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He watched her pale skin and shook his head. Her husband looked very worried.

Monsieur Tourenne, you said that your wife fainted ... During dinner and then do not have reawakened?
Louis looked abroad. He must not have more than thirty years old, tall dark hair and brown eyes, something he reminded the sorcerer of Aragon.

Drank anything? You must tell me.
Louis shook his head uncertainly.

Only wine

lied, hoping that this doctor solve everything without his having to confess the rough episode of "love potion."

How strange. This looks like a witch you know? In my town there was once a case similar to this. Well, never mind, I will prepare an infusion of Indian herbs to clean your stomach. It is not good to stay asleep for so long.
Far from the bedroom of the young countess, the witch  Godeliève
revised the bottles with despair
. One by one they studied the light, the colors in clear gradient would tell if it was a purgative, or a filter, or a mild poison. She used to have poisons, gave very afraid since there was not fatal and a poisoner, or someone in that castle would be willing to pay the price they were worth.
But something severely distressed, and was thinking that perhaps unknowingly had poisoned the Countess. It could not be, but it was crazy ... Perhaps the bottles were mixed ...
But she was the one who prepared potions and indeed they were harmless. Oh, there was only pray that she awoke.
Brunni Pietro Italian doctor spoke sternly to the girl who believed she was possessed because he suspected it was nothing more than a farce.
He spoke again and again until she heard his threat, then woke up and looked at the stranger frightened and bewildered.
'Please do not tell anybody anything, I pretend, my husband ran away and I'm alone in this castle, at the mercy of that evil called Count Louis de Montpellier.
Agnes told the story between sobs and the doctor listened, and peered wordlessly. Finally understood why the lady had pretended to be bewitched, but faced the uncertainty of not knowing what to do about it.

My husband will come for me, I know he will. If you help me I will reward you. I'll give my jewels.
But the doctor was not sure.

How long you think you can fake it? The servants betray.
The patient shook his head, very sure of his words.

Annou not say anything, she empties bedpans and brings me food on the sly. But if you say that I have an incurable disease and then declared me dead, I make it up twice.
'You're crazy, Countess. You
get that far with this farce. Feign death is crazy.
'It's the only way to stay safe, I've planned everything. I flee when I watch and ...

No. It is very dangerous, you
fool them all. Your love is all the time in front of the coffin of his lady, not take off from there. And believe me, you will notice that the coffin is empty.
Agnes thought more calmly and knew he was right. It would not be so simple.

You must say that I am sick monsieur, and you
wake up.
The doctor understood the plight of the young and although not convinced of lying and deceiving the lord of the castle, was silent.
Louis went to visit the beautiful lady days later and wondered if he had made any Arsène spell or witchcraft through Godelieve witch. Increasingly relied less
on that woman.
He approached the bed where he slept and watched the lady did not seem sick but asleep. Asleep. But should wake up, eat or die.
Is not she had heard a case like this for years?

Agnes, awake, Agnes ...
No response, not even move, that filter must be poison. That old witch would regret ...
But the cunning witch fled the next day, with the jewels that a maid had stolen for her. They could not reach it.
Louis threw curses and went in search of his squires.

Go into the forest and bring back an old witch who do their job. They know how to break spells
Squires looked puzzled, but it was the will of the Lord, so they had to obey.

              *                   *                  *

A hidden Annou brought him food, water and told him what was happening, a servant guarding the entrance.
'My lady, the young Lord sent his men to find a witch who can break the spell.

We must hasten Annou plan. Take my jewels, bribes servants, everyone must think I'm dead.
But Annou was scared, but did say it was risky, they would discover them ...
When the witch came the girl was already dead, or that's what he told the servants to the Earl of Montpellier, who suddenly became deathly pale.

No way, lie, cheat aim ... Depart from my path.
He approached the young man lying dead in bed and noticed it was still warm, he thought he heard his heart. She was not dead, he could not be.
The witch confirmed his words. And poor Agnes was subjected to resurrect some shocks that were very effective. And the witch gave her a thick concoction made back what little I had eaten that day. What if she was not dead maybe soon would be ...
'All right, well, you'll be better in no time. This lady has been poisoned damn witch

She was scared of her, because her skin was dry and sallow, her eyes big and black and long nose. It was covered with a long coat and his hands had long dark nails. It seemed a specter of the night. How did Louis carry such a diabolical monster to his castle to cure it?

