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The crone continued attentive to the horrified gaze of his young lady.
—All were involved: the retinue of squires and grooms in the stables. They serve you today: Paul the blacksmith, Philippe the dunghil
l ... Those are the worst
Madame, watch and no longer walk alone because a day will give you more than a scare. Here they are the masters, and plan to get rid of your husband and you pray to not be in this castle, because their fate will be like that of the old Countess. These crooks want the ladies of noble lineage, because they know that they never would give her favors to those brutes without manners. I've seen how you look countess, how I wish ...
—Oh, shut Godelieve, you say barbarities. Not true, my husband would never allow something like that to happen.
But Agnes was scared and trembling, because someone had told a similar story once. So should never go out without servants and not think of the forest, the forest was a forbidden place for a lady.
And the old woman could see her fear, and fed him some more, for the simple reason that it expected to take a big chunk of it.
—You must leave, take my advice and be wary of Therese, that's a snake, and plans to keep the castle that the king snatched and given to her husband.
She turned pale at his words, and confused and frightened asked why he helped.
—Because once warned him not to Marguerite, the old and the poor countess almost went crazy after the hurt and you are so beautiful ... Never had to bring her here and her husband, her husband is a complete idiot.
The witch had gone too far, Agnes stared mute, until the old, more crafty continued:
—What I mean is ... that you are in danger and I must help her. . For some time they are planning, Marie told me mop. And the leader of these brutes is the husband of Therese, he hopes to keep this castle and lands. If something happens to your husband, be assumed that they will get rid of you to keep it all. It's a great field, and all are in cahoots you know? All are spies, thugs and gentlemen of her husband is a small number compared to the number of servants in the castle there. They lead, know every corner of this fort. Nor will the maiden Annou trust, that the groom has upset.
'But if you really want to get rid of us, have had time and opportunities to do so. Why wait?
—Because they
are idiots, Arsène could
Cut them off
neck if you do something but when you are in possession then yes, nobody can save you Madame.
—But I have to go, I could not escape through the woods, I caught.
—Calm down, trust this poor old woman. I could help, but I have to do these yokels bribe to give me a horse. Gather your jewelry, take Marguerite, are in his room, hidden ... I'll tell you where.
The young countess listened attentively to instructions.
—Take the chest, no one will help you if you do not receive a good reward and perhaps her jewels are not enough temptation for those ruffians.
Agnes memorized the details and thought she would never sleep quietly in his room. But she was grateful to the old woman, who had warned before the final disaster occurred. Oh, poor Marguerite, pray a prayer t
o ease your pain.
—My wife, you see yourself agitated, is something wrong? Arsène asked over dinner.
She looked scared, had hardly eaten and felt sick. I kept watching the silent servants, apparently, so friendly and the marriage of cousins
who had be
en so hospitable and helpful from arrival. All false, traitors, th
ieves ... Willing to
by the sword on the first occasion.
Arsène—Sorry, I do not feel well, I pray you allow me to retire, she said.
All the careful watching, but what was in those looks? Do you suspect, hatred, envy or simple desire lewd? Perhaps it was they who spied awaiting the chance to find her alone and helpless?
Her husband nodded approving their need for leave but intrigued by his strange behavior. He looked tense and nervous as if he had seen a ghost in the main plot, looking at servants with suspicion and do nothing to disguise. Did he expect to run away with her lover and she feared the betray these?
Arsène of Tourenne not fully trust anyone, even if they had known the fears of his beautiful lady would have laughed out loud, because that army of servants were useless, clumsy and completely harmless. The grooms were neither better nor knew even wield a dagger, used to dealing with horses, thought only romp with women farmers and servants of the castle, fighting to the more graceful.
The next morning looked Tourenne Agnes of jewelry at the site had said the witch. He did it quietly, fearing discovery. Feeling like a thief, but afraid of what would happen if he did.
The old help her escape, still did not know how, should only borrow the jewels ... holy Virgin, that was stolen, could not. It was a grave sin, Father Simon ...
Eagerly sought under the kneeler bunker and midmorning and gasped in surprise. He saw a black velvet sack and opened it knowing that contain gems. One by one paraded before them: pearls, sapphires, thick gold chains with crosses and earrings ... It must be worth a fair amount.
He put the bag gently, asking forgiveness for the act of looting that was going to commit and then returned to his room. Very soon be lunchtime. And Arsène notice his absence.
Suddenly he began to have doubts. What if it was all a plot to seize the jewels of the old Countess?
I was hesitant, but had hidden jewels not decide to give to the witch Godelieve yet. Could you trust a witch, a woman who performed incantations and spells and had dealings with the devil? Although her maid defend her and say she was a wise woman, a witch was a witch. Simon's father had been very emphatic in saying that there were no good witches, all were bad. And his soul was condemned to hell.
To top it unleashed a fierce storm that shook the foundations of the castle.
—My wife, you are distracted. Is it something you care? Arsène asked her with suspicion.
I had noticed it was very difficult for her to hide and even said it was okay and tried to eat some of the feast that had served her husband watched.
