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Damn! He had saved her from her abductor, when St. Martin wanted to seduce her. So ...
He must not be duped again by Louis, was a handsome and charming, but I could never trust him or his "good intentions". He would not marry her.
But the letter from the Count had pierced the spine of the doubt and when he saw him mid
afternoon Gauvin felt different. It was not so friendly and had a very strange look, like something you worry and even attended the dinner that day and talked animatedly at times his glance rested on her as before but in a remote location, indefinite. Arsène was afraid, like a shadow to land on his grave.
I must not marry him, because if the letter is true and Louis is a traitor ... I thought the girl in silence, watching the firelight. But what if it was a vile slander of Montpellier?
That night her mother went to her room to brush her hair and the news. They married in a week in the church of St. Germain.
Agnes uttered an exclamation of surprise.
A week, just a week to decide, though I knew what his decision. Resigned went to sleep after praying kneeling at his table.
The Sorcerer's unexpected death in his cell caused a stir in the palace, apparently this had died during sleep but his health had weakened in recent days he had vomited and had complained constantly of his gut.
The surgeon who attended said that this had been poisoned slowly until your body no longer resisted and died.
The king heard his words shocked expression. He called his loyal knights and told them his terrible suspicions. And he complained that the emissary of Aragon did not arrive in time to identify the body.
Arsène nodded gravely, it was fortunate that the king had called not to accuse him (although he would have had reasons) but to summon him to meet with the sheriff and report its suspicions.
Someone had poisoned the prisoner, and he did not speak to this and tell what he knew.

I urge discretion, as if the honest citizens of Paris they learn that maybe this is not the true necromancer will be frightened and will not have peace, he added.
He was a righteous man and he owed his life to count rascal of Montpellier and the gentleman Arsène. He joined a bond of affection and friendship, and could not be swayed by malicious rumors about him without any concrete evidence to charge him.
'Your Majesty, I marry in five days, I
go back to the guild permanently. Well I have been advised that there are problems with Tourenne villagers and I must leave at once.

Oh, then I will marry the daughter of Boudelle very soon, well congratulations. Very well, then I commend you to speak with the sheriff and do them aware of the facts. If the man who died is not the true sorcerer must find out first and then ...
The conversation he had with the sheriff Arsène was very strange.

And you come to tell me what I always knew, and I suspected my friend? What happens when everyone knows that you
Arsène from Gauvin, it was all a farce for Tourenne?
The king had promised Tourenne when we returned from the Last Crusade, Faubourg.
'But someone poisoned in his cell the prisoner, do you expect me to investigate? Arsène Go away from my house, and I recommend that you should flee as soon as the rope will slowly circling your neck. And for Christ's sake, I say I do not want to see you knight broke. Although I should say that you've earned with your intrigues. And do not trust your friendship with the king, for he is a man who loves justice and whether to condemn you to pris
on or the gallows for coax 
, will!
Arsène walked unsteadily. The sheriff was right, the rope began to explore her neck and blood of nobility and be a peer of France would have an undignified death but might be beheaded or hanged. But heck, had no alternative, it was like a beast at bay for as soon as the emissary of Aragon came to voice yell pitcher that was not the sorcerer but a dirty toad, a rogue of the streets of Paris.

I should leave the kingdom my friend, do not go to Tourenne because when the truth comes to light you seek there. God knows they will. It's over ambitious gentleman, but you must go away very far if you want to live. Mudad name, and change your attire.
Arsène mounted his horse but did not follow the advice of the sheriff but returned to the palace. The king had accused him and still consider him a friend, why the hell away as a rogue and awaken the worst fears? They could not accuse without proof, and claiming that the king would lay dead in his cell was the true sorcerer.
But these events gave a twist. The emissary of King never reached the kingdom of Aragon and thought it was in vain to write to the monarch at the time. Also a strange thing happened when the sorcerer must have been buried days later and the sky turned black and unleashed a fierce storm, and a horrible voice broke out laughing. They were demons who were looking for her loyal servant.
The king heard the story from the lips of his servants with pale face. Being sworn innocent as any of that would have happened, because the death of an angel and a devil claimed the soul of the dying and that had not happened, no angel had appeared, so did the devil, much later and took the soul malignant sorcerer. Then Arsène had not lied and every single libel had been said by his courtiers by jealousy and envy.
Well, I thanked the Lord for having lit. But still needed to find the magic stone, but as one who had stolen was dead no one else could find it, nor would be used for their purposes fatal.
Arsène could not believe his good fortune, when everything seemed a trivial ordered him away from the terrible suspicions.
I was free but I did not want to stay, their wedding had been postponed but no longer wanted to postpone it. His future wife and soon
had their chests and dresses. Although he had not noticed his pallor and trembling every time I saw him, lost in thought as he was somber.
Madame Boudelle was glad he had been able to organize the wedding feast, and finish on time and the dress was so busy in these matters which hardly heard to complain about the Beguine bride.

