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When Cithians Attack (3 page)

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We all got out of the mustang.Flowers were at
each side of the entrance to the hospital. Lilies and roses were on
both sides of the double doors. My dad opened the left door and I
followed him inside.

A black lady was sitting at the front of the
desk. Her green eyes glowed. I backed up for a minute. Her black
hair swung back and forth in the air of the fan. She was wearing a
black suit and a red dress shirt.

The room was burning hot.

“Hello, Sir. How can I help you?” she

“I’m here to investigate the latest Cithian
attack.” I said.

“You must mean Jaren James. Right

way.” She said.

“Thank you. What’s your name?” I

The lady raised her eyebrows.
“Ashton Lawrence.” she said. Ashton lead us to some red doors.
Above them were these numbers: “287”. Ashton pressed some numbers
on the keypad. The doors slid open.

“So, how’s Jaren?” I asked.

“Bad. The doctors have tried everything; even
skin replacement. But, it just made the burn worse.”Ashton

A man in white came down the hall. Green eyes
lay behind his broken glasses that were held together by duct tape.
His hair was gray.

He entered the room right beside us. We
followed him. Room 1 was painted sky blue. A nightstand was by the
the hospital bed. The room smelt like charcoal.

The patient was Jaren. His face was wrinkled.
His mouth had dried out. All he could do was moan. He was also
dressed in a white hospital gown. His clothes lay beside his bed.
The light had burnt 6-inch holes all over his clothes and he was
hooked to a heart monitor.


Ritter was standing beside Jaren’s hospital bed
on the left side. Two Strikers were standing in front of us at arms
length. Ritter pointed at me.

“He did this! Arrest him!” he said.

The Strikers looked at me.

“That’s General Clayton. You need rest!” One

“Yeah. General Clayton would never do something
like this.” the Other said.

The doctor looked at all of us.

“My name is Dr. Tristan Tyler. Jaren’s case is
a difficult one.” he said.

“How so?” I said.

“His kidneys are shutting down and his
heartbeat is very fast.” Dr.Tyler said.

“Those aren’t the normal symptoms to Cithian
Power Exposure.” I said

“I know.” Dr Tyler said.

“Are you saying that you can’t cure him?” I


Jaren’s heartbeat dropped.

“It’s time to say your goodbyes.” Dr. Tyler

“May I touch him?” I asked.

“Yes, General.” Dr. Tyler said.

I went up to Jaren. I touched his chest.The
wound healed and disappeared Jaren’s heart rate rose.

A Striker looked at me.

“You’re not the General! You’re a Cithian!” he

My dad and I ran out of the room. The Strikers
chased after us.We ran down the hallway as the Strikers followed
behind us.

A intersection was right in front of us. We
went right. The Strikers were still behind us. Another
intersection. We went left. The Strikers went left. Doctors chased
after us too. A third intersection appeared. We went forward. The
Strikers went left. But, the doctors still chased after

“Touch my hand.”My dad said. My dad reached out
his left hand. I grabbed hold of it.






























Chapter 5 meeting a

We appeared back in the mustang. We pulled out
of the parking lot.
“New Message.” the Mustang said. My dad pressed a blue button. A
mail-reader popped out of the radio.


I’m coming to get what’s rightfully mine.” My
dad read.

My dad looked at me.

“This must be from Furliceo Woolsley.” he

“What’re you gonna do about it?” I

“I’m sending you to Kodyack’s for your safety.”
My dad said.

“dad, I don’t wanna go. I wanna stay and help
you fight him.” I said.

“You need more training. Kodyack will prepare
you for that.” My dad said.

“Who is this Kodyack?” I said.
“He’s a family friend.” My dad said.

“How’s he supposed to protect me?” I

“With his powers. He’s the Warrior Master.” My
dad said.

“I still wanna stay!” I said.

“You’re going whether you like it or not.” My
dad said.

I saw a man with a blue face.

“dad, look!” I said.

My dad stopped the car. My dad looked out my

“I don’t see anything.” he said.

“He was there.” I said.

“Who was?” my dad said.

“A man with a blue face.” I said.

“We gotta go now!” My dad said.

My dad pressed the red button. We landed in
front of our House. My dad drove into the driveway. We both got out
of the car. My Mom came out and pulled us inside.

“I got the message. What should we do?”she

“You’re gonna take Skyrid to Kodyack’s.” My dad

“Right. I’ll get his suitcase.” My mom

My Mom went downstairs and into the garage. She
reappeared with a large brown suitcase in her hands. She came up
the stairs.

My Mom went into my room.. I ran into my room
crying. My Mom magically folded my clothes with the tips of her

“I don’t understand why I have to go!” I

My dad came towards me.

“Skyrid,”he said “Furliceo is coming for that
Helios part around your neck.”

“What’s my pendant got to do with this?” I
“Furliceo needs the strength in it because, he’s dying.” My dad

Thoughts ran through my mind.

Furliceo is coming for my pendant.
But why? And, how much strength does the pendant really hold? Could
it really stop Furliceo from dying?