He drank too much, maybe his glass was filled several times without noticing and suddenly wrapped a rare drowsiness.
—Maybe you should go to sleep dear, 'he said. Always friendly, wrapping his burning eyes ...
He flew into the arms, and to reach your room wanted to talk, wanted to warn you about the sinister plot but overcame dizzy and then falling into bed fell fast asleep.
He had a strange dream, someone was caressing her naked body and she left because she wanted to bring that to happen.
Since their marriage had not been a real wife, he had rejected the malicious rumors and then ... There was some tension between them.
Their passionate kisses her lips filled and ran over her body. I knew what was happening, despite being in that state of torpor and thought it was a wonderful dream since he was unaware that delight and just wanted to try it. God, could only be the demon of lust, was trapped.
Arsène could not contain himself, his answer was unexpected, as he had feared rejection. But there was a prude or shy maiden, a woman full of desire content, willing to surrender, to let go of much jealousy and misunderstanding. But she was asleep, should wake ... No, if you wake up scared or maybe refuse scream into his arms.
Slowly and gently owned it, and was so clever and accurate Agnes just felt a little discomfort. But then, his desire was so intense that it would not remove him, wanted to continue, was so nice and unknown ...
It was so sad to be rejected as insignificant ugliest girl had a lover, and she who was called the beautiful, was still a virgin.
Until that night. In that woke in his arms, happy that it was not a dream, that dared to strip her of her honor and finally became his wife.
—Oh, Agnes, I love you so much ... he whispered in her ear as he turned to possess.
And she agreed and thought that until then she had lived in this spine of love called Louis, and now it would be a wife and mother with time, would not think of him or read his letters. Or attempt to flee the castle.
Her husband would protect her. He loved her, and all that time, had been in doubt and had stayed away, waiting for a sign from him in silence.
Now he had no doubt his fidelity, his complete innocence.
Montpellier silently cursed for having sown the black question in his mind.
After her husband changed that night, and did not have that look of distrust but a sweet serenity. He spent more time together and read stories to him under the fire. And at night, never
failed to visit, of drunk
with caresses, and when she let him, and let him explore your most secret ... The ecstasy and delight left him stiff at first, and then was able to respond to their desire and their caresses and thought that the joys of love were wonderful.
To hell with Montpellier and his lies, his kisses daring, could no longer torment. He had changed, was a woman and was happy for the first time loving and being loved.
But still feared servants. As the horrific story of the old still lingered in his mind like a thorn. And although this, realizing that she would not get anything he had not insist on Therese noticed certain looks and his faithful Annou. As if the adherence by speculative.
One morning, as he rode alongside her husband told her about the conversation. So far no one had dared, but needed to be sure.
Her husband's expression changed, seemed surprised and alert.
— When you say that? Inquired.
Agnes replied, anxiously awaiting their response.
—I do not know what happened to the old Count Tourenne, just know that he killed himself because he had many debts and his wife entered a convent. However, I doubt that the servants would dare to hurt a lady of both lineage. The old would frighten you, but do not understand the reasons. And nothing to fear from the servants, that would shatter the first thing my wife tried to touch you.
Fell into a lake, and then he took her hand and walked together to the shore.
I'll talk to my men, I'd better get rid of that old and sent to the village. I do not understand why the previous count had the old witch in the castle, being as pious as was ... But it is a nuisance.
'But what Therese and her husband? You rely? Both his loyalty?
Arsène took a lock of golden hair of his wife and said to contemplate: 'I painted me a portrait. Seek a talented painter ...
Suddenly he began to kiss and slowly undress.
It was a lonely place, no one could see them ... He took her to the woods and filling caresses made love over and over again until both were exhausted, as clandestine lovers who had never loved before.
But upon returning, when the sun was Arsène thought much doubts of his wife. He had not dared to tell her not wanting to scare her suspicions. He had long felt some discomfort among the servants, and the old apparently knew much more than he had said. Although intrigued to know why you would tell on their own. Did he expect a greater benefit? Maybe ...
He met with his knights before dinner, I needed to talk to the witch and the plot Godelieve only had doubts so far.
They were a good number, could face a revolt but did not like being surrounded by conspirators, disloyal servants. It was necessary to get rid of them all.
The young countess was taking a bath, blushing at the memory of that afternoon, lying on the grass with her husband, fearing to be discovered .
.. I was distracted wearing perfume
with rose water, so we did not hear someone coming by stealth.
Until I saw her in front of her, to Therese who looked with hatred and evil, grinning.
It's time—madame, your hour and mine said.
Agnes wanted to run but there was someone else in the room, a servant of strong arms that wrapped with a sack. In the struggle he collapsed and lost consciousness.
Upon waking thought was all a bad dream, remembered the look malignant Therese, his words ...
Where was I? Locked in a cell, an underground dungeon with iron gate. A candle lit the room with a bed and a miserable pallet.
He knocked on the door, asked for help but no one came. Until he heard screams and a shudder at the castle. Like a siege ... It could not be. Her husband ...

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