Madame hardly eats and is very pale as if something horrible torment his poor soul.
Madeleine thought the maid was exaggerating, Agnes was happy when I tried the dress and arranged her hair the night before.
But the night before the wedding and noticed it changed the beguine make a gesture just noticed that the stew had tasted his dish. And to claim him, this looked surprised as if waking from a disturbing dream.
The next day would be his wedding. And just thinking about Louis and his promise of the previous evening, when he got into his room after entering the town pretending to be a royal equerry.

Oh, Agnes, you
marry that man, your heart is mine and mine is also yours! Flee with me, I will make you my wife! Had said and took the cross that hung on the wall and swore she would do the vows of marriage.
He was desperate, she had not answered his letters and had wanted to talk.
The wedding had gone ahead and damn Gauvin, with the fate of all liars demons had been pardoned and the king had said that they were all evil gossip. Nobody believed the rumor and that he himself had seen to spread through the palace, unhappy that he had been arrested and taken to the dungeons was not the true sorcerer. And damn, I could not tell where the real was because the witch had saved from the dreadful disease and had made a promise!
The king was no longer interested in knowing the truth, more pressing issues demanding their attention.
Now she could only marry the girl and leave her ambition to marry the heir to Anjou. He was crazy, but could not bring himself to lose her forever.

Listen please know that never swear in vain. Agnes I promise, I will marry you, I give you my name. And I ask forgiveness knees you for having led Saint Martin. I was a villain

he said one morning as he left his house.
She looked pale and distant and said he did not believe in his promises, nor wanted to. Everyone in Paris said he would marry Charlotte of Anjou, the daughter of a peer of the realm. And though it was one of the youngest children, the marriage was very convenient for Montpellier. While she was the daughter of a goldsmith, he had noble blood. What if the wedding was fake and became her lover? Someone had mentioned these false marriages to seduce young elusive. Hired a wandering priest, or a false friar to celebrate the wedding and then ...

If you want my hand Louis, speak with my father and show yourselves to it with your real name. I condemn your lies, and make me wonder.
The count became very serious.
Agnes I
also be in vain, I would miss your villa without even listening. In their eyes I am your raptor, ever trust my words.

And why should I believe you now? Everyone says I will marry with Charlotte of Anjou.
In his eyes was the truth but she would not see him, he was afraid and distrustful.

You know I'm not lying this time my beautiful, what your heart tells you? Did I say I forget and you may become the wife of another man? Will give yourselves to this rude gentleman and his arms will think of me. You will live by his side but will not find happiness and when he knows the truth, furious, away from you and despise you. Maybe you leave and go to a crusade. What we know of Gauvin Arsène is just a front, but I know much more beautiful Agnes and I assure you that has a devilish temper and hitting when you contradict their squires.
Louis told Arsène other horrors of the knight and that night the poor girl could not sleep thinking I was going to marry a demon disguised as a lamb. That would take the whip and wedding dress pulls like a great Gross, for that was what he did with the girls who frequented the tavern.
Agnes' Please, flee with me now

had begged Louis taking his hand.
But she was afraid that does not fulfill its promises and asked him to go away and leave her alone.
Louis left saying he would look, and would not allow her to marry Arsène. If the count had not convinced her to run with him, at least had managed to scare her.



Principio del formulario

On her wedding day dawned cloudy and cold, a cold wind blowing from the west. A cold, gray days of winter, maybe snowing in the afternoon and then, what would a trip to the South in those conditions?
The Beguine insisted he take two bowls of hot soup and porridge, and to bathe very early so he could scent your hair with rose water and violets.
But by mid

morning the young man thought he could not marry a man when his heart was another, and less with a brave knight and a bad temper.
And though his parents and his brothers were happy running from one place to another playing with wooden swords, she heard the bells of the church with a shudder. The hour, I marry the knight Gauvin, Lord send me a sign. I thought while helping with the wedding dress, a pale pink dress with a neckline embroidered with stones and ermine collar.
She was beautiful and ethereal, pale as the fabric, and big eyes looking at the door in fear, knowing that when crossing the threshold would change his life forever. But have the courage to come to the church, let him come to the altar? I could imagine holding their horses and taking them very far.
He had arrived the day, would eventually become the wife of Arsène.
Her father guarded by half a dozen servants and relatives followed the procession to the sacred precincts where Arsène await. Like the time at Christmas, only this time they were six servants and relatives forming a large entourage.

