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Of the two Pierre was the wiser, but what she had done just showed his weakness for the needy. What if the girl was indeed who he claimed to be? Abbot was asked but then shook his head.

And what would a young city in these lonely places? No. That can only be a trick of the devil to lose one of my children. Where is it? Bring her immediately.

Father Abbot, the cell is the gray building.
The abbot subsided to hear those words.

Well, at least have shown some good sense to send her there. It would have been wise to leave the building where the monks pray and live in peace. Listen well, go see the girl to his cell to convince me not to lie, and that is who they say they are. Meanwhile you will say not a word to the monks of what happened. No one must know that this girl is in the priory.
The brothers swore to remain silent while watching the impressive away alertly abbot.

Do you think he really is the devil disguised as a maid? Anselme said.
Pierre shook his head at.

It was just a poor girl scared.
But Anselme was not convinced and suddenly was afraid that the abbot had to face alone the eternal enemy.

Oh, fear not brother, the abbot is able to intimidate the devil with his implacable genius. You forget that exorcised? Tadeo brother last summer?
Anselme shuddered at the memory of Brother Thaddeus struggling with the demons that possessed him and forced him to say horrid imprecations. Until the abbot had expelled the devil and now the young man lived in comfort and peace with the other monks.
In cell a young woman asleep wearing a scarlet dress nice. The abbot found the body at a distance and armed to fight the devil on his chest removing the large gold crucifix blessed, holding a relic brought from the tomb of Santiago de Compostela. Christ was a soldier armed to the teeth with unwavering faith and a fierce determination to fight the devil himself and beat him.

Awake impostor, eternal enemy of Christ! Awake now, do not be afraid but I hate the abbot bellowed.
But she did not move and he had to come and pray the Our Father in Latin and other very powerful prayer to awaken the devil disguised as a maiden who slept like a baby on the pallet.

Awake demon now, you
fool me! I know you're here, wicked, dressed beautiful young flock to carry me to perdition!
Agnes woke up scared to hear those words, I did not know where she was or why a tall man in a monk's habit, with white beard and wild eyes cross pointing a devil calling.

Oh, I'm not a demon father. My name is Agnes Boudelle incorporated scared she said.
She was beautiful, with stunning beauty, because despite having hair in disarray his blue eyes were very large and limpid and wearing a rosary around his neck. He quickly knelt and begged for help, telling him that a gentleman had abducted and taken to the house of the forest, a few miles from the abbey with intent to seduce.

I want to go home parent, I am the daughter of a goldsmith Adrien Boudelle, maybe you know him.
No. He did not know him, rarely went to town, lived secluded in his monastery monks watching and praying day and night. And although very young had entered the order knew of the evils of the world and this girl kissed the cross that was pointing. What demon would do that? Unclean lips would have burned, would roared madly begging compassion.

You carry with you a cross? Asked the abbot still suspicious.
She taught her rosary, the cross and the small prayer book still carried with him in his bag.
The abbot nodded in satisfaction. No demon known could have seen the cross and sustain all those blessed objects. There was a devil possessed neither metamorphosed, too bad, because I would have gladly sent to hell in a heartbeat, however now ... Should resolve to get rid of the girl and take her back to his house.
Appalled left the cell and met with the lay brothers.

Send out a messenger to the family villa Boudelle, Warn your daughter is in the abbey and ... (Hesitated). And as for the rest, she must remain locked in the cell. Receiving food but you must not talk to her. Not a word. And nobody knows you're here.
It was an order and fulfilled to the letter. But fortunately the Prior was convinced it was a girl and not a demon.


Louis Armand lashed his horse and forced him to retreat. It was noon and she does not appear anywhere, where the hell have you been? O was very clever and his knights and squires were fools. He cursed again and wondered where I would have gone the beautiful Paris. That forest was not a safe place, not too many missing critters and wolves and wild dogs.

Agnes, Agnes!

The shouted. 'Come here, girl, I will do you harm.
And then, having spent hours exasperated by his spirited stallion ridden exclaimed: I find cat prude, pillared you and you will see what is good.
In the afternoon, back to the abandoned house of his squires one spoke of the priory.
'Perhaps you have reached the monastery my Lord, and if we
enter that place.

Does the priory of Saint Martin? Do you think I could get that far?
'Well, not anywhere Count, and have sought eagerly and tirelessly.
One of the squires, red hair and freckled face shouted from a distance:
'I've found, Monsieur le Comte, I found a footprint.
Everyone expected him to explain what happened. Apparently the young man had found the imprint of a person sleeping in the forest, near a large birch. And there was found near a medal of St. Ursula.
Louis took the medal and smiled triumphantly, was the beautiful, still had her scent. That aroma of rose water that flooded his senses every time he saw her.

