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Going down the shaft, we were thrown into a
room full of medieval weapons that were scattered all over the
wooden platform. Landing on our back ends, we started to feel
intense pain as we got onto our knees. Then as the pain got worse,
we try our best to stand up. Unfortunately, in despite all of our
great efforts on trying to get up on our feet, we proved
unsuccessful. Then Pedro shouted: “Parser Isaac Jerricus and
William Omer Jerricus, I will deal with this problem by giving you
both in school suspension. Once all of the students are done with
their mêlée tests, you two will follow me to my office where you’ll
spend the entire night with me. Because of your choice, you will
both be in class 1. “

Once the pain disappeared, we all stood up.
Pedro looked at Mitchell.

“The next fight will be between Mitchell and
Thomas.” he said.

“I don’t wish to fight him. He‘s my brother and
I cannot fracas with him.” Mitchell said.

“But if you do not, I cannot train you to
master your powers. So, you’ll lose your chances of ever learning
to control them.”

“Fine, I’ll do it! Thomas, prepare to meet your
worst nightmare.” Mitchell said.

Going to different sides of the room, Mitchell
and Thomas stood in their fighting positions. Picking a sword up
from the ground, Pedro lit it on fire, threw it as it landed in the
center of the room and this action made the sword go down into the
center so much that you could only see the top of it. Then Pedro
declared “Mitchell and Thomas please pick up your weapon of choice
from the floor. There are two ways to win this competition. The
first one is to make the sword in the center shoot up out of the
center and make it land on your opponent’s side of the room. The
Second and last way to end this fight is to trap your opponent in a
way that he can’t make any moves. Now that I have told you the ways
to win Mitchell and Thomas, you may start your battle.”

Mitchell then started the battle between him
and Thomas, by throwing an orb of light towards the center of the
room and sucking the sword that was in the center into it. But just
before Mitchell could drop the sword on Thomas’ side, Thomas threw
his arrow that he had chosen as his weapon and froze it as it
headed towards Mitchell’s orb of light. Cracking the orb wide open,
Thomas attached a flame around the sword that was in Mitchell’s orb
of light. And then, Thomas unlit the flame that was attached to the
sword by shooting a beam of water at it and, that event made the
sword that was in the orb of light drop itself on Michael’s side of
the room.

“Congrats to our winner, Thomas Crop. He will
placed in class 3 along with his brother, Mitchell.”Pedro

Pedro looked at all of us.

“Now it’s after curfew, Classes 1 and 3 will be
rooming together and will be nicknamed The Dragons of Light.
Classes 2 and 4 will also be rooming together. They’ll be named The
Servants of the Sayis’. Chaser will lead The Dragons of Light to
their dorm and Pakia will lead the Servants of the Sayis will lead
them to theirs.”

Pakia and Chaser lead their individual groups
to two separate silver pedestals with mossy green orbs carved into
them. They each touched their individual orbs. A dark blue portal
appeared in front of each of them. They both lead their groups into
the portals.

























Chapter 9 the first Syiric

My group appeared in their dorm. We all sat
down as raindrops hit against the windows. A yellow orb threw
itself against the window. I opened and it flew inside as it
materialized into Pedro.

“Why’d you come, Pedro?” I said.

“To tell you to not fear the storms or the orbs
that come with them. For, the orbs are only the School

“How many Guardians are there? I

Seven.” Pedro said.

“Anything else?” I said.

“Curfew is at 10pm and the room with a black
dragon statue is forbidden.” Pedro said.

“I understand.” I said.

Pedro turned back into an orb of light. He flew
out the window. I closed the window. Lightning hit the orb and
Pedro materialized back into himself as he fell to the ground. I
opened the window.

I crawled out into the storm. I closed the
window behind me. I touched Pedro as he opened his eyes. Raindrops
fell on top of me as Pedro looked at me.

“Thanks for saving my life, Skyrid. If there’s
anything I can do to repay you, just name it.”

Two Syirics appeared. They were basically
rattlesnakes with wings. They blew fire as the rain turned it into

“Save me from these creatures from Rakif.” I
said. Pedro stood up. He clapped. Lightning streamed out of his
hands and hit the Syirics as they caught fire. They shrieked as the
fire was quenched by the rain.

Pedro clapped again. The Syirics froze in
midair as they shattered to pieces. I became drenched by the rain
and a green orb appeared. It materialized into Natasha. Natasha
grabbed our hands as a gray portal appeared.

We all walked into it. We appeared back in my

“Everyone, this is Natasha. She’s one of the
seven guardians of this School.” Pedro said.

A green portal appeared as Natasha and Pedro
walked into it. It disappeared. We all gathered around the
fireplace. On top of it was a pedestal with a red orb carved into

Jaren looked at me.

“I reckon’ we should start telling
our stories about our Malfunctions. I’ll go
It was in the middle of the summer
in the year 2048; I was swimming at a local pool, then all of a
sudden the water started getting hotter. Then an alarm blared and I
got out of the water, I turned the palms of my hands to face the
top of the water and, a beam of light was shot out of each hand.
After all of that had happened, I fell down onto the ground as if I
was knocked unconscious. All I remember was the face of the
lifeguard; he was putting his mouth to my mouth and, breathing into
it. At a later time, I started to respond and I woke up not knowing
what had just happened.