Look, it's the beautiful Agnes said citizens in the distance and waved, knowing that soon could drink wine in the square, which would lead the family servants Boudelle to celebrate the marriage of his daughter.
She shuddered at the sight of the church in the distance and wrapped with the skin layer feeling a cold walk your spine. An icy wind drove the horses before they could cross the bridges of the Seine.
Monsieur Boudelle spurred his horse with furious gesture. It seemed a bad omen, for three times and had to back up the bridge because their horses would not get to the other side. What happened? There was nothing on the other side, and the horses knew bridges and crossed the river frequently.
When we finally crossed the bridge and headed to church the young bride looked into the alley on the south side as if he saw something strange. Louis? He wondered and thought that nerves made him see visions.
They came to Saint Germain de l'Auxerrois and Arsène was with his knights and squires most notable, black and silver dress with a thick gold chain and a felt beret. His eyes looked proudly at the bride, who was pale and modest like a rose. But the young man was serious and circumspect, in a bad mood and was afraid. I was going to join a cross, a brave k
night, the whip when
your wishes and rip the dress ...
He took her hand and whispered in his ear that was very beautiful. His blue eyes were clear and sincere and thought he was a fool to have believed the dark stories of the Earl of Montpellier.
Louis, where was I? Why had not done anything to prevent your wedding? Had left.
And smoothly, as lamb walked hand in hand with her future husband at the altar. Banns were read after Mass bells tolled and when they were married.
Dazed got a hug from his mother and congratulations thinking that everything was a dream that will soon awaken. It could not be. Louis.
He looked at the ring on her finger, the rare gem with white flashes and then realized that his fate had been sealed that day and that Louis would never become his wife. I probably would have considered their promises made in a moment of desperation. So had cheated again.
During the banquet just a bite, but if you drank two glasses of wine to cheer and dance with her husband because everyone expected newlyweds begin the round.
His parents were happy at least knowing that her daughter was protected and had a good marriage. Gauvin had Arsène of esteem and respect, Louis would never have been accepted by them, though at times the
and frustration and uncertainty weird to think ahead. It was like a rag doll brought to the church to marry against her will, and then the wedding feast danced all happy or satisfied by the outcome of events.
When the banquet ended the couple made the journey to the castle of Touraine, and while the bridegroom received an invitation from his father to him to stay a few days at home before leaving this said he could not delay the trip.
Thus began the journey to Tourenne County, toured forests, marshes and inhospitable places. They stayed at an inn in the road where they were entertained with enthusiasm.
She shivered when they were alone in the room and the view of the girl abused by Arsène appeared before her as a vivid picture. But her husband, as if reading his thoughts, or notice his embarrassment, he turned away and that night slept in the same bed but as strangers.
Upon awakening did not know where he was and was shocked to be observed by him thoughtfully.

Good morning my wife, put on hastily, depart immediately, 'he said and left the room.

long journey, and it was not always easy for it rained, it was cold and a slew nearly traps them in the mud. The beautiful dress worn muddy came and she just wanted to take it off and take a dip in the tub with rose water he was carrying, but the view of the castle discourage him. It was a huge site, high on a hill, threatening and unfriendly. Surrounded by a thick forest and farmland, some peasants land carpían bowed them, but she could not take their view that imposing building.
Inside it was very cold, but the servants were fired stoves and prepared a small feast and a squire friend of her husband began to sing a mischievous story of a nun of Caen. Although at this time silenced him.
Agnes had insisted on washing and changed the dress and made it in the afternoon, in a large barrel covered with a cloth to avoid injury from splinters. Your body thanked the bathroom because I was tired from riding and legs ached. While dressing room stared curiously. A large bed occupied the central square, and next a kneeler, two chairs and a shelf with jars. Some paintings and tapestries on the wall of the virgin and child.
He drank mulled wine remembering that moment, it was a scary place as he had thought, just very old. But furniture and servants was very helpful, her husband seemed happy and her eyes smiled into the distance. She blushed at the thought of what would happen next. Just had to let go and accept everything that happened, that his mother had told him. But he had not said more than that. And she would have wanted to know exactly what he meant but I knew I would never have dared to ask. Now that the time had started to feel afraid.
The songs continued until late, binged squires and their voices and laughter could be heard in the distance. But they were no longer in the sun, were in the room and she looked the gentleman with fear, not knowing what to do. He had started to undress and were now in the big bed, but nothing strange happened. I was dizzy and a little scared but I was curious.

