Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection (3 page)

BOOK: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection


Dillon and Kelly sat momentarily frozen as they both watched Mattie move slowly toward the narrow hallway in the back of the pub where the bathrooms were located. Dillon’s cock somehow managed to grow even harder as he enjoyed the outline of Mattie’s ass moving within the confines of her dark skirt. Kelly’s right hand reached over and gave his crotch a gentle squeeze and finding the hardness residing there, felt her own pussy aching for attention.


When she spoke, her voice came out in a low, breathy grunt.


“C’mon, Dillon, we’re doing this.”


Dillon followed Kelly into the bathroom, the sounds of the crowded pub disappearing behind him as he struggled to keep from grinning too much. When they reached the door to the women’s bathroom Kelly’s right hand rested for a brief moment before pushing it open while her left hand once again grasped Dillon’s crotch and pulled him along behind her.


The bathroom appeared empty. The lights had been turned off making it difficult for Dillon or Kelly to see in front of them.


“Last stall, come on in you two.”


Kelly stopped to let her eyes adjust to the darkness while inhaling the scent of hand soap and chlorine.  Tully’s was noted for its clean bathrooms.


What if someone comes in while we’re…


Kelly allowed the thought to drift off unanswered. The fact was, with Dillon’s hardness pressing against the back of her ass and Mattie waiting for them inside the stall, she didn’t care.


She just wanted to lick and fuck.


Dillon cleared his throat behind her, his breathing heavy with lust. Kelly moved into the gloom, her eyes now able to make out the outline of the last stall to her left. The stall door was open, and inside she could also see the well curved outline of Mattie’s body which straddled the toilet as she leaned back against the wall. Her skirt had been pulled up well over her thighs, revealing the dark mound of her pubic hair. The buttons of her blouse were undone, exposing her breasts ensconced within a cream-colored bra.


Kelly watched with a mix of lust and awe as Mattie’s right hand moved under her bra and cupped her left breast and then playfully pinched the darkened nipple. Kelly let out a not quite silent moan as she felt her own nipples quickly growing hard and the space between her legs turning both wetter and warmer.


“Oh, fuck…”


Dillon’s declaration seemed to echo from some great distance behind her as Kelly took a step forward, her tongue tracing the outline of her lips as she stared into Mattie’s eyes and then lowered her gaze to rest on the dusky thatch between her friend’s legs.


“Go ahead Kelly, make me feel good.”


It was at that moment Kelly felt herself somehow move beyond herself, as if she was watching someone else move further forward, lean down, and place their hands gently atop Mattie’s wonderfully firm-soft thighs and kiss her stomach. Mattie’s head moved back as her eyes closed, a small smile breaking across her beautiful face. Her hips began gyrating slowly, seeking out what Kelly was now prepared to give her.


Kelly’s tongue darted briefly inside of Mattie’s opening, finding the salty taste and smooth texture pleasing. She wondered if all women shared a common taste, or if each was somehow unique. Her tongue then ran along each side of Mattie’s inner walls and then came to focus entirely on the now engorged clit.  Mattie’s mouth opened wide as she took in a deep breath and then let it out with a loud cry of pleasure.


“Oh, god Kelly, yes…”


Mattie placed both her hands behind Kelly’s head and gently pushed her friend further forward, grinding her pussy upward into Kelly’s face and crying out again as Kelly matched Mattie’s urgency with her own, pushing two of her fingers into and out of Mattie’s wetness as her tongue continued to suckle her friend’s clit.


It was at that moment Kelly felt her own skirt being pushed up violently and her underwear then ripped and torn away from her now exposed ass. Dillon was grunting from the effort, sounding more animal than human.  Mattie opened her eyes so she could watch as Dillon lowered his pants and rammed his cock into Kelly’s gaping pussy. He entered her easily and cried out as he did so, though some small part of his mind was still reeling from the impossibility of what was happening.


The bathroom filled with the sounds gasps, grunts, and hushed moaning as each of the three thoroughly enjoyed their shared pleasures. For Dillon that enjoyment was short-lived though as he felt the familiar pressure of a quickly approaching orgasm from deep within his groin. He tried to hold it off but the combination of fucking Kelly and watching her at the same time pleasure Mattie was proving too much to delay the demands of his own release.


“Don’t you dare fucking cum in her or on her clothes.”


Mattie’s eyes glared back at Dillon even as her hips continued to thrust upward in response to Kelly’s surprisingly talented tongue.


A half-second before his climax Dillon pushed away from Kelly and stepped backwards and then ejaculated against the back of Kelly’s thighs. Kelly felt Dillon’s semen splash against her skin and then refocused entirely on making Mattie orgasm as well.  Mattie in turn gritted her teeth as she watched the top of her friend’s head move about in a circular motion as Kelly plunged her fingers more deeply into Mattie’s tight-wet chasm and her tongue repeatedly flicked Mattie’s pulsating clit.


“Oh yeah, that’s it, don’t stop. You’re good Kelly, you’re so good…”


Mattie’s encouragement found a welcome home in Kelly’s own runaway lust. While keeping her right hand occupied with Mattie’s pussy, Kelly’s left hand reached down to play with herself as her tongue continued to push her friend toward full satisfaction. Soon Kelly’s own approaching orgasm quickly joining Mattie’s.


