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Pedro led us to a room with the symbol for
Qysterio on the door. He opened the door and we all walked inside
as Kodyack and Pedro left us by ourselves. I looked at

“What made you get caught by the

“I was born into it. When I was separated from
my birth mother, I was taken by the strikers. They knew the
prophecy of the Healer’s diamond. That just one part alone could
cure any disease brought on by battle but together, the parts could
heal physical or mental disease. Even death could be defeated by
the Healer’s diamond. They released me so I could be raised by the
Master Striker, Furliceo Woolsley.” Mitchell said.

“I understand. But, what made you get taken
from him?”

“They discovered that I was a


“I was ten years old when it happened. The
strikers had come to my house to search for Furliceo because of his
betrayal against them. At first, the Strikers’ mission was to kill
all Cithians. But then, Furliceo showed them how kind they could be
without their powers. Now, their mission was to take every
Cithians’s powers and rehabilitate them back into

But, they got tired of not killing the
Cithians. So tired that they wanted to take Furliceo and kill him.
But that’s when my malfunction happened.” Mitchell said.” Orbs of
light shot out of my hands and hit the Strikers; killing them.
Then, the backup came.

They cuffed me and dragged me into an indigo

“Orbs? Cool!”

“And, what exactly does the Healer’s diamond look like?”

“It’s basically a diamond made up of five
upside down triangles.” Mitchell said. “Four for the outside and
one for the center. “

“I wonder if our pendants are the parts of the
Healer’s diamond.” I said.
“You mean, the Helios, right?” Michael said.

“Yes.” I said.

We all held out our pendants. A purple line
shot out of each of them and connected in the shape of an diamond.
A diamond emerged out of them. It was light purple and was missing
a piece. The centerpiece was gone. We all put our pendants

The diamond disappeared. The light flickered on
and off as it stormed outside. Raindrops hit against the window.
Thunder raged and lightning appeared. The lights went out. The
darkness surrounded us.

The Emergency lights came on outside our
room.We all stepped outside our room. Students crowded the halls.
Pedro stood in the center.

“Don’t panic! It’s just a little bit of
darkness. So, all of you go back to bed!” he said.

The students went back to bed and so did




















Chapter 8 the battle

We all sat down on the floor. I looked at

“How’d you all meet?” I said.

“I’ll go first.” Mitchell said. He stood

A week ago, Pedro came to my
prison cell first. And then he convinced the prison guard to let me
out for a year. As we walked down the street, we stumbled upon a
mansion. Now this Mansion was huge. The sidewalk was massively
decorated with wilted flowers, because snow was falling onto the
ground that day.

The door was a foot taller than me and when
Pedro said politely that he wanted the door open to that big wooden
door that had a golden phoenix carved into it, the door answered
back that he wanted to know who it was, and then Pedro said to the
door these words: “Don’t you recognize my voice?” and then the door
replied with great delight that he was glad to hear Pedro’s voice
and that the master of this great house had been waiting all
evening for his arrival. The door then swung itself open and a man
in white and black clothing appeared and then at that very moment I
said to Pedro that I wanted to know who this person was.

And then he showed me by carving his name into
the icy wind; then as the name froze into ice I saw this name:
Vogler Brixen. Then Vogler said that it was a pleasant surprise to
see Pedro and, then he asked why Pedro and I had come. Then Pedro
said that we came to his house to speak with his son, Michael and,
after that he shouted that Michael should front and center. Michael
came running down the stairs in only his pajamas that had red
dragons on them and when he got to the door he asked what the heck
was going on. Then Pedro said that he wanted him to meet some new
siblings of his and that he should go get dressed into Day clothes.
Then Michael said that if the big shining ball (the sun) wasn’t up
that he wasn’t going to be. Then Vogler demanded that Michael
should do what Pedro told him to do, because he might have some
adventures on the way to meet his siblings.” he said.

“I definitely had some unexpected things happen
too. Like, remember when we accidentally bumped into Vade Markson.”
Michael said.
“Yeah, he wasn’t happy about it. He almost attacked us. But, Pedro
stopped him freezing him in midair. Then we teleported to Thomas’s
house. We all appeared in front a house with blue doors, a small
staircase leading up to that door and windows that had small cracks
in them, we saw a blue mailbox and the house was a sort of tan
mixed with yellow lines. Watching Pedro fall to the ground, we all
rushed towards him and I knelt down beside him and pounded on his
chest.” Michael said.

“The only reason that happened was because the
teleportation drained all of Pedro’s energy out of him!” Mitchell

“Let’s get back to the real story.”Michael

“Since we’re finally staying with on the right
topic again and not going off on a tangent; it’s my turn to tell
the story. “Thomas said.

“No it’s not! It’s my turn!” argued

“Can you guys please just give it a break with
the fighting? I mean, you and Thomas have been constantly bickering
back and forth between each other ever since you met! You two fight
so much that it seems like you're not even happy you did met each
other! You should be happy to have siblings because if you didn’t,
you’d be very lonely. ” Michael said, yelling and

“Alright, I’ll stop it.” Mitchell said, hanging
his head in guilt. “Sorry about being such a jerk, bro.”

“It’s alright.” Thomas said, biting his

“I think you should tell Slyer the rest of the
story about how we all met each other.”

“You mean it, Mitchell?” Thomas said as tears
streamed down his face.