Break off to that horrid woman Agnes said loudly.
The witch glanced malignant, although in truth he had doubted that such a distinct look, then left. He had already achieved its goal and expects to receive a generous reward. That girl had never been dead, pretending to be. In that castle all seemed to head but his Lord would be generous, what mattered the rest?
The gentleman was generous and left the old witch, followed by a retinue of squires while the servants were crossing their path and wondered why the Count had taken the castle such evil geezer.
Louis met Agnes mid afternoon and found recovered. Her smile of relief was immense.
He loves me, has been so afflicted but I
love him. Just think of Arsène and the fleeting hope that Agnes thought come and get me. You could not keep pretending, just now would plan an escape. Before you try to approach it or wrap with false promises.
As did the next day.

My beautiful, you must listen. I give you a sad news.
It did not look sorry.
'Your husband is dead beloved. Look.
I fell at his feet the layer having the initials of Touraine, the same as Arsène used when it was cold or raining, knew her well.
The young lady looked at him stunned, not knowing what to say.
She found in the forest. Apparently his body destroyed by wolves, and was little more than coat and ...
As the poor lady began to sob Count of Montpellier decided to spare the gruesome details of the show. Bereaved took the cloak and inhaled the scent of her husband, the scent of wood and leather that was part of his skin. It could not be, could not be dead.
Well, there are many wolves in these lands, and sometimes attack the village ...

Are you going to give him a Christian burial? It was almost an accusation, Agnes was not crying but stared at him.
He nodded saying to ordain ten masses pray for his soul, as befitted his rank. Nothing more than that.

I would like to see him he said suddenly.
Louis stopped and looked at her questioningly.

Do you mean ...?

I want to see my husband, say goodbye to him, please, .Su voice became a thread broke.

Madame, do not think is appropriate. The ... I would not want to be reminded of that. He's dead and his soul be gone accountable, pray that not convicted, you can do more than that.
Agnes took a few steps toward the count, furious.
It's not true, you are cheating. He's not dead. Arsène fight with wolves and with any beast.
He remained very calm.

Have you not seen the film, dear? Has blood. And is yours.

Could be wounded and fled, and you want me to believe ...

Oh, dear you are making up a story to convince you that he is alive. You know, I did not think you were to having such affection that cross so rude manners. But apparently you won did not you?
As he progressed she backed scared, because almost read his thoughts.

So you seduced me why you rejected all this time and you refused to my attentions. I noticed so changed. Even now I look and do not look like the same.
He touched her hair and taking her in his arms then kissed her passionately as if he could help it. And the anger and jealousy would have forced. It was out of control. His skin turned on his senses, and smell ... She should be yours, that day, that moment.
'No, please, Let me go, you act as a villain.
She resisted but his arms closed around her waist, throwing her off the air. He took her to his room and locked the door.

You loved me, perhaps you return to love me if I prove that I am a better lover than that traitor said before tearing her dress and cover her with kisses.
I was not going to surrender, or to betray her husband. I could never be in other arms and knew it. That evil should get what they deserve.
Agnes never knew where he got hit but managed forces in the lower and fled. He was hit so hard that the gentleman bent and cursed, unable to move for a few minutes for the pain.
The young lady ran to lock herself in her room, threw the bolts and even Annou received when it was to take dinner.
I was scared and crying, the first death of Arsène then, Louis had tried to take it by force. How much more could I resist? He prayed a prayer that the Lord would help, he knew he had only run. Run away from that strength.
The forest was thick and silent, but fortunately had not heard the howling of wolves. He paused for breath and relax, the horse whinnied black alert.
He had finally reached the land of Touraine, the dark haired gentleman smiled to the distant view of the castle.
But should hide the shadows.
A group of fierce knights escorting him. Was his time to complete his revenge.
Remained hidden for months after being mortally wounded during the siege, no one expected to survive but was a strong man. He was a crusader. He had fought against worst enemies.
But this time he would not fail.
He rode for hours without rest to the castle.
But I could not just walk in and demand to see his wife.
It had been too long and the rumors that reached him while he was convalescing were discouraging.
They said the countess had married Montpellier and he had been left for dead. Someone said they found his body in the woods. Damn.
It was time to take back what was his. The king had asked never catched or to confiscate their land, that had been a trick of Louis to seize his wife and all that was his. Now it was time to remove you.
'My Lord, we must be careful. You must not face him yet stand still I promised the troops that your friend the Earl of Montfault.
Arsène stopped time and consumed by rage, had to wait ...
Tourenne Agnes was praying in the chapel when he went to see his faithful servant Annou to say that the horses were ready to escape.
The lady looked around for fear of being heard. He had made a decision, he would flee to a convent, then there could never go because Louis was a sacred precinct. Her husband had died, and tied her to Tourenne nothing, not the slightest hope.
But he must be careful, if Louis came to suspect ...
By mid