Agnes, you are so beautiful, 'he said slowly and began kissing her.
She was stiff, knew the jokes and stories he had heard some of what was the matter and was a little scared, embarrassed. And he was quick to notice, and even burned with desire for his beautiful wife refrained. Does should take what rightfully belonged? Why it felt so cold and booking? Why in his eyes had that fear?

Agnes, come here.
She obeyed and lay down on the bed. He hugged her and sighed, maybe had too much to drink, do not know what the hell was going on. Both had dreamed of this moment and now suddenly she waited in a nod, I really wanted to consummate the marriage, not the meek submission of a wife. Never a woman had given him that way, but neither had been married before ...
Agnes was relieved, because I was not afraid but very tired, travel, wedding banquet, aching feet and legs. He was just grateful to be able to sleep undisturbed by her husband's passionate kisses.
The haunting sound of thunder woke mid

morning. He joined not remember where he was or what had happened the night before. He looked at the big square bed with velvet curtains. Never seen such magnificence as was recorded in the fabric Tourenne shield, the lineage of her husband who was now his. But he was not in his room, and everything was dark. He ran to light a candle as hated that dark and lonely bed in disarray.

My Lady is risen, will help her to dress

announced a decisive young skinny with big dark eyes and go fast.
His name would Annou and his faithful maid.
This time he saw a powerful lightning startled.

There is a storm, Madame Comptesse. Come to the help to dress.
She agreed to be stripped and taken to the tub where he was bathing. As the water flowed through his body wondered if the wine had made him forget the first night of marriage. Would that be possible?
A thunder shook as she realized that her marriage had not been consummated and that should not have happened, it was not a good sign. Does your shyness and inexperience had disappointed her husband? But I could not help feeling relieved, last night had been so scared.
By midmorning the storm broke and the castle with candlelight seemed dark and strange place. For one thing he noticed many servants and a small family of relatives, not her husband, but from the previous count of Tourenne died in the Crusades, explained that her maid Annou staff. These homeless were a marriage of forty years, his noble blood made them look arrogant but they were very nice to her from the beginning. The man was very helpful to her husband's castle teaching matters, proud expression was robust but very friendly. His wife, Therese, her hair wrapped in a veil and her face was oval and immediately appeared before her and said he would help in any way necessary.
He looked much younger than her husband, and she remembered an aunt who lived in the north. They immediately hit it off.
Therese was who taught him the castle and presented to the servants, who warned about the trenches and the quarrels of certain servants.
He also learned that the former Earl of Tourenne had died young and his wife had gone to live in a convent in search of peace.
When the next morning, the gardens and taught the young plants felt living in a fairy tale. So far only knew of the castles for a story of a traveler who had stayed their parents.
The lady asked instead for life in Paris, and its king. Everyone wanted to know if I would go to a new crusade and if he had the power to heal the lepers.
I do not know Madame Therese, but he never frightened by his presence and heard invites four beggars dine at his table every night.
The lady nodded proudly.
Returning noticed that the servants looked with suspicion and reservation. Perhaps it was natural because she was new at the castle.
He looked after the murals were in the main plot as they were beautiful and showed a scene from the life of Jesus Christ, when He was baptized by John the Baptist. There were other religious paintings and tapestries with scenes of chivalry.

Where's the chapel? Then asked for from the day of their wedding that needed attending mass and confession.

Follow Madame.
Rose spiral stairs and crossed solar uninhabited until a small chapel full of holy images, and a cross on the altar. The young countess crossed and said he needed to confess.

Wait, call Father Antoine.
He was a priest of indeterminate age and always glassy eyes, round face with a swollen nose that reminded one of those clowns who performed stunts in Paris.

Madame, welcome Tourenne. The welcome you again oficiarse mass. You should tell your husband. The servants here are a little rebellious, remind me of a herd of wolves you know? That only faith can become lambs. After the death of the previous count, God rest his soul was a good Christian fearing the Lord, very few attending mass. And have become rebels. Many left the village to live on their own without bless their unions ...
Agnes heard the distraught father and said he would order his servants to confession and attend Mass weekly.
I thank you, Countess.
She confessed and attended Mass that evening, talking about complaints Therese Antoine's father.

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