The Lifeguard told me that he had
been watching the entire time and he had saw with his very eyes
that I had shot light beams at the water. He said that he had seen
me fall down and had gone down the elevator that was attached to
his chair and started to do CPR on me. And he also said that after
five tries, he finally got me to come to. Then he told me that his
name was Ben Walters. And I told him that my name was Jaren James.
I thanked him for saving my life and he said that he was just doing
his job.

Parser looked at Jaren.

“I believe you. You had a possession though.
Not a malfunction. Your powers tried to possess you.” he

“Yeah, I know. I’m still survived it because
Ben saved my life.” Jaren said.

“I’ll tell my story next.
It was the middle of the summer of 2049. I was
eleven years old. I was riding my hand glider. Burning the metal, I
let go and I landed head first on the ground. My dad must have
heard the crash, because as soon as I hit the ground he ran right
to the place that I crashed.

I crashed in the middle of our farm
right next to our family cow. Picking me up from the ground, my
Father took me inside our house and placed me on our couch. I felt
my face with hands and, I found out that there was blood dripping
from my forehead. I touched my forehead and the blood stopped
gushing out. My dad was sitting right beside with the phone in his
hands, but once he saw that there was no blood gushing from my
forehead anymore, he dropped the phone and hugged me tightly as the
phone hit the floor. “

“Wow that story is pretty
Well, on the day I found out
about my warrior powers, I was having a fight with my brother
Chaser. I was down on the floor, and Chaser was holding my arms
down on the ground. Trying to get free, I touched his arms and they
lit on fire. When I finally got free, I fetched a pail of water
and, poured the water on him.
” Caitlyn
said. Caitlyn looked at William.

“So William, how did you find out about your
powers?” Caitlyn said, smiling.

“My Mom and I were dropping Parser
off at Gailems and, then I waved at him and an orb of light shot
out of my left hand.

“I’ll start my story next. My name
is Nester Green.
My discovery of my powers
was in the middle of winter in the year 2047. I was having a fight
with the school bully. Raising both of my hands at him, I shot two
beams of ice at him and froze him right where he was standing. I
touched the ice in amazement and shock. It was really weird because
as soon as I touched the ice it lit on fire and melted into water
as the bully grabbed me and threw me against the
” Nester Green said. Chaser looked at
all of us.

“My story is pretty unique.
I was sleeping. I woke up. I noticed I was
sleeping on top of an orb of light.”

“Yeah.That’s pretty crazy. I would’ve never
guessed you had that bad of a malfunction.” I said.

Chaser glared at me.

“I know. But, I’m not crazy. It really did
happen.” he said.

“I believe you.” I said.

“I think we all need to go to bed.” Chaser

“No. I want to go explore the Castle.” I

“Me too.” Parser said.

“I agree, let’s do it.” William

I got up. I touched the red orb. We all turned
into gray orbs. Our vision was tunneled. We all were sucked into































Chapter 10 the Forbidden

We materialized in front of two
gravestones. Two skeletons hung over each stone.
Mold covered both gravestones. A large crack ran
down the center of the left one. I wondered how it even held

The skeletons had jeweled necklaces with purple
rubies around their necks.I saw a newspaper between them. I picked
it up.

Sade has
betrayed us!’ Sade disappeared on Tuesday, December 13th, 2024. The
Sayis Council says they don’t know what to do about it. They say
our perception about Sade might be wrong. Kodyack Blues says that
he regrets turning Sade into Darkomega.
” I

“These are lies! Kodyack would never do
something like that!”I said.

I heard the pitter patter of footsteps. We all
hid behind the gravestones. The footsteps came towards

“I know there’s someone here.” the voice

"Kodyack turned Sade into Darkomega?" Nester
said, reading over my shoulder.

“I don't know, Nester. But, we shouldn't trust
a piece of paper."

"Skyrid's right. We can't just jump to
conclusions. Kodyack probably didn't even do it willingly." Chaser

“Right. It could all be lies.”I

"Kodyack is a good guy. So why would someone
write lies about him?" Nester said

"I don't know." I said,shrugging.

“Slyer, think about it: Whoever wants to write
lies about someone must hate them.”

“People spread rumors about my dad all the
time. And just the fact that he’s famous keeps them interested.” I
said, my voice raising.

“Skyrid, there’s no reason to fight with him
about it. All famous people get rumors spread about

“But Kodyack isn't famous! Why would someone
make up lies about him?”

“He is the Warrior Master and all Ganters think
we don’t exist. Maybe someone was trying to make all Cithians hated
even more.”

“But who'd...”I said

“I don’t care who it is. They shouldn’t be
lying about us like this. They’re making it seem like Cithians are
complete jerks.”Nester said, stomping his feet.

“Yeah, they’re saying we're bad people! "Chaser
said, yelling.

“Wait! I hear footsteps.” I said.

We all hid behind different gravestones. I hid
behind one with a crack down the center. I peered over my

A man in blue overalls, a straw hat, with a
white beard and brown eyes appeared.

”I know you’re out there! So, leave now!” The
man said.

Sweat ran down my arms.
Would he find us?
threw a green power beam at my gravestone.

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