afternoon when the sun went down and the cold became intense wrapped his coat and fled pilgrim, escorted by Annou and two maids, a secret passage to the castle. It was risky, but should save time, I knew that was the time when Louis walked away to join his knights to discuss court matters.

Hurry Countess, horses waiting in the woods.
The young countess stumbled several times, and to get to the heart of the forest was intercepted by a group of knights in shining helmets and coats of mail, the encircled like ghosts out of nowhere.
They had been betrayed, someone knew of their plans or perhaps those pesky grooms had betrayed ...
He was surrounded by swords and smelling horse whinnies and many voices. Everything was so confused when he tried to escape a scrawny squire scratching smelling manure, someone caught it. A mysterious gentleman in a black coat wrapped around him like a shroud.

Agnes Boudelle said.
He knew that voice, it was like a dream. Arsène of Tourenne. It could not be. He had died. But he was there, holding her to not pass out.

Arsene. No way, they said you were dead. In the forest, your coat, your coat was and had blood ... Wolves.
He stroked her face and eyelids. He looked sad and thinner, and yet it was so beautiful, or more than I remembered. Despite the dark circles of fear and exhaustion, her hair covered with a hood jealously.

I lied to my wife, it was all a ruse to steal everything he owned. And what was most precious to me: my beautiful wife. I was wounded during the siege and fled to recover. I found refuge in the castle of my friend the Earl of his knights Montfault and now I help expel Montpellier and Paris will take you to where he judged and receive their comeuppance.
Agnes shed tears thinking it was a dream, unable to speak and could only sob touching the hair of her beloved husband to convince himself that he was really alive. So long had dreamed would happen, that Arsène returned safely.
And tearfully confessed that he had bribed the a group of young men to take her to a convent. Louis knowing that there would leave her alone. But it would not be necessary.
Soon the men stormed the castle and imprisoned Montpellier and his knights. Those who were still loyal to Arsène bowed and begged for mercy.
The nightmare was over.
Both embraced and returned to the castle, where they again be masters. But without a shadow of doubt and without fear of the enemy, which had caused so much damage.
It took days to clean the castle and fix the mess, but at last they were free of their enemies.
The usurper's life was spared at the request of the king, would have gladly sliced
his throat.
Agnes saw him leave with a grimace, knowing that she had never loved, and only her husband would love for the rest of his days.
And that night, three days after his return, he shared the bed and heard from his lips his answer. No, he had not
touched her, although he had often tried to do with promises and threats, Agnes had remained faithful, although this cheated on him that her husband had died.
He listened and said nothing, but his jaw was drawn a wave of fury. Cursed Montpellier, had tried to seduce his wife and steal everything he had. But his desire for her was to calm the anxieties I had to stab him. It was like a beast gagged, must have seen as carrying that damn: alive and more than a few scratches to the royal palace. The ferocious party not lose sight.
A year after their first child was born, named Philippe Lothaire. Everything was calm and prosperity in Tourenne. Agnes's parents came to meet his first grandchild and stayed until Christmas ...
There were rumors that the sorcerer had revived and had seen in Florence, but Agnes barely paid attention to the stories of her mother brought from Paris. The Count of Montpellier had been sentenced to prison for ten years, and he was sure that he would not bother. Their lands were confiscated and King had refused pardon, though promised to return to this crusade.
Agnes heard what happened to his face darkened. Louis was just a bad memory. Now I was happy, extremely happy with her toddler and husband. To hell with Montpellier, nothing wanted to know their fate. Neither the sorcerer. Never leave woven stories about his whereabouts, and no one would ever know its truth.
Arsène was drunk when he learned that he had a healthy first

born male. The wait had been hard and bitter, and had feared fo

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