Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (2 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


During the short journey to Kelly’s table Mattie could feel the eyes of several men, and a woman or two, following her as she crossed the room. It was a feeling all too familiar to her, but one she took less and less enjoyment from when it came from a gathering of vacuous souls as this. These kinds of people didn’t know how to live, let alone fuck.


Kelly presented as well a put together and attractive presence as ever, her thick blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun while a portion of her bangs hung playfully just above her right brow. She wore a stylish tight-fitting dark leather jacket over a white t-shirt that nicely complimented her equally tight blue jeans.


“There you are, girl! I already ordered you a shot, now drink up!”


Mattie shook her head while grinning back at Kelly, her friend’s enthusiasm to cut loose impossible to resist.


The shot of tequila plunged down Mattie’s throat, followed by Kelly ordering another one for each of them.


“Nice, now we can start to relax. How was work?”


Mattie shrugged, bored by the question.


“Same shit, different day.”


Kelly’s right hand rested lightly atop Mattie’s.


“Well I had a great day, sourpuss! Looks like I might be promoted to that personnel position I was up for.”


Mattie looked across the small circular table at Kelly and offered her the night’s first genuine smile.


“Oh, that’s great, Kelly! You deserve it.”


The second round of tequila shots arrived at their table.  Mattie picked hers up and offered a toast.


“To my best friend, Kelly may she someday rule the world.”


Kelly’s eyebrows rose above her twinkling blue eyes.


“Best friend? Why Mattie, I thought you were too much of a cold bitch to ever admit to having a best friend. I thank you for that promotion too!”


The women laughed as they clinked their shot glasses together and then washed down more of  the peppery, semi-sweet flavored amber-gold liquid.


“Uh, hi there ladies, can I buy you another drink?”


Mattie looked up to see a tall, dark suited man in his late twenties or early thirties looking down at both Kelly and herself. His thinning black hair was cut short, and his dark brown eyes hinted at just a bit of nervousness. A dark red tie extended down the front of his white dress shirt, his hands were perfectly manicured, and an overly large, rather ostentatious jeweled watch was clamped around his right wrist.


Mattie disliked him immediately but before she could reply, Kelly flashed her own brilliant white smile while nodding her head enthusiastically.


“Why thank you, good sir. What’s your name?”


The youngish man shifted on his feet as his eyes looked back at Kelly and then glanced over at Mattie where they remained for a moment devouring her hungrily.


He wants me – bad.


The thought was not spoken from any arrogance or self-importance. Men’s lust was something Mattie had long been able to pick up on easily, and this guy was making little attempt to hide his desire for her.


“I’m Dillon – Dillon McKenzie. “


Kelly noted Dillon’s focus on Mattie and worked to bring that focus back onto her.


“My name is Kelly and this is my friend, Mattie. You go get us those drinks, Dillon and we’ll be waiting right here until you get back, ok?”


Both women watched as Dillon quickly made his way to the bar.


“He seems nice, and he’s definitely hoping for a chance to see what you got hiding under that skirt.”


Mattie rolled her eyes, once again overcome by boredom.


“That kind of man is a dime a dozen and I’ve been with too many to count. This place is full of Dillon McKenzie’s.  They bore the shit out of me, all nice suits and fancy watches and not a clue about how to please a woman the way she wants to be pleased. I bet his tongue couldn’t satisfy a pack of gum let alone my lady parts.”


Kelly’s right hand covered her mouth as she stifled laughter.


“Mattie Martinson, you are such a bitch!”


The words were spoken in humor, though Mattie detected an underlying tone of condemnation in them.  She stared back at her friend and shrugged.


“Takes one to know one.”


Dillon returned with three shots of tequila, placing one in front of both women and then pausing, hoping he would be invited to sit down with them.


Kelly grinned while she lightly tapped the cushion of the chair to her left.


“Have a seat Dillon, and see if you can impress my friend Mattie here with a toast.”


Dillon sat down quickly, fearing the women might change their mind.


“A toast, huh? Uh…sure, let me think for a second.”


Mattie’s attention was already elsewhere, her eyes scanning the mish-mash of faces scattered throughout the bar. None struck her as particularly interesting or worthy of attention.


“I toast the good fortune of being invited to sit down with the two best looking women in this entire place. I mean seriously, you ladies are fucking hot.”


Kelly winced, sensing Mattie’s attention once again coming around to rest completely upon the man seated across from her. Dillon felt himself shrinking under the withering gaze of the darker haired woman he had just moments earlier hoped to get to know better. Now he wanted nothing more than to just run away.


“Seriously, we are really the most fucking hottest women in this place? Wow, Dillon, that’s quite a compliment. What a brilliant toast. I mean really…that has to be the most fucking brilliant toast in this place.”


Dillon cleared his throat as his mouth turned downward into a pronounced frown.  Kelly let out a deep, long sigh.


“I apologize for my friend. She had a tough day. I think your toast was just fine, Dillon, and thank you for the compliment.”