“Why can’t you just shoot him?” I

“A bullet isn’t powerful enough to kill a
Cithian.” My dad said.

“Why not?” I said

“Too much light in their bodies. It acts as a
shield against all bullets.” My dad said.

My dad sat on my bed beside me.

“You have to go.” he said. “It’s too much of a
risk to keep you here.”

“What about Crystal? Where will she

“She will stay.”

“She’s staying here? Why?”
Crystal came into my room. Her golden blonde hair shimmered with
specs of white in it. Her jeans sparkled off the reflection of the
eastern sun. Her red shirt glimmered in the light of the sun too.
Her green eyes glowed in the darkness of my room.

I got off my bed. I flipped the light switch.
Light filled the room. I saw my dad more clearly. My big sister,
Crystal came up to me.

“I already have all the necessary training I
need to fight Furliceo.” she said.

“How?” I said.

“I went to Gailems. A school that shows
Cithians how to control their powers.” Crystal said.

“Is that where I’ll get my training Kodyack is
preparing me for?” I said.

“Yes.”My dad said.

My mom finished packing my suitcase. She zipped
it up. She touched my hands. A green portal appeared. My mom and I
walked into it.

We appeared in front of a small blue house. It
had white stairs leading up to it. A door with a golden handle was
on the front of the house. One blue glass window was on each side
of the house. The roof was black like charcoal.

There was no chimney. Just a air conditioner
hanging out the left front window.A man came out the door. His gray
shirt was loose and showing his bulky white chest. His jeans were
loose too.


Kodyack stood in front of

“It’s time to go to

Kodyack led us up the
staircase. A room was in front of us. It had a blue teleportation
beam inside it.

We all walked inside

“This is cool! Where’d you get it?” I
“It was a birthday present from my dad.” Kodyack said

“Happy birthday.” I said
“Thanks. Teleporter,take us to Gailems.” Kodyack said

































Chapter 6 the Sayis

We appeared in front of a castle.There was two
towers on each side.They were painted silver. The front of it was
guarded by two guards. The First guard came up to us.

“Hey Kodyack,” she said.

She looked at me. She wore a green hooded
cloak. Her face was pasty white. Her eyes were green. A spear was
in her right hand.

“Who’s the boy?”she said, looking at

His name is Skyrid Crop. He’s a
new student.”

“Who are you?”I said.

“My name is Nancy.”The guard said.

Nancy led us to the front of the castle. On
each side of the doors were guardians dressed in blue cloaks. On
the front of the doors was The Sayis Symbol. Which was a circle
with all the Sayis’ Symbols.


Two S’s chain-linked together for Sedro Sayis.
A Gator claw for Gator Sayis. A capital L and S with a puzzle piece
in the middle for Light Sayis. And, two axes in the shape of a x
with a diamond in the middle for Minotaur Sayis.

There are two sides to the Sayis’. This
particular set of Sayis’ are called The Servants of Light. These
Sayis’ are representatives for the good-sided Cithians and they
help to right any wrongs done during these Cithians’

Then, we have The Warriors of Darkness. Which
has: an orb of darkness for Darkness Sayis, Three dragon heads for
Hydra Sayis, a doggy paw print for Cerberus Sayis, and two staffs
with bolts of lightning on top of them in the shape of an x for
Qysterio Sayis.

This group of Sayis’ is in charge of dealing
with Cithian Power Possessions and keeping the possession under
control instead of letting it fly off the handle and turn the
cithian into an evil person. Which is what exactly happened during
Furliceo’s malfunction.


He was almost killed by the possession of his
powers and it turned him evil. Before that moment, Furliceo was a
Bloodshed member. So, he was already evil and the possession gave
him a darker personality than he originally had.


Nancy led us inside the palace. A man walked up
to us. He was wearing a black nightgown.His face was pasty white
with bright green eyes that laid behind crooked glasses.

“Kodyack, who is that?” he said.

“Pedro, this is Skyrid. He’s a new cithian.”
Kodyack said

“So, he just had his malfunction recently?”
Pedro said

“Yes.” Kodyack said.

“Then, I need both of you to follow me.” Pedro

“What about me?” Natasha said.

“You can stay behind and protect the castle.”
Pedro said.

Pedro led us down a long hallway. On
each side of the hall were pedestals that had orbs carved into
them. Pedro opened a door that was at the end of the hallway. We
followed him inside.
Chapter 7 the healer’s

In front of us were three boys. One was dressed
in a black cowboy hat, a red dress shirt and he had a pasty face
and diamond blue eyes with messy blonde hair. The next one was
dressed in a blue jumpsuit with the same face and eyes as me. In
fact, they all had the same features as me expect their clothes
were different. The third one was dressed in a black suit and a
multi-colored tie. Plus, each of them had the same pendant as me
hanging down from their necks.

Pedro stood in front of us too.

“Skyrid, these are your quadruplet Brothers.”
Pedro said. “The one in the blue jumpsuit is Mitchell.The boy in
cowboy clothes is Michael, and one dressed in nice clothes is

I ran to them. We all hugged. Pedro looked at

“Come with me and I’ll show all of you to your
room for the night.” he said.

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