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This is a story
medieval times
is the story of
a beautiful maiden
daughter of a wealthy
and two
men who
fought to
win her heart



Year of our Lord, 1252
City of Paris
It was the month of December, the month of Christmas and the virgin. A calm but cold dawn awaited him a calm day full of promise, with bright sunshine and no clouds in the blue sky.
Agnes said her morning prayers stuck in his room and then went to church, as usual.
At the appointed time was in the market accompanying the Beguine that she would choose the fish and meat, after one of the servants to bring him a fish in poor condition. The color, eyes, everything was important, said the good woman, but she barely paid attention. I was nervous, did nothing but look around expecting to see the carriage.
Then saw the small wagon, shortly after the church bells announce the third hour, painfully making his way through the crowd while announcing criers to shout their wares pitcher.
Without knowing why the girl was afraid, because no gentleman saw her anywhere and thought it would not be able to ride a cart with these strangers.

Let us leave and beguine, please, 'he said to his servant who looked at her strangely.

Wait, I just saw a fish that it is worth the plump lady replied holding a silver fish with radiant expression.
Everything happened very quickly, since fish fell to the floor and the poor woman was full of fish while Agnes screamed and the crooks caught. In the confusion, the showmen took a knife to defend himself and scoundrels stole some freshly baked breads and fish fell to the floor.

Damn, what's going on here?

The Beguine barely joined and immediately sought to Agnes, but could not find it anywhere.

Call the sheriff, call immediately. Agnes, oh, ... My child has disappeared again, have kidnapped! He shouted.
She had vanished as if by magic, and some said they had seen a carriage to be carried by some squires.
The sheriff arrived shortly after with his men but could do little, just questioning men market, the butcher, the baker, fishmonger and some might say. Someone pushed the Beguine Boudelle family, filled it with fish while scoundrels were taken to the beautiful girl and others seized the opportunity to steal what had fallen on the floor.
All were questioned in the market but only a few had seen the wagon led by horses and thought that it was foreign bandits.
'Yes Master constable, were dark, and smelled terrible blasphemed said a beggar of the Church of Our Lady.
But Jacques the Butcher was wiser in his words:

There were foreigners, seemed crusaders, or maybe squires with their swords and shields and glistening on her breasts bound.
Upon learning what happened Arsène gentleman met with the sheriff, had tired expression as if he had slept well, his tawny eyes gleamed off and they looked small.

It was Montpellier, Faubourg friend. Who else? It must be hidden somewhere in Paris waiting for its prey. It's a bastard.

We do not have evidence to charge him, friend.
'Maybe not, but for days I wandered the house of Agnes Boudelle.
'Well, well you were doing the same.
Arsène's gaze shifted, was alert.

No you will say that I am responsible for the abduction, do not say osaríais ...
'I did not say anything, sir Arsène. I only pointed out that young so zealously cuidabais just disappeared. And for the second time in no time!
The sheriff made an impatient gesture, could not be. Are not they had been warned to take care Boudelle marriage to his daughter because Montpellier was hidden in Paris?

For I myself seek Master constable. Gather my friends and loyal squires and gorgonzola search. They could not go far, this time will not go ...

said with determination.
The Beguine returned to the villa in floods of tears, and smelling fishy after searching all morning the girl Agnes.
Marriage of goldsmiths found out what happened and sent his servants. They could not believe that her daughter had been kidnapped again.
They warned the sheriff but this was already aware of what happened and said the seek.
A few miles from the city center, the young Agnes Boudelle met with the gentleman of Montpellier near the priory of Saint Martin, in an abandoned adobe house. The Crusader looked triumphantly, and something else she could not understand. Only that Louis did not seem the same of your dreams, there was something in that foxy and cunning man who suddenly scared him.

You came beautiful, but not afraid. No one would dare to hurt you, 'he said.
She did not answer, she was scared and wondered why he had done this madness, why he had to go to the square and had asked the man. Who was this gentleman? I do not even know him, it was almost a stranger to her.

But please my beautiful Paris Come, follow me.
My God, what have I done crazy? How could I accept it? He asked the girl as she was led to a room with little furniture and a home on. In the center was a table with a sumptuous lunch, the smell had whetted the appetite and remembered I still had not had breakfast.

Sit down dear, 'he said gesturing pointing to a footstool.
She obeyed and ate part of the splendid feast consisting of roast beef with sweet and sour sauce, plum cake and freshly baked fruit and cream.

