Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (13 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


Mattie didn’t answer but rather sat on her couch and waited for Oleg to leave. When the door closed behind him she looked down at the two hundred dollar bills in her hands and then thought of the hundred thousand that were soon to follow.


If I’m gonna be some kind of Internet whore, I might as well be a well-paid one! Ka-ching you bitches! Ka-ching!


A loud knock sounded on Mattie’s apartment door, indicating to her Oleg had likely forgotten to ask for something more.  She pushed herself up slowly from the couch and limped to the door, her mind silently cursing the Russian for the second intrusion into her home.


The knock was repeated again more urgently.


“I heard you the first time, Oleg! Just a second!”


Mattie opened her door, not caring that she looked so angry. She was angry. Oleg was annoying the shit out of her.


The man who stood just outside the door wasn’t Oleg Teplov though. He was younger by at least ten years, more heavily built, with a mop of unruly and unwashed black and grey hair sitting atop a prominent brow, large hook nose, and abnormally wide, scowling mouth.


Mattie had no idea who Vlad was, though her instincts cried out that he was someone very dangerous. She moved quickly to close the door, but Vlad’s large, leather booted left foot slid into the doorway and prevented her from doing so.


Next the Russian enforcer slammed the door open with his shoulder, once again knocking Mattie onto the floor. Vlad was over her like a great wolf pouncing upon its prey, his left hand grabbing a hold of her neck and then easily lifting her up while his right hand clamped down over her mouth so she couldn’t scream.


Mattie refused to give up though, kicking with her feet and trying to scratch at Vlad’s eyes with her hands. Vlad said nothing, slamming the door shut with the bottom of his boot while continuing to push Mattie back onto the couch.


The Russian’s hand was covering both her mouth and nose, and soon Mattie felt herself weakening due to lack of oxygen. Her hands and feet grew limp as she suddenly realized her life might be ending at that very moment. Vlad’s abnormally wide face loomed in front of hers, his dark eyes staring into her own until finally the pressure over her nose and mouth lessened just enough that she was able to take a desperate, searing gasp of air.


“If you scream, I will kill you and it won’t be pleasant.”


Mattie recognized the man’s accent as being very similar to Oleg’s though the voice was deeper, more guttural, and imminently more frightening.


He’s not lying – he’ll kill me.


Vlad stood over Mattie with both of his hands stuffed into the pockets of his dark trench coat.


“Why was Oleg here? And do not lie to me, bitch.”


Mattie felt a terrible headache coming on, likely due to her almost passing out just seconds ago.

“Just a little business, why?”


Vlad lowered his head slightly and frowned.


“What kind of business?”


Mattie tried to think of something convincing that would also keep her deal with Oleg a secret, but no such example came to her.


“Just a little movie thing, that’s all. No big deal.”


Oleg’s wiry haired right eyebrow lifted upward slightly as he sneered down at Mattie.


“It is pornography? Is that what Oleg is doing?”


Mattie nodded, but said nothing.


“Where? Where does he do the movies?”


Mattie shook her head.


“I don’t know. I haven’t actually done anything yet. I was supposed to go there tonight.”


Vlad’s snarl worsened as his large hands withdrew from his pockets.


“I told you not to lie to me.”


Terror filled Mattie’s voice as she fought not to scream, remembering Vlad’s warning of the terrible punishment for doing so.


“I’m not lying! I really don’t know!”


Vlad pointed down at the much smaller woman and growled another warning.


“Don’t move, I need to make a call.”


Mattie watched Vlad turn his back to her and then began speaking Russian into his cell phone. She in turn slowly took out her own phone and pressed the redial button and then pushed the phone back into the front pocket of her slacks. A second after doing so Vlad glanced back at her before he resumed his own phone conversation.


A moment later and the Russian was again looming over Mattie and motioning with his right hand for her to stand up.


“You’re coming with me.”


Mattie remained sitting on her couch.




Vlad let out an exasperated growl and removed a handgun from his coat pocket and then pointed it at Mattie’s face.


“No questions! Come with me – NOW.”


Mattie stood up slowly, struggling to remain calm. She knew she needed to keep a clear head if she was to survive whatever shit she now found herself involved in. Vlad stood still until Mattie moved past him and then he jammed his gun into the small of her back and hissed yet another warning into her right ear.


“Outside, and don’t try anything stupid. Look for the black Cadillac and walk to it.”


Mattie felt herself trembling as she willed her feet to move her toward the door while Vlad’s hot breath caressed the back of her exposed neck like an ill-smelling pair of soft hands.


“Are you going to hurt me?”


Vlad said nothing, instead jamming his gun into her back with enough force she cried out in pain.


Outside, the morning sun covered her with surprising intensity. The sky was absent a single cloud, a tapestry of blue hues that had the neighborhood birds chirping as they went about their own happily mindless routine.


Vlad’s left hand clamped down onto Mattie’s shoulder.




The Russian looked down both sides of the street, making certain no-one was watching them. Mattie spotted the Cadillac sedan parked across the street opposite her apartment complex. Vlad removed his hand from her shoulder and pointed to the car.


“There – let’s go.”


Again the gun jabbed Mattie in the back, forcing her out onto the street and toward Vlad’s car. The brief time it took to travel that short distance seemed to somehow slow down, allowing Mattie to appreciate the heat of the sun and the comforting scent of fresh air mixing with the warming concrete below her feet.


It was a beautiful Seattle day, the kind of day that normally made one who took the time to notice, grateful to be alive.


I wonder if this is my last day alive?


Mattie regretted asking herself the question as soon as her mind voiced it inside of her head.


It wasn’t the question Mattie found so unsettling though, but rather her own answer that soon followed…



































































Volume Four


“A Time for Choosing”







Enjoy this excerpt from Volume Four:


“You’re gonna kill me with that thing!”


Porter hardly heard the words, the mix of alcohol and drugs having reduced his mind to a barely functioning and quite distracted globe. He looked down and saw his massive erection bobbing up and down like a lazy flag pole and silently wondered how he was able to function sexually when he had been so heavily drugged.


The masked woman’s body was certainly attractive though, nicely appointed with a black bra and matching underwear and garter, her lightly tanned skin tight, youthful, and almost as intoxicating as the chemicals that coursed through Porter’s bloodstream. The woman’s spiky, bleach blond hair and thick black eyeliner complimented the many intricate tattoos that covered nearly half her body.


‘Take off your underwear.”


The woman shook her head and then lay back on the bed while spreading her legs wide.


“I want you to rip them off me, big boy. Rip them off me and then stick that big piece of meat into this here pussy – HARD.”


Porter closed his eyes and tried to steady himself at the foot of the bed as the warehouse walls began to swirl around him. His mind filled with the buzzing of a thousand bees as he fought back the urge to vomit while also trying to take several slow, deep breaths but found his lungs unwilling to cooperate.


I think I’m having a fucking heart attack!


The woman’s eyes opened wide as she watched Porter’s body suddenly collapse to the floor with enough force the entire bed frame shook beneath her. Porter heard her voice as if it was coming from some great distance as consciousness gave way to darkness.


“Hey, I didn’t sign up for some guy dying on me! What the hell, Roman? Am I still getting paid?”


A final word whispered across Porter’s mind like dried wind-swept leaves over pavement, and then everything went quiet.




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