.

Watching me? What the hell?


Oleg quickly realized Mattie’s uncertainty.


“Oh, let me explain! What I meant to say is that I noted your arrival here today, your meeting with friends, and then your departure to the bathroom that followed. So too did I note the man’s return from the bathroom, followed by your friend, and now…here
are! Judging by the looks on their faces, it would seem they do not share your own more developed sense of enjoyment for the more intimate pleasures of this all too brief life, am I right?”


Mattie placed a hand on each of her hips and gave Oleg a stare meant to let him know she was not one to be easily intimidated.


“I’m sorry, but I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.”


Oleg’s smile widened even further as he pointed to an empty chair across from him.


“And yet, you remain standing here. You’re intrigued by me, you want answers. So let’s stop with this conventional behavior nonsense and enjoy each other’s company and I’ll do my best to give you answers and then perhaps if you’re interested, tell you how you can be well compensated for your particular desires and talents. Tell me your name, and then please tell me what you would like to drink.”

Without thinking, Mattie found herself sitting down opposite Oleg, hopelessly fascinated by his presentation. He was unlike any man she had ever met.


“I’m Mattie – Mattie Martinson. I’ll have an ice water and a Whiskey Sour and you’re going to tell me who the fuck you are and explain why you’re watching me.”


Oleg snapped his fingers and waited for a waitress to come to their table. Mattie was surprised at how quickly that waitress arrived – a college aged girl with too much makeup and poorly colored blonde hair.


“My guest would like a glass of ice water and a Whiskey Sour and I’ll have another glass of wine.”


The waitress gave a quick nod, her nervousness apparent.


“Yes sir, Mr. Teplov.”


She knows him.


Oleg winked back at Mattie, somehow able to read her just formed thought.


“Yes, she knows me. I am a silent partner of this establishment. One of several business interests of mine, but certainly not my favorite. My favorite, and by far my most profitable, is what required I invite you to my table tonight, Ms. Martinson.”


Mattie looked up to see her water and Whiskey Sour arriving, as well as Oleg’s dark red wine.


Both remained silent until the waitress walked away and then Mattie spoke, deciding then to cut through whatever pretentious bullshit the strange older man was attempting to sell her.


“And what business is that, Mr. Teplov? Oh, and if it involves you offering me money to sleep with you, you can forget it. That’s not my thing.”


Oleg chuckled after taking a slow sip of his whine, his eyes never leaving Mattie as he did so. There was an odd elegance to his movements that complimented a subtle suggestion of potential danger. Mattie had no sexual attraction to him, but could not deny he was damn interesting.


“My primary business, my life’s work if you will, is sharing our most basic and fundamental humanity with others – for a price of course. Tell me, Ms. Martinson, did you not just return from fucking with that other man and woman in the bathroom?”


Mattie’s mouth curled upward into a half smile. She remained determined not to allow herself to appear shocked or intimidated and so answered as if bored by the question, taking a drink of the Whiskey Sour and then shrugging.


“Yeah, I did, so what?”


Oleg’s eyes flashed Mattie a warning. He was not one to be spoken to with even a hint of disrespect. He sat silent and unmoving for several seconds before reaching inside his suit jacket with his right hand and then withdrawing a single business card which he then placed atop the table and slid halfway across toward Mattie.


“On the back of that card I have written a one time, twenty-four hour temporary pass code. This will allow you access to a series of videos. That video represents my offer to you, Ms. Martinson. Consider it an opportunity for you to finally reveal your own considerable talents and potential with another who shares your outlook on how life should and should not be lived. View the video if you wish, and then if you like what you see, and are interested in learning more, or working together with the young man himself, you can meet me here at this very table this same time next week.”


Mattie pulled the card toward her and then held it between her fingers. On the front were two words:


On the back, as Oleg had described, was a hand written series of letters and numbers representing a pass code along with a webpage address. Oleg took another drink of wine then glanced at the business card held in Mattie’s right hand.


“That card represents nearly fifty-thousand international monthly subscribers at a rate of $29 per month, Ms. Martinson. I am confident you would be a most welcome addition to the site - an addition I am willing to see well compensated while also promising to keep your identity hidden from others. You can live both in the more mundane everyday world, as well as the far more exciting and satisfying world of Needful Flings and neither need interfere with the other.”


Mattie was quickly doing the math in her head.


Fifty thousand subscribers at $29 per equals nearly $1.5 million a month and over $17 million per year!


“What is this, some kind of Internet porn thing?”


Oleg Teplov stood up and straightened his tie, seemingly ignoring Mattie’s question.