Kelly lifted her shot glass and waited for both Mattie and Dillon to do the same.


Dillon was the first to respond, leaving both him and Kelly to stare back at a stony faced Mattie who after several seconds, finally shook her head and raised her own glass.


“Cheers to all the pretentious douche bags in here. May they all soon burn in hell and leave the world a better place with their being gone.”


Kelly’s face fell into a pronounced look of disgust and embarrassment for her friend’s aggressively rude negativity.


“I tell you what, Dillon, how about you and me move to a different table and leave Mattie to stew alone in her own unhappy juices for a bit?”


Dillon was about to respond but a fierce look from Mattie warned him he would do well to keep his mouth shut.


“Tell me,
best friend
, do you intend to fuck our newest drinking buddy later tonight? How many more drinks does he need to buy you for that to become a sure thing, because I guarantee you that’s
what he’s wondering at this very moment, isn’t it, Dillon?”


Dillon leaned back in his chair, his face frozen in shock and uncertainty over how to respond. Mattie’s eyelids lowered as she regarded him like a cat preparing to happily lick cream from a bowl.


“C’mon now, Dillon, let’s be the only honest, real people in this place! You didn’t buy us drinks as merely a friendly gesture, or to have some deeply intellectual conversation, now did you? Hell no, you did it because you want to fuck someone tonight. Am I right? Look at Kelly sitting next to you. Look at her! Now look at me and admit you want to fuck her. In fact, you’d fuck her right now if she’d let you, isn’t that right?”


Kelly’s face had turned a crimson red as she reached her right hand across the table to grasp onto Mattie’s left wrist. When she spoke, her voice was a lowered hiss, both angry and embarrassed.


“What the hell is wrong with you, Mattie? Stop it!”


Mattie cocked her head to the left and gave her friend a half grin before her eyes once again focused entirely on Dillon McKenzie.


“You better hurry up and give me an answer, Dillon, or this opportunity will up and walk away. Give me an honest answer and you might just have yourself a memory you will never forget. So tell me, isn’t Kelly beautiful? Look how hot she is! Don’t you want to fuck her?”


Dillon mustered up the courage to push back against Mattie’s bullying. He decided then he wasn’t going to allow himself to be shocked into submission by some self-important bitch, no matter how attractive she was. Two could play at that game.


“Yeah, I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her and I want to fuck you. I’ll take the both of you at the same time. There, is that what you wanted to hear?”


Mattie’s eyes widened slightly as she regarded Dillon with a hint of newly deserved respect.


Kelly on the other hand, was mortified.


“Oh my god, Mattie, you are totally out of control.”


Mattie leaned forward, seeing in Kelly’s eyes the very real and significant desire barely hidden under her feigned outrage. Kelly, like most people, often refused to say the very thing she wanted most for fear of being judged a sluttish freak. Tonight Mattie hoped to teach her friend that it was perfectly natural to act upon one’s desires should the opportunity present itself.


“I say we make a toast to tonight’s possibilities, Dillon. Let’s throw back a few more shots and see if we end up in a bathroom stall really enjoying one another. My mouth on yours, Kelly’s mouth around your cock, your cock in her, and me…how about we get down to some real good and nasty fucking? You think you can handle that, Dillon?”


Dillon’s eyes glimmered hungrily, his mind replaying the image of taking both Mattie and Kelly at the same time, his cock already demanding to be released from the confines of his dress slacks. Kelly sat silent, unsure if Mattie was playing some very strange joke on them, or was actually considering doing what she had just proposed they do. Just as Dillon grew hard, so too did her own pussy begin to moisten at the thought of sharing a man with Mattie, and in the stall of a public restroom no less. It seemed so carnal, so dangerous, and yet was something she now wanted very-very much.


Dillon once again raised his shot glass and tried to keep his voice from cracking in anticipation while he looked at Mattie and then Kelly, his mind silently reeling from the impossibility of what he hoped to be doing to the both of them very soon.


“Yeah, I can handle it.”




Both Kelly and Dillon remained uncertain if Mattie was being serious.  Mattie in turn ordered more tequila, her eyes flashing in the dim lighting of the pub as the right corner of her mouth curled upward into a knowing smirk.


The three of them finished off three more shots. Kelly averted her eyes from both Mattie and Dillon as her heart pounded in her chest.


I’m gonna do this. Mattie thinks I’ll chicken out but I want to. I want to taste her and feel him inside me while I do it.


Dillon was licking his lips as he stared at both women, the warm buzz of the alcohol giving him the courage to see if Mattie was still serious about her shocking proposal.


“So, you still thinking we might…”


Mattie’s naturally arched eyebrows lifted further above her eyes as she regarded Dillon’s almost question. Then she looked at Kelly and noted the flushed excitement that now dominated her friend’s face.


She’s ready – she’s more than ready!


Mattie stood up and smiled.


“Ok then, let’s go. Follow me.”

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