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Agnes went to sleep early, comforted by the prayers but not forgetting his bitter disappointment by the evil knight Montpellier. Disappointment and frustration, when almost mad with fright to understand their lewd intentions. And she, like a fool, had fallen into the trap and almost became a sacrificial lamb. Delivering his virtue to a man who never become his wife and only offer him a life of shame and sorrow. Give birth to children would be called bastards and what had been a dream of love would become a nightmare.
But he had escaped by the time she was safe. He only hoped that no evil would dare search Saint Martin.
Silently prayed and thanked the hospitality of the brothers who gave daily food and fresh water. Although it seemed somewhat uncomfortable presence. She shuddered at the memory of that monk with crazy eyes talking about Satan and his servants and thanked not reappear in his cell accusing devil disguised maiden. What a fright you gave!
But Arsène mad abbot did know, and did not bother when it appeared the next morning to interview and observe them newcomers distance to all, and everyone looking for any sign of the devil.
A crusading knight and his retinue of guards and squires real, thought the abbot and returned to his cell with scowl.
The next day he sought to lay brother Pierre and asked how was the maid of Paris.

Have you noticed anything unusual? Asked.
'No, sir,' said the young Abbot intrigued.

Well See that you do not change your appearance at night. Sometimes the devil takes strange forms enigmatic said.
The brother thought the abbot reminded him that his uncle had done crazy and locked up in a farmhouse, tied up like a dog. There was a twinkle in his eye fan, and sometimes the abbot had those eyes. Always looking for the devil, seeing him everywhere. Why the devil would enter the house of the Benedictine brothers?
The abbot would have said: 'Well, to tempt brother Pierre, to bring down the road to perdition. For the devil makes chips with weak souls.
But the lay brother had not seen that weak souls in the monastery of Saint Martin. Although there were certain laziness in caring brothers and distilling the beer garden, where gluttony kneaded bread and cooked. Although he did not believe they were serious sins. Lust was more terrible sin and the Abbot feared as much as you find the devil in the priory. For it was through lust where it entered the devil, or that he had assured the monk scholar Guillaume, who spent much of the day in the scriptorium copying ancient manuscripts.
Well, should deliver breakfast and help with cleaning the rooms. The day was just beginning to lay brother.
Agnes woke up very early and asked the brother Pierre as the messenger could take to get to Paris. He seemed anxious to go home.
The brother saw the golden cavalier to sunlight and suddenly felt embarrassed and guilty. The look of the girl seemed t
  still safe distance. "God, help me" muttered and walked away without a word, leaving the tray on the floor.
She thought that these friars were very strange, never saw eyes and answered their questions and quickly moved away from his cell at their best.
Well, I should not complain, was safe and had plenty of fresh food and water, had to be patient, very soon return to Paris ... Although feared something happen on his return, the evil count was stalking her.
The rain continued, torrential, the roads would be impassable, the knight and his retinue Arsène decided to stay another day. Although furious with this situation because the gentleman wanted to go find Agnes or news of their squires.
'My Lord, could play craps?
There was the squire redhead who looked like a naughty boy for permission to commit mischief. Yes, he was also bored, remain locked in a monastery did not appeal at all, but in regards to hospitality should avoid games and jesting.

Master will talk quietly squire, and that you only have to reach you at the moment. Return to Paris soon Arsène said.
And there was the squire rogue recounting stories about waking Caen nun laughs and comments.
But the presence of the abbot sinister demons hunting ended the gossip breakfast. He looked very uneasy that morning and always addressed the adjoining building. What would there? Yes possessed? He looked worried. A lay brother was with him, head down.
Arsène duo followed the religious with the look, intrigued.
Outside, a retinue of knights asked the beautiful Agnes de Paris.
The monk looked at them in disgust while another warned the abbot.

We are looking for the beautiful in Paris, we know that staying here, 'said one of the men who carried the banner of Montpellier.

Here is no beautiful Paris, dear sir, 'replied the friar Paul. A tall, burly, take charge of travelers and pilgrims and give shelter to some beggars.
The leader of the group closer.

Are you sure, friar? Lead me to your abbot testily ordered.
The friar told to wait, because at that time ran the prior of the monastery cells and then attended mass. So the bold squire and his knights had to wait at the door of the abbey reluctantly.
The holy abbot noted with disgust the group of squires, and their abbey had a group of gentlemen but belonged to the king's command and while not a model of virtue, they knew to behave in a holy place while these before him and spat blasphemed each other, pushing and the ringleader was a subject of very black hair, pale, sickly and was missing an eye.

What do you want here, scoundrels? Go away immediately!

I ordered a voice of thunder.

We will leave when we surrender to the beautiful Paris, the young Agnes. She is the wife of the gentleman of Montpellier

eyed said insolently.

So? Well you have wrong. In my abbey only accepted young men and no lady has sought asylum or it would have provided.