“This table same time next week, Ms. Martinson – I hope to see you then. If not, I will not bother you again, though if you wish to become a regular Needful Flings subscriber, I welcome you to do so.”


Oleg gave Mattie a half nod and then turned from the table and made his way to the pub’s exit, leaving Mattie to stare down at the web address on the back of the business card while the sounds of forced laughter and pretend happiness that dominated the interior of Tully’s Pub surrounded her.






It was nearly midnight when Mattie sat in front of her home computer, the illumination of the 19-inch flat screen monitor the only source of light in the otherwise dark Capitol Hill studio apartment rental she had called home for the last three years.


Her hands rested atop the keyboard as she considered clicking on the web address link from the back of Oleg’s business card.


Why am I afraid? This is stupid – just click on the link!


Mattie opened the link.


The words Needful Flings emerged in dark bold letters across her screen. Below the title in smaller letters was a video link titled,


Mattie paused again, part of her confused as to why she was hesitating in clicking the link. Her left hand reached over to grasp the glass of red wine she had poured herself upon returning home, her mind and body slightly buzzed by the night’s alcohol consumption, the memory of the bathroom encounter with Kelly and Dillon all but forgotten as she finally opened the second link.


The video began with a tall, well-muscled man walking into a room. His entire face was hidden behind an odd, plastic JFK Halloween mask but Mattie hardly noticed the mask. Instead, her eyes were focused on the man’s enormous and beautiful semi-erect penis that swung slowly from side to side, the end of which gently glanced off the top of his inner thigh as he walked toward a large bed that sat in the middle of an otherwise empty, white-walled room.


A thin, small breasted woman wearing a matching JFK mask knelt on her knees at the end of the bed awaiting the man’s arrival. She gently massaged her pussy with her right hand while motioning for the man to come to her with her left hand. He soon stood before her with a fully erect cock and Mattie was stunned by the enormity of it. Even by porn-cock standards it was a powerfully magnificent bit of man flesh. In all her own sexual exploits she had never witnessed a penis such as the one she now watched via Oleg Teplov’s website link.  The sight of it created familiar stirrings from between her legs as she continued to view the video.


Yeah, but does this guy know how to use it?


Mattie had been with a number of big-dicked men and found most lacking somewhat in both sexual skill and consideration. They tended to be what she referred to as “pounders”, guys who simply believed the length and girth of their cocks allowed them to get away with not actually learning how to be with a woman so that when done she was left more sore than satisfied.


The man on her computer screen stood still as the woman began licking up and down and around the shaft and head of his penis while gently stroking it with her right hand. His testicles were nearly as generous as his cock, two large baby-maker orbs that hung proudly between his deliciously defined legs.


After nearly a minute of having his cock orally satisfied, the man pushed the woman’s face away softly and then crouched down and returned the favor, his face nudging up against her neatly manicured light brown womanhood as his tongue emerged to find a home around her grateful clit.


Mattie smiled to herself while taking another sip of wine.


That’s a good boy.


Finding a man with a big cock who was also happily willing to go down on a woman was nearly as rare as actual intelligent conversation.


The woman arched her back, her beautifully hard, light brown nipples indicating her satisfaction as she squeezed her pert, smallish breasts with both hands and let out a series of long, satisfied moans that were only partially muffled from behind the plastic mask she wore.


Mattie inhaled sharply as she watched the man suddenly grasp the woman around her hips and easily lift her up from the bed in a swift and powerful motion, the effort causing the muscles in his back and chest to bulge in a way Mattie found incredibly erotic. It spoke to the kind of power that could easily take even the strongest of women, the kind of power that could both harm and protect.


The man sat down at the end of the bed and then lowered the woman in a sitting position on his lap facing away from him. Mattie could see the woman open her legs to allow the great cock access inside of her. The head of the penis entered slowly, allowing the woman’s pussy time to accommodate its fleshy guest. 


The quality of the video was such Mattie could see how moist the woman already was as she squirmed atop the man’s lap while his hands reached around to gently tug at each of her nipples. It took nearly two minutes before most of his cock had fully entered her, and even then the woman worked it in and out of her slowly, still giving her body time to adjust to its size and power as her inner juices ran down the length of the man’s long, thick shaft.


Mattie was now fully engaged both in watching the video and satisfying herself as she did so, her right hand hungrily exploring the space between her legs as her tongue slowly emerged to moisten her lips.


The masked woman was rocking her body forward and back again with increasing urgency, her moans turning to deep grunts while the fingers of her hands dug into the tops of the man’s thighs. The man in turn had lowered himself toward the bed, his arms holding him up to allow more of his blood-engorged cock to enter the woman’s lust-drenched flesh cave.

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