Good job, buddy squire. So if you saw a mark must be in the forest. Bring her, bring her my friends without delay!
But the new search was not successful, and ended up convincing himself that if he was in the forest should seek help at the monastery.
During dinner the young Earl pondered the matter calmly. I could go to the priory and demand that he returned to "his young wife who had lost his mind and fled." The monks believe, was the Chevalier de Montpellier, King's Cross and friend of this. And if that does not work threaten to accuse them with his majesty.
But something would change their plans and was the arrival of a royal procession led by Arsène gentleman of Gauvin.
'My Lord, you Gauvin gentle looking, want to speak.
Louis dozing before the fire sat furious. He knew what he meant, that monarch's faithful dog had been at his heels all the time since he discovered his presence in Paris. And now that the fair had gone through the work of the devil had found his stash, too fast, as if he had been following.

Good morning Lord grant you, sir Arsène.
The gentleman did not stop at courtesies, brought angry and defiant gesture


Where you have it, bastard
Provence? You

You took the accused and their squires broke into the house looking for the beauty of Paris.

I do not know what you speak Arsène friend, I'm afraid you are unjustly accused. What happened?

Kidnapped Boudelle goldsmith's daughter, four days ago and you should know where it is.

Why should I know? Anyone could take it, you yourself would be interested. Also you should not importune friend Gauvin.
Before he could answer Arsène called fake and liar. 'I know very well that the poor devil was in the cemetery of the innocent not the Spanish sorce
rer. And his majesty
you into thinking that you had caught the dreaded necromancer.
Arsène went to Montpellier.

Really? And how are you so sure about that, friend Montpellier?
Louis took to respond, and finally said, 'Because you have seen with my eyes, gentle Arsène. The powerful sorcerer Spanish.

And you did it go? Then you committed treason.
Well, no one can catch him, you know it's dangerous

fought Louis.

Sure could you catch him, you did not because you surely benefited let him go. And if the king knows, I assure you that neither you save your friendship.

But if I
would deny everything and say that I have envy because of your interest in the beautiful. To which I say that you must resign. Yes, you are a fool to dream of my friend Agnes, she did not even see you, for I fear that I have staked his heart last Christmas.
Those words did turn pale young gentleman, but knowing the dishonest intentions of the Earl decided to register the house itself and its surroundings.

Arsène Knight, Knight Arsène! He called his squire holding a piece of cloth in his hands.
The gentleman took the burgundy silk and knew it was because Agnes had her scent, that scent that excited her senses and made her heart beat.
"Then he was here, but where's he hiding? Where is it? "Asked the gentleman carefully keeping Gauvin piece of silk like a love token. Then took three strides toward the house. Montpellier had to face and make him confess. Damn!

Where is Louis, where the have hidden?

He said showing him the piece of silk.
He looked surprised.

And is this part of the beautiful? How can you tell? Do you know his clothes? That is a shame my friend.
'I will present evidence and Louis back, and this time the sheriff will make you more questions and will not have much patience with Arsène replied his jaw.

How You Like my friend. Come and registered, you will not find anything. I did not kidnap the beautiful this time, I did not. But I'd be happy to talk to our king lot and tell the bastard that lies in the cells is not the true sorcerer. And maybe tell you where to find him. That would not be in your plan
s, do not you think? Lost
generous reward and favor and esteem of our sovereign, would fall from grace. Therefore I recommend you to leave me alone and renounce the beautiful snatch, because even now not in my house, in the future will live in my castle in the South and perhaps invite you to spend a few days in our company ...
threaten felon, did you forget that I know your secret and y
our descendants is cursed? Y
ou helped the sorcerer into hiding in the city, you knew where you were and you did go ... Why did you?
How could you
our king and all his people. You did go to a powerful necromancer and someday you will pay.
'One day, one day ... You
threaten me Mastiff king, you're just a pimp, a poor dog fighting your kind for the dispossession of the banquet. You will never be important and never, never will have to beautiful Paris for our Lord has destined me and will keep it for me, so when it comes time to make her my mistress.
A punch to the jaw came and threw him to the floor, and then another and had to stop the wrath of Arsene gentleman who longed to kill him with his hands forgetting their senior and influence.

Caro will pay your bastard daring rascal, very expensive! Montpellier warned him while his men helped him up and departed at furious Arsène other.
The gentleman walked away without looking back, but left three of his most faithful squires guarding the place, hidden in the woods believing that Montpellier had hoped hidden Agnes and find out.
For three days they took turns to stand guard, and Arsène remained hidden in the woods hoping to find Agnes.
Until one of his most loyal knights who had been spying on the village told him that she had fled.