Caro you will pay if you lie, Lord Abbot.
Now the abbot was furious rat

gone evil born here, you and your friends, your presence is an insult that I will not tolerate. And if you dare to go back, talk to the king of you and your master Montpellier.
And with that threat were expelled while the abbot asked the Lord to forgive his lie and wondered why these cretins wanted to take her. Well, I imagined, but not come out with his own, he did not have any fear. But just in case the knight warned Arsène mid

afternoon, when the rain had disappeared and the sun came out. They expected to go quickly, but maybe those rascals return, or were waiting in the woods.

Beware of seeing a group of daring squires, Arsène gentleman. They came this morning to find a young woman in Paris and I think will cause more problems.
The gentleman said they knew surprised and were commanded by Count Montpellier, who had abducted a young woman who hoped to find and bring them to their parents.
These words were a revelation to the abbot, who spoke of the young man who had arrived a few days sobbing and scared to death, after being kidnapped by a gentle and taken to an abandoned house.
'But it's a miracle Abbot, a miracle. We have been searching for the girl for days and we thought maybe he was dead.

Not, and I welcome that you have found it to be made safe before these villains return.

Where is he? Arsène asked with eyes wide and bright. It was a miracle, had found, was in the Priory, all that time had been close and no one had ever mentioned either suspected ...

In the hall of the pilgrims, in a secluded cell. It was not safe to stay h
ere, and the better you go
The abbot would not encourage any meeting between the two, and said that when he was somber as sent by the young. So the gentleman had to forget their anxiety and patient waiting, the endless hours of the day happy for him, that would put Agnes and safe ... But for how long? The question came from the lips of his squire Paul.
'My Lord, to take you to the beautiful Paris with his parents but that Earl will kidnap her.
I knew he was right, he also had that fear, she would never be safe unless ... Marry her and take her to Tourenne. Yes, that castle needed a lady, his wife, to give her children and make her happy. And the young woman needed a husband to protect her and save her from the indignity of being kidnapped by Montpellier again.
But the girl he saw that afternoon was unlike the Agnes knew. He had lost the brightness and color of her cheeks, and her eyes looked larger and with an expression so sad and tormented the gentleman fell scared at first.

Bella Agnes, what will happen? Why are you so sad? He asked.
She said she was fine, but the reasons for his sentence would keep a secret in his heart. The sadness and disappointment, bitterness of feeling that his heart was broken would tell anyone.
And when traveling escorted by Arsène and his knights barely said a word and looked a shadow of the girl he had been. On several occasions he saw his gaze lost in the horizon as sadness gripped his soul, not answer any questions without a word.
They went through the thick forest, they stopped to rest and then continued without stopping to return to Paris.
Posted unless something was broken in his soul and a fierce apathy had seized her. Who told what had happened as she sobbed brokenly, her mother, her only told the truth, then this spoke to the sheriff and demanded that Gentile catch fire, which had caused so much damage.
This promised that justice would be done, but Montpellier was gone, and although they were to capture him to land the priory house was completely empty.
Eve came and Paris was filled with visitors, as a year ago. Only this time there was no abduction and young Agnes could decorate the house with mistletoe and garlands, and sing happy.
His relatives had traveled from far away to spend Christmas together and Boudelle village had much joy and enthusiasm. Also had a secret reason and was hoping that his beautiful young daughter accepted the king's knight. Although not expected to persuade him to, because the same gentleman had opposed it.
Arsène thought it was time to travel with his trusty Tourenne gentleman and his two best squires. I could not postpone your trip again. It was the real gift, a fertile land, and the castle, with their villages. All his. Perhaps it was a rich man in the future, their children at least would be born in a prosperous place.

Count, do not you think it's time for you to take wife? Asked a lady of the palace, a relative of the king during the Christmas Eve dinner.
I knew he did it on purpose, it had a marriageable niece who expected to find a husband without delay. She was beautiful, but when compared to Agnes was but a poor crow talkative and graceless.

marry yet, Madame. I travel to Tourenne and see what I can offer my future wife.

Really? Oh, but Tourenne lands are fertile and very prosperous lady replied, slightly annoyed that the gentleman did not even noticed her niece Claire. What meant the cross? Claire was a young, healthy, plump and big beautiful brown eyes and brown hair. Young, well bred, like any lady of noble birth, could sing and play the lute, prescribe verses and beautiful embroidered tapestries. What wa
s wrong with his niece? Nothing,
unless this gentleman was a prissy silly and foolish. Or that you had chosen wife ...
The Gauvin Knight was invited to lunch at Christmas and found Agnes more beautiful than I remembered, with a beautiful blue dress with scoop neckline embroidered with stones and a tiara and holding her bright golden hair. The high forehead, well drawn eyebrows and those eyes were the most beautiful picture to behold that day.

Merry Christmas, Agnes said handing him a gift.

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