Dillon stood behind both women, entirely forgotten. He continued to stare at the two of them enjoying each other as he pulled his slacks back up around his waist. Soon Mattie’s breathing quickened yet further as each of her hands took hold of the back of Kelly’s head.


“Oh, fuck yeah!”


Kelly’s left hand worked furiously between her own trembling legs, sensing she too was about to climax. The muscles of Mattie’s stomach clenched several times as she threw her head back and moaned loudly, the sound echoing off the walls of the bathroom.  Soon after Kelly’s own body demanded her full attention as her face collapsed against the top of her friend’s lower stomach while her left hand completed her journey to orgasm.  Kelly’s mouth opened wide while her eyes shut tightly and a series of low grunts escaped her as the sensual convulsions spread outward from her engorged clit as the liquid remnants of Dillon’s release continued to creep down the back of her thighs.


It was at that moment the bathroom’s door was opened and the room erupted in light. A well dressed, dark skinned middle-aged woman stood just inside the door, her eyes moving from Dillon’s deer-in-headlights expression to the two sets of high heeled feet visible from underneath the stall. The woman’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she realized what she had just walked into.


Without saying a word she turned the lights off, stepped back and closed the door behind her.


“Shit, I think I better get out of here before someone throws me out. That ok with you, ladies?”


Mattie snorted, sensing how badly Dillon wanted to leave after having just shot his load across Kelly’s backside.


“Yeah, Dillon, your work here, brief as it was, appears to be done. Thanks for the effort though.”


Kelly put her right hand over her mouth as she stifled a laugh while her left hand worked to pull her skirt back down over her thighs.


“Fuck you…couple of dyke bitches.”


Kelly wasn’t sure why Dillon’s retort bothered her so much, just that it did. She whirled around and moved quickly out of the stall and pointed to Dillon who was by then standing near the door.


“Take your little quick draw dick and crawl away, asshole!”


Mattie was adjusting her own skirt even as she stepped just behind Kelly. She was familiar with the negativity that now filled the bathroom. It was the combined guilt of both Dillon and Kelly, each of them having moved from being lost in the physical pleasures of the recent past to the inevitable shame of the present. It was an inevitability Mattie herself had conquered long ago. If something felt good, so be it – enjoy it while it lasts and hope it comes around again sooner rather than later.


Life is way too fucking short to waste any of it on feeling guilty for getting off.


“It’s probably best you get going, Dillon. Can you turn the lights on before you go?”


Dillon clicked on the light switch and then glowered down at the two women, his uncertain shame having transformed into smoldering resentment toward the slights against his manhood. He appeared ready to say something more but then caught a warning from Mattie’s eyes and simply moved silently through the doorway and down the hall.


Mattie’s concern was not with Dillon’s feelings, but rather those of her friend.  She placed her right hand onto Kelly’s right shoulder and squeezed it gently.


“Hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, Kelly. You…this…it was wonderful. I mean that, you’re beautiful and what just happened, don’t ever regret it, ok?”


Kelly tensed as soon as Mattie touched her. Standing under the lights seemed to make her shame of what she had done multiply several times over. Then she felt Dillon’s cum continuing to drizzle down the back of her legs and found her stomach threatening sickness.


“Oh my god, I have to clean him off!  What the hell was I thinking! This isn’t me! I hook up, yeah, but I don’t go around letting strange men fuck me while I eat my girlfriend out! What the hell just happened? How did you get me to do this? Did you fucking drug me or something?”


Mattie felt genuine anger rising up from within her. She couldn’t believe Kelly was acting so prudish and accusatory toward her.


“Knock it off, Kelly. What just happened is no big deal. We had a little fun, that’s all.”


Kelly’s eyes widened as she pointed back at Mattie.


“So you do this thing a lot? What are you, some kind of bar slut?”


Mattie’s right hand rose up, prepared to strike her friend across the face. She held it there for a brief moment before lowering it slowly to her side.


“How about we go find a table, have another drink, and chill the fuck out?”


Kelly glanced toward the bathroom door and then shook her head, her eyes refusing to meet Mattie’s stare.


“No…I don’t think so, Mattie.
might still be out there, and I feel…dirty. I won’t lie, it felt good at the time, it was exciting, crazy, but now I just…”


Kelly’s voice faded into silence, leaving her spoken thoughts unfinished. Mattie’s features softened, fearing the brief tryst now endangered her friendship with Kelly.


“There’s no need to feel anything like that, Kelly. Really, it was just a little fun, right? I don’t think any less of you. In fact, you were
! I mean,
really great


Kelly bit down softly onto her lower lip as she continued to avoid looking at Mattie.


“Thanks, I guess. I’m gonna go home though. Take a shower and, I don’t know…go to sleep. I’ll text you later, Mattie.”


Mattie watched Kelly leave the bathroom, surprised at how unsettled her friend was over their all too brief shared moment of pleasure. She looked herself over in the mirror, making certain her clothing and appearance was as it should be, and then watched her own image shrug back.

I need a drink.


Upon her return to the pub’s main room Mattie found the table she and Kelly had initially sat down at to be occupied by an older, immaculately dressed man with long grey hair combed back from a prominent forehead and tied into a pony tail. His dark eyes looked directly at Mattie as she emerged from the hallway and then his right hand motioned for her to join him at the table.


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