Fled, then the prisoner had said Arsène here.
The gentleman nodded and spoke of his recent discovery.
Damn, we lost time in this place, we must find her befor
e they do.
. We return to the forest, 'said the gentleman Gauvin.
They had not considered the priory, but by mid

afternoon of that day the sky darkened and unleashed a fierce storm and seeing the monastery in the distance thought the Lord was on their side.
The wind, cold and rain made it take longer than expected but finally came to the priory of Saint Martin when night fell.
Seeing that they were knights of the king with their squires lay brothers were greatly honored and guided them to the refectory to pilg
rims and travelers,
the best rooms and a sumptuous dinner of pork seasoned with salt, garlic and onion sauce and those rare species brought from the Last Crusade called cloves and nutmeg. And fresh rye bread and a jug of drinking of the friars.

Upon my word that this is a feast fit for a king! Said a gentleman with brown hair and blue eyes to spice up your love Arsène taciturn.
But this too did not honor the seasoned pork, although they drank the beverage of friars distracted watching the pilgrims who were there.
, rich merchants bound for a fair ...
One of the squires drank too much and started to tell stories about a nun at Caen, but Arsène kicked him to keep quiet because the fellow travelers watched them disgustedly.
We're not in a tavern so stupid hick! Arsène said quietly.
The cheerful, young and very silly squire instantly stopped laughing and looked at his master with fearful expression. What the hell had mood that day the gentle knight Gauvin. Gauvin's land was just a wasteland, with a ruined castle inhabited by rats and wretches of the way. Or so he had told another squire named Jean. Arsène why not live in the land that gave him his name and soon changed its name to Tourenne Arsène when the good king to hand over the northern lands for his service in the Crusades and have caught the sorcerer. Lucky Tourenne Count! But with a heavy heart because of the slights of beautiful Paris, the beautiful maiden Agnes. Oh, yes it was beautiful with peach skin and eyes like heaven! But all I had of him was of beautiful and prudish prude, ... Your Lord deserved a lady as beautiful, but she ignored him. Well maybe it was from these young girls dream of the convent and prayers, as the daughter of a relative who did not like the heavy knights but habits, fasting and penance.
There was the case of Caen nun named Annie, whose stories he had heard in court for years by one of those travelers minstrels, and liked to tell if he could.
"The Awful leaked convent nun, dressed lady with powdered nose and cheeks, the lady knew fine shave and a good day, a poor pilgrim wet cleverly duped, telling tales do not know what a wandering monk Virgin saw the divine in a dark forest ... I did not know what to drink and love potion in the gardens of delights enjoyed his touch burning ... '
The continuing adventures of the nun, and were becoming bolder, to the point that it became disputed by two Gentiles it was beautiful, charming, funny and hot. And although in the end he repents and returns to the convent where penance and fasting makes use sackcloth, the visit of one of the nations that makes contesting his love into temptation. And the deeds of the nun to avoid being discovered are the funniest parts of the story. The squire knew them by heart.
But that night the gentleman wanted to know anything Arsène nun Caen, although much had laughed at the frivolities of the religious, at that time was in no mood, and were in an abbey. What would the religious if they listened to his squire? Agnes also occupied his thoughts, where would? What would the rogue with the helpless girl?
Thunder shook the roof of the refectory, and one of the monks who served dessert genuflected upwards.
The gentleman thought it was a terrible night and almost prayed that the young fugitive was not hidden in the forest.
Absorbed in thought he saw that one of the monks had approached and asked about the Spanish sorcerer.

What's new gentleman of the court? Have they killed the powerful necromancer? Monk asked in a whisper.
Arsène looked surprised.
Not yet, it will be after Christmas.

Well may his death be an example to those evil men who exercise the trickery in this world, 'said the friar.
Arsène looked carefully, his eyes bulging and head tonsured. But he was a novice by habit he wore. To that I was destined novices the heavy lifting of the abbey and his will tested by the abbot. He knew the abbot of that priory, as he enjoyed the esteem of the king to be a very pious and upright man. Each brother was watching and if he found some fault in them were punished severely. There were no serious sins in his monastery, was a model of piety, religion and discipline. "As soldiers of Christ," someone once said and he was right.
The lay brother was removed and after dinner there was a prayer, and a group of monks sang a Latin mass. Arsène stifled a yawn thinking how I wanted to end the damn thing and go Tourenne power to take possession of his castle and farm land that the king would give.
Then he thought of the threat of the Count of Montpellier, was a powerful enemy and wanted the girl as who want titles and lands and seemed capable of destroying everything in its path. But he was not afraid, he knew his secret, the horrible disease attacking the knight during the growing moon. Never heal, never could beget healthy children. His lineage was cursed. And Agnes Boudelle, does the girl had given her favors to the gentleman? He was attractive to the ladies and she had remained captive in his castle long.
Louis's words filled him with jealousy and doubt.

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