You are silent, beautiful Paris. What is the matter? Please drink wine.
She did not answer but drank fresh water, knew what would happen if you drank mulled wine at that time of day.
I should not have come, 'he said suddenly.
He stared at her a moment, then replied: 'But you wished to, my pretty. Well it seems Love has made us his captives, and you know that fool is insistent that tyrant.

Louis, this is a mistake, I go home, my parents have to be concerned. You
kidnap me again, if your intentions are honest you should talk to them.

Agnes shook and his heart was beating very fast as he spoke.

Oh, but I do not accept, they hate me. Do not you understand? How do you expect the son to accept the gentleman who kidnapped his precious daughter at Christmas? Never would.
'But I
abandon them now, they should know that I'm okay.
The gentleman drank her wine and asked him to prove his. She obeyed and soon realized his mistake as he began to feel dizzy and drowsy.

You will be fine, my beautiful, 'he said and carried her to the bed that was broad and square at the other end of the room.
The gentleman was not going to waste time. And wrapping it with kisses and caresses slowly began to undress.
Intoxicated and sunk in a torpor in which he did not know if it was a dream or really was happening, she resisted and sobbed to let her go.
But both had dreamed and hoped that the raptor then felt he could not stop or let go. It would be his, tear her dress, would steal the virginity as a villain, because the desire he felt for her was so strong that threatened him mad. Her porcelain skin, so soft and light ... Her slender waist, her breasts full and high ...
A sharp pain in his arm and stopped her enthusiasm departed stunned to realize that she had bitten him with all his might and watched him with eyes blazing and furious.
He screamed covering his arm and then he saw the fierce bite mark.

Damn cat biting! How dare you? 'He said.
But Agnes had lost drunken with fright and was ready to face him, to bite him again if necessary. He quickly pulled the shirt and surcoat, and when Louis wanted to catch it again gave him such a kick that Count screamed in pain clutching his leg, and if at that point had not lost the desire nothing else could do.
In order to be free, she fled. He ran through the house and opened the door without difficulty. The landscape of thick forest appeared before her and in the distance he could see the priory of Saint Martin. Just had to run and hide, it was a wonder that no one was around but had to be cautious.

Catch it her, bastards, who fled catch it her

Heard the voice of her captor. And suddenly he saw in the distance everywhere, squires, servants armed with sticks, were a swarm. I could never escape.
Prayed hidden in the hollow of a tree, there would be safe for a while. They seek everywhere, but by mid

afternoon had been removed from their hideout.
And managed to escape from his pursuers by hiding and moving, always alert and stealthy as a cat in danger. I was cold and scared, and when night fell paused to mourn and regret everything that happened. He had been a fool, he never had honest intentions, just had hoped to seduce and then abandon it, or worse, to seduce her and make her his mistress. And all the time he had thought ... I had been confused with his feelings despising those who approached her.
He slept in the open, hidden by the green foliage, listening to the hooting of owls and night birds. At least she was safe, and closer to the priory.
The Priory of Saint Martin was a Benedictine monastery, and gave shelter to pilgrims and travelers. I had an orchard, a fresh water spring, and one of the monks elaborated tastiest beers in the region.
The arrival of a young woman sobbing, with hair like gold in disarray and eyes the color of the sky, bulging, disturbed the peace of the abbey and caused consternation Abbot's: an old man with white beard and dark eyes severest of all Christendom. He was a devout and was determined to be, the rules of silence, obedience and celibacy were respected and fiercely in her convent to see the young damsel in distress just thought it was the demon of temptation and sin.
Fortunately for Agnes, was attended by the lay brothers, the same who took care of the needy and travelers, who at first thought that she had lost her mind because did nothing but mourn and say meaningless phrases.
Until gave fresh water and some fresh bread and taken to a cell away from the main building.

We must talk to Father Abbot, Anselme. I fear nothing will not be pleased to know that we have given shelter to a young lady who lost the case. But what could we do? He came to the priory for help.
Anselme shook his head. Soon be ordained monks of the monastery and that decision could harm them. The abbot was a ruthless man and nothing sympathetic to the weaknesses of the novices and priests before ordering subjected to many tests to applicants.
They knew in advance that the presence of the young would cause problems. And her suspicions were confirmed when they found the abbot in the refectory, conversing with other monks in a barely audible voice.
When I was in private and found out what happened her dark eyes opened and fans.

the devil
maiden? Y
ou were so naive. Merciful God, have mercy on these poor fools and all of us!

Lord Abbot, she claims to be from Paris, in the town of White Horse said Pierre Anselme was hiding while moving his fat hands nervously.

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