“Yeah, you’re a better storyteller than me or

“Okay. Here it is: ‘When I heard my doorbell
chime, I answered and then I said ‘Who are you and more importantly
what do you want?’ Then Pedro answered that the people with him
were my brothers and that his name was Pedro. And that he was
trying reunite them with me, so that I could get to know them by
entering through a new kind of brotherhood and meet one more
sibling along the way.’ And then I replied that I didn’t know what
trick he was playing, but I wasn’t going to fall for it.

Then my dad, Gazer Books came into the room and
said that he had heard our entire conversation and that what Pedro
said wasn’t a trick. And that every word that Pedro had spoken was
the truth. Then I said back to Gaser: ‘Wait a second; why didn’t
you ever tell me I had siblings?’ Next Gazer said that he did
because he didn’t want to ruin the prophecy of the four great
warriors. After that I shouted’ What are you talking about?’ Then
after I said that my dad said: ‘It’s a long story, but, first: I
want you to know that I had great time raising you as my own son
and I’m proud of the man you’ve become. But it’s time I told you
the truth.

‘12 years ago me and your mother, Thora found
out that she couldn’t have babies naturally and we found out about
an orphanage called The Seventh Dragon. And when we got to the
orphanage, the caretaker of the orphanage said that there was one
baby left and that he would gladly give it to us if we really
wanted it. And that baby was you, Thomas. When we got the
permission from the judge to raise you as our own child, we we’re
so happy, but, while we were enjoying that happy moment, the judge
said that we shouldn’t be celebrating yet, because of the prophecy
of the four great warriors. After he said that, we asked: ‘But what
does that have to do with our son?’

Then the judge said these words: ‘Well for one,
it’s about your son’s future. Now I can’t tell you everything, but
except that your son has three other brothers that are the same age
as him that we’re separated from him. And please don’t be surprised
if some people try to reunite him with his brothers in twelve
years.’ So please just go with Pedro and your new brothers and
fulfill that prophecy that the judge told me of.

Then I said that it was a great thing that he
was being honest and that I would gladly go with Pedro and my new
siblings to meet my long lost brother to fulfill the prophecy that
you told me of. And we’ve been together ever since that

“So, Skyrid, why’d you come to

“I injured someone and now Furliceo’s after me
for my Helios part.”
“Are you sure he’s after you?” Mitchell said.

“Yes.” I said.

“I know Furliceo destroyed your hometown, but
that doesn’t mean he’s after you.” Thomas said.

“Yes, it does! He sent me a letter saying that
he’s coming after me.” i said.

“He did?” Mitchell said.

“Kursta! Damn it! Yes, he did!” I

“Fine! We believe you! Don’t we?” Thomas

“Yes...we do.” Mitchell and Michael said in

The eastern Sun shined through the window. A
knock on the door was heard by me. I opened the door. Pedro stood
in the doorway.

“It’s time for your battle exams.” he said.
Pedro looked at us.

“Follow me to the Hall of Battle.” he said. We
all followed him to a golden pedestal with a silver orb carved into
it. I looked behind us. I saw a crowd of students. Apparently, they
were following us.

Pedro touched the orb. A room with three
rectangular battlefields. They all were sky blue. Pedro stood in
the center of the first battlefield.

“Today, y’all will fight to see what class you
are in. There are: Class 1- The Power Beam makers, Class 2- the
Fusion Power beam Makers, Class 3- the weapon makers, and class 4-
The orb makers. The first fight will be Jaren and Skyrid v.s.
Karrithea and, my son, Chaser.” he said. A boy stood beside me. He
looked to be about 12. His red hair shimmered like silver. His eyes
were jet black and his face was pasty white. He wore a green cloak.
His hands were very muscular.

They were big. About the same height as mine.
He was the same height as me too. We both stepped onto the
battlefield as Jaren and Karrithea did the same. Jaren walked to my
side as chaser went to the other side.

Pedro stood in the middle of us.

“The rules of this duel are 1: You can only
defend yourself, 2: No calling in help, and 3: Have fun!” he said.
We all got into our battle positions. Jaren and I shot two beams of
light at them. They deflected them with mirrors that they made out
of their powers. The beams came towards us.

We threw two gray beams at them. Hitting
against each other, the beams turned into a huge orb and knocked
Chaser and Karrithea unconscious. Pedro came towards us. He stood
beside us.

“Congrats to our winners, Jaren and Skyrid.
They are now in class 1 because they didn’t show me that they could
make fusion beams.” he said. Pedro looked at the crowd.

“The next battle will be: Michael Crop V.S. my
daughter, Caitlyn Jerricus. If either of them lose, they’ll be
placed in the area below their area of knowledge.”

Michael combined a beam of fire and a beam of
light to create a fire tornado. He threw the tornado at Caitlyn.
She deflected it with barriers that she made out of her powers.
Michael threw a beam of water at the fire tornado and it turned
into smoke. It rose into the air; filling the room.

We all got down on our hands and knees. Pedro
glared at Michael like he was mad at him for filling the room with

“By my choice, this battle ends in a draw for
their safety. They are both placed in class 1. Parser and William
it’s your turn to clash.” he said.

Starting their scuffle, William fused a beam of
fire with a beam of magma to create lava and shot the new beam
straight towards Parser’s side of the combat field. Fusing two
beams of water together; Parser then turned them into a giant wave
and shot it towards the lava beam that William shot over to his
side. Throwing itself into the lava beam that Will created, the
giant wave cooled down the magma; it turned into lava and smoke
rose out of the middle of their brawling ground. Spreading, it
covered the top half of the room, we tried not to panic, but, alas
many of us including me started to scream and some of us got into
crawling positions on the floor. Fortunately for us, Pedro got down
on his knees and led us into